short and hung

anyone know anyone personally that is on the shorter side height wise (5'0-5'7) that is "hung" or bigger than average? im pretty short myself and starting to think im just SOL and not going to

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Red face short and hung

anyone know anyone personally that is on the shorter side height wise (5'0-5'7) that is "hung" or bigger than average?
im pretty short myself and starting to think im just SOL and not going to grow much more when it comes to my body (penis and height).
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My last boyfriend, he was 5'6'' and about 125lbs. Kinda small guy but pretty well cut in his arms and abs. Well his dick was 8inches and was looking gigantic on his body lol kinda a bigger turn on
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In my wilder days, I ONLY got together with short,
wellhung dudes. So I knew plenty of them. Short,
muscular guys with HUGE thick dicks. And they all
wanted to get fu#ked, so I had it made!

The gym is a wonderful place to 'size up' the market.
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Well... I'm 5'7", 125lbs and 7", so I guess we can at least be above average that way And upstateNYgal... your pics are familiar


"My penis is as overrated as it is large " Slade-7"x5"
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5.7 and 9 inches
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D_Squeezes Unction
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Originally Posted by yodaman23
5.7 and 9 inches
marry me!
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I am 5'7" and 8.5" My partner adores my cock and can't get enough of it while he fucks me. I get extremely hard when this happens, and both of us don't last too long. (I am getting excited just writing about it.....)
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I am short and skinny myself. I'm 5-foot-6 and weigh about 130 pounds. My dick is about 6 and 3/4 inches long and 5 inches thick when hard. It's not huge, but a bit bigger than average I guess. I think it's kinda cool how being short and skinny makes it look bigger.

- Brian
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I always say I am 5'8" (but that's with shoes) so I really am a small guy. I weigh 141, am well built, with swimmer's muscles and good chest development. However, I am DEFINITELY not small in the cock and balls area of my bod! Nine inches by 7.25 is enough to certify me as Donkeyboy9! And yes, that hunk of cock does look way oversized on a small stud...." but that I don't mind one bit ", he says, laughing all the way into your bed!
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I am on my way to being short and hung. I am 5'4" about 120 pounds. With a 6.25 x 5.25. I enjoy being short because it makes it look bigger

My Goal...To Look good NAKED
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I'm 5'5" and 11". Does that count?

Why isn't my penis an inch longer? Because then it would be my foot!
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I am 5'6'' 145lbs and I am a thick 8".
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body 5.5 feet
dick : 8.5 inch

Now, I'm proud of it.
when I was younger, it was not the case
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5'7 1/2" tall. 9 3/4".

Just shy of 10" hard. About 7.5 soft. Big nuts.
I feel like a Great Dane flopping around when it's hot out.
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how did u feel when u were younger?
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hung, short

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