redhair/ red pubic hair

Well, i'm one of the ones who loves it. Absolutely hot.

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Well, i'm one of the ones who loves it.
Absolutely hot.
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I've always had a fetish for redheads. Always will.

Love Over Gold
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Originally Posted by lbkontop
I really like redheads, I am talking natural ones. both guys and gals. what about you guys?
There is red and red .... and there is GINGER (the last great taboo) !
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Glad someone brought up this topic- redheads have always been the number one turn on for me. I'm a bi guy- prefer guys- and hottest of all is to see a hairy chested redhead who's hairy everywhere. I've seen a few amazing redheads at the gym. Definitely have to be extra careful to, uh, control my reaction...
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Yeah... Oh Yeah. What is it about it? Don't really know. Some people like blondes and some like brunettes. I don't personally perfer one over the other, but I do find red heads special. Maybe its the rarity?

Tis I
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Originally Posted by Nelly Gay
There is red and red .... and there is GINGER (the last great taboo) !
Are you talking about a reddish-brown color?
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this thread makes me think of my best friend, who is an ultimate frisbee player, and a redhead. she once joined a co-ed redheads team, and the rules for entry were a nude hot-tubbing to prove the carpet matched the drapes.

I thought that was pretty awesome.

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Originally Posted by Fire Stick
I am a redhead (on the blond side of it). People tend to like it a lot or not at all.

I have conversed with a number of redheaded guys on this site, and we all have similar experiences. I am amused by the number of times I have been asked whether red haired guys have red pubic hair. What would one expect? Green feathers, perhaps?
I get asked that a lot, too. I figure taht they aren't asking us about our pubic hair because they don't know the answer -- its more that "what color are your pubes" kinda translates to "care to show me your goods?" for people who think theyre being subtle when they ask.

And yes, I'm a redhead and hung, but I doubt that one thing has much to do with the other.

(Fireballs, and Firestick? I'd comment, but...)

I have bright red hair.
My cock is nine by seven.
Plus, I write haiku.

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At my job there was this redhair guy who had a noticeable bulge I always was curious to see what he was packing, but never had the chance. He quitted and months later I saw a new redhair guy in the building and one day I had the chance to follow him to the restroom. With the help of a mirror installed on the wall I had full frontal view to his thick and above average cock, even when it wasnt hard. I have the hots for this guy ever since I saw his cock.

About two weeks ago cruising on the net I met this guy and I invited him over. He never mentioned he was a redhair and I brought the topic of redhair guys being well hung. He said he had the rumour before but never met a redhair guy other than himself. So I made sure the rumor was true, humongously true! I am talking of 11 inches and thick as a beer can, no exaggeration!
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I may be bald, but I still have my fire red pubs...
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Yes, I'm one of the 'last great taboos' of the world - ginger and not afraid of it, lol..

I was only ever asked once if my pubic hair matched that on my head, and yes - I did show her to prove it!

Through the summer the hair on my head gets slowly lighter, until I end up 'strawberry blonde', but the rest stays very red - being quite tall, slim, fair skinned and ginger there does tend to be quite a few looks at the beach from all those tanned, dark haired Greeks and Italians! It seems I'm quite the 'curiosity'

But, I wouldn't change - when I was growing up it was HELL being this colour, but these days I enjoy being a little different.

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There are lots of kinds of redheads, I'm a ginger. The coolest redheads are the coppertops. That is the single most common (and stupid) question people ask. Oh, and yeah, it's big piece of meat.
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People with red hair are attractive.

8.75x6c | SBM | <3's Bigger!~
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I've dated two different guys w/ red hair.
They were both unusualy HOT!!!

Strange thing is that BOTH were kind of PSYCO !

Iratic behavior, rapid mood changes, hot tempers.

These experiences kind of got the attraction out of
my system. (kind of... )
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I don't have a really strong preference as far as hair color goes, but the last natural redhead I was with was really amazing in bed.

there is a game i play
try to make myself okay
try so hard to make the pieces all fit
smash it apart just for the fuck of it

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