Largest dick by nationality

Hey guys. Can we come up with a top ten list of largest dicks by country?

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Largest dick by nationality

Hey guys. Can we come up with a top ten list of largest dicks by country?
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I doubt you will find ten people here from many countries...
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Seems like i've seen this question on here before, maybe in the form of size/race. It assumes a homogenous ethnic population, ie Italians live in Italy and have a big dick.

The problem with linking penis size/country is that countries are not homogenous: people move between countries, people intermarry. Who is to say that a Frenchman's penis size is related to France? There pople with polish, italian, german, belgian, algerian, tunisien, etc. origins.

Of course, anyone who has seen Brazilian porno will say otherwise. Those dudes have the biggest dicks on the planet.

Here's some information to start your list. Get out excel spreadsheets.

This one shows dick size in europe.. has been around for a while.

Average Penis size by country
A chart with self-reported sizes.

World map of The Penis Size Worldwide (country) by Country - TargetMap
An interactive map of penis sizes by country.

Finally! A Chart For Measuring Dick Size And Shape! / Queerty
The whole measuring debate...
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Thanx bro
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Hm interesting .... I have "been around a bit" (he he he) and it seems more or less correct.
I notice an addition to the last chart regarding Scotland. In my experience Scotsmen have bigger dicks than most Caucasians I have seen. Just an anecdote of course but the added note agrees with this impression. I wonder why Romanians are said to be so small when they are descended from Italian (Roman) settlers who are large?

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