Odd size balls

Do alot of men have odd size balls. When I look down my right ball is about 2 times the size of the left. Nothing hurts down there, I was just curious if this is

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Odd size balls

Do alot of men have odd size balls. When I look down my right ball is about 2 times the size of the left. Nothing hurts down there, I was just curious if this is normal?

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Nearly all guys have one ball bigger than the other. But twice the size does sound a little large to me... perhaps others can advise more.
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hydrocele? does it feel like its kinda filled with fluid?
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having different sized balls is common and very common for one to hang lower than the other (if you have low hangers that is). mother nature plays into this so when your legs are together they are not crushing into each other. my right nut is reall small and my dr. has even mentioned it wanting to know if it has always been that way. I was hit in the nuts by a tetter totter by my brother when I was very young and I assume that is the reason that one never matured.
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when I was about 19 I noticed that my left testicle was about 3 times bigger than my right and it hung down way lower than my right one and it always ached so my uroligist examined and said that I had a varicocele..there were varicose veins wrapped around my left testicle and I had to have surgery where he made a cut on my left groin and he snipped the veins and took them out now my testicles are normal the left hangs slightly lower than my right one
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A few years back I noticed what the doctor called a Spermatocele (epididymal cyst). My left testicle has gradually gotten bigger where it is maybe 3 to 4 sizes bigger. Before all of this I had really low hangers, which the left testicle hung lower then the right. Now the cyst fills my scrotum, making them look huge!
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should be about the same size
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My right testicle is a little bigger than the left
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If your testicle is an odd size, you should immediatly seeks medical attention. They need to be even sized. (and in metric measurements). So a 4cm ball is normal because it is even, but a 3cm one is not because it is odd.

Based on what I learned from the movie Van Wilder, if you don't masturbate, your balls will grow to huge/humoungous size. (at least for dogs :-). So by masturbating lots, you may be able to shrink your balls from odd down to an even size :-)

Seriously: it is perfectly normal to have slightly different size, it is perfectly normal to have one hang lower than the other. If you feel the difference is truly abnormal, then only a qualified urologist could gauge whether the size difference is normal or the sign of something wrong with one of them.
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