Do girls prefer an uncut or cut cock?

As for me, I prefer uncut. More possibilities.[/quote] bronx i'm uncut-lemme know when ur up to a private viewing

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As for me, I prefer uncut. More possibilities.[/quote]

bronx i'm uncut-lemme know when ur up to a private viewing
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Well I am uncut and haven't had one single woman complain. I think it is just a mental brainwashing part of history so dr's could make a few extra bucks.
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Originally Posted by nystrongstroke2
As for me, I prefer uncut. More possibilities.
bronx i'm uncut-lemme know when ur up to a private viewing[/quote]

Are you as pretty as your pictures?

If I wanted to look at your dick, I'd have seen it already.

Porn is not real life.

I only always agree with LaFemme.
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I had always only had cut cocks but then my last guy was uncut and he made me see the light and now


I like the way it feels all slinky and smooth and its so much more sensitive, but id imagine it could be annoying or harder when giving head/bj if there is too much forskin having to hold it back. Also mentioned in another thread lack of movement and friction during sex could be a problem.
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i let u be da judge--u want directions to my house.maybe we can take some pics together-lol
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When you give head, you don't have to hold the skin back, you can suck on the foreskin. People have this notion that the glans is the most sensitive part of the penis. NOT. The foreskin is the most highly innervated part of the penis.

It comes down to would your rather deep throat a scarred dick because there is no other way to suck it, or would your rather slide the skin and nibble and pull on the foreskin with your lips?

The latter is much more pleasurable to me than trying to get a big hard dick down my throat.
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I like both of them but most of my men have been uncut.
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Uncut. It feels better. Not circ'ing leaves the rigid band in on the penis. The ribbed condoms mimic the rigid band. Plus it slides better and doesnt rub youu raw after long rounds of sex. You can go for hours without getting sore. Plus you come alot quicker with a natural man.
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Originally Posted by murray_215
Not circ'ing leaves the rigid band in on the penis. The ribbed condoms mimic the rigid band.
I think you mean "ridged band". It has ridges (ripples) that are packed with nerves sensitive to light touch and stretching. It's very flexible, not rigid at all.
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Originally Posted by BronxBombshell
Heather do I understand you? Are you saying:

He put his cock in, but the foreskin didn't slide back. Therefore, when he pulled in and out, he was only making friction between his dick and foreskin, but not his foreskin and you. Is that what you are saying?

If that's the case, he should just learn to use his dick. Seems to me like common sense would have been for him to push back his foreskin before penetrating. There's no way (unless a certain young lady needs toning, and frankly I believe she loves fucking too much for that to be the case) that if he had thought to move `his foreskin all the way back before entering you that it would have gottenback over the head without himm first slipping completely out. If you wind up fancying an uncut guy again, put him in yourself and prevent this.

As for me, I prefer uncut. More possibilities.
lol..listen, man...Pulling back that mass of tissue he had wrapped around his cock did NOTHING. It wouldn't..stay down, there was too much of it. While I was blowing him, I had to keep pulling it down. I had to actually work it into the activity like......it's hard to explain.

It was like...I had to go down, then I'd use my hand and mouth come come back up..three times of doing that and then I'd have to pull the skin back down with my other hand. Repeat....and there didn't seem to be any other way of doing it than that.

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Originally Posted by Heather LouAnna
Stupid question. If you want a straight up answer, you should have made a blog.

I'll play along though.

I prefer CUT. That's right. I said it. I prefer cut men because the skin is tight and I can't actually fucking feel it. That's not to say that I wouldn't enjoy being with a circumsized man though.

I wont go into exactly how many men I've slept with (more than my ten fingers and ten toes) but out of all those, I've only been with one uncut man. This guy had A LOT of foreskin. When I was blowing him, I had to constantly keep pulling the skin down just do I could get at the head. He came pretty easily though. Anyway.

I didn't care for sex with him, and it's rather hard to explain without showing you, but I'll try. When he was fucking me his dick was moving, but the foreskin....wasn't. I could'n't FEEL anything. He was getting off, but I felt like he wasn't moving at all. It was like he was using my pussy to jerk off in.
He must have had alot of foreskin. Mine pulls back and you can barely tell I have any when I get a full hard on.

I tell it like it is.
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I mean....it was my first time being with an uncut guy. Perhaps I was just doing it incorrectly, but there seriously seemed like no other way to do it...lol

He had a serious hoody on that thing though.

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Any of you out there that wanna "test-run" a big circumcised cock cos you aint had one before just send me a message
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my close girl friends told me they prefer uncut huys.
uncut ones feel better and more fun to play with.
uncut are more smooth and moist, better during foreplay
the cut ones has a visible ugly scar
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cock, cut, girls, prefer, uncut

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