my first suck

when i was a kid about 13 a neighbor buddy was about 3 years older than i was and durng the summer we would camp out with my brothers and his brother. As boys we

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Wink my first suck

when i was a kid about 13 a neighbor buddy was about 3 years older than i was and durng the summer we would camp out with my brothers and his brother. As boys we would pull out of dicks and play with them, my friends bother dick was rather large and he liked to show it off. I never did meaure it but i know that i would play with his dick and i could put two hands on it and have the head sticking out about 2 inches. Well he was all about playing with his dick during our camping and many times i played with it to. Often he wanted meto suck it, but i refused, which brings me to my story about this week. So i am now 57 and for 44years i am wondered what it would be like to have sucked his big dick. This week i completed a work out at a resort in Michigan, after the work out i went in to the hot room and a black guy came in who was a body builders and was sitting with his legs open completely naked but not hard. I commented on his pysque and was facing away from him. But i wanted to look at him so i turned so i could see him and he could the front of me, i was semi hard. I closed my eyes for a time but opened them and began looking at his cock and i think he noticed. So he began rubbing his belly, and moving his cock with his muscles. He did that for a few minutes and began getting more hard, so i asked him what was the size of his when i was hard. He told me he has never measured it, and said sure! At this point my dick was hard and he was getting harder, so he says 'why don't you come over and see how big my dick is', so i got up with my towel and went over to him and reached out to grap his dick with my right hand and began to rub it. It grew like crazy from flasid size it eariler. WOW, i felt grreat in my hand, i estimated it was about 8" long and about 6" wide, he began to moan as i strarted strooking his cock, pre cum was there immedicatly and i rubbed it as well as the sweat from his body. I rubbed him for about a minute maybe longer, then he said to my suck it, and without hesitation i lowed my head down on this massave black rod and began to shooved it down my thoat taking it as far as possible and getting 95% of it in my mouth, now he is saying Oh My, yes, suck it , suck it suck it. It was the first time that i have really felt a big dick in my mouth, what a feeling it was. we were doing this in a sauna room where anyone could walk in at any time, and when there was noice i pulled up and looked but he pulled my head back down on his dick i stroked him as i have seen in the porn movies. He asked me if i wanted to cause him shoot and i said sure, so he said ok, and i went down on him again with the most intense sucking i could do for about a minute, and he shot his load in my mouth, i could feel it hitting the back of my thoat. It didn't tast very good but i spit it out and he grabed my dick and began to rub it, taking me to organizm. 44 years and now i know what it is like suck a dick for real.
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That's great. Do you think you'll want to do it again?
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suck, sucking

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