Electro Stimulation

Fowler, You notice any increase in your erection size. As in...is this idea worth exploring from a penis enlargement angle? Bif

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You notice any increase in your erection size. As in...is this idea worth exploring from a penis enlargement angle?


5x5 limp 9x65 hard
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Originally Posted by The-Bigger-the-Better
Has anyone used electro stimulation? How does it work and how safe is it? Heard the orgasm is intense!
Been doing stereo-stim through the computer for about 2 or 3 years. I would strongly urge you to visit the SmartStim site (www.smartstim.com). It has lots of information (and pictures) about all sorts of ways to stim...

Husky, same name there as here...
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Originally Posted by Heather LouAnna
For the ladies, a violet wand works great.
That thing is gorgeous.
It would make a fine night-light.
...you say it does WHAT?

I have bright red hair.
My cock is nine by seven.
Plus, I write haiku.

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Originally Posted by The-Bigger-the-Better View Post
Has anyone used electro stimulation? How does it work and how safe is it? Heard the orgasm is intense!
Let me explain that in my situation my use of a tens unit or wife's P.E.S <a href="http://http://www.peselectro.com/">
HTML Code:
get attached to my jumbo jewelry. My genitals are pierced. http://forums.newart.com/uploads/p1030050_595.jpg The two piercings on my genitals that I connect to are my guiche and amphallang piercings. Both piercings are with jumbo jewelry. http://assets3.fetlife.com/pictures/2/2356/P1040652_20080325010105_510.jpg

The intensity of electro-stimulation, in my case, is intense. There is nothing like electro-stimulation. The electro-stimulation is as if something is grabbing your cock. It feels heavy. It initially has a light tingle. Almost uncomfortable as when one gets tickled but with a little nerve you add more current and that stimulation becomes intense. Like nothing you've ever experienced. You get up the balls to increase the stimulation more. You are in uncharted territory but you have to go farther. It feels so good. And then it becomes more intense and painful. But you go on, pausing for a few minutes. You realize that your cock gets used to the extreme electro-stimulation and you bravely add more current.

At some point you will experience an orgasm and not reach the maximum current. With each use of an electro-stimulation device you will take it further, begin experimenting with the controls and discover how to do other things to your genitals as you use the electro-stimulation device.

Hope this helps you understand. It can become addicting. And it can cause bladder infections. The electricity is not confined to your genitals. If you have a pace maker on your heart don't even think of using an electro-stimulation device. Just not worth risking your life. The Violet Wand is the only device I'd use above the waist. If you are into pain, use the Violet Wand. It's effect is at point of contact. Never attach leads (contacts) across the heart as in nipple to nipple.
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My experiences with electrostimulation have been AWESOME ! for those of us who love a nice, long edge and multiple orgasms, it is ... well, it's awesome ! I've been "e-stimming" for about 2 years. I bought a TENS unit to help with back pain after my back surgery, so I had the equipment at hand. Some things to remember about estimming....

1) You won't put on the electrodes and cum instantly. It does take some time and experimentation to get the electrodes placed correctly for maximum pleasure. Everyone is "wired" differently, so what works for me, may not work as well on someone else. My personal "knock-my-socks-off-and- cum-like-a-horse" combination is to put the negative electrode on the underside of the head, over the frenulum, the positive lead just behind my balls over the prostate...Guys, it's much more intense if you can stim your prostate. So basically, the electricity is entering and hitting my prostate, and leaving through the head of my cock. You can buy or make different electrodes for prostate stimulation, but I use the stick on type so far.
2) Only use equipment designed for this type of stimulation. www.smartstim.com is a wonderful site for all this info. TENS units and muscle stimulators are safe, be careful with anything else. But do read all you can on this site, you'll be glad you did.

As far as my experiences with it.... when you get set up and turn on the power, its tingles/tickles. Your body will start to respond, if you're a precummer like me, you'll precum ALOT. You'll find that the longer you play, the more power you'll take. What you'll find is that you have a "sweet spot", where the feeling is just incredible, and you'll have to make adjustments to maintain it. It does take some time... normally, if I'm doing it, it'll be anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on what I'm in the mood for. If I want to float from one orgasm to another, I do a longer session... if I want to just CUM, I do a short session. Experimentation is the key. I find that when I'm ready to squirt, it sort of kreeps up ssslllloooowwwwwlllllyyyyyyy... it's very intense, absolutely mindbending and so slow it'll make you want to scream, but it's well worth the wait. Best part is, it's completely hands free... you never have to touch your cock. I've had as many as 10 orgasms before I finally squirted ( and it hit the headboard )
I've met a couple guys who were interested in trying, and I'm glad to say that I got lucky and after a minimum of moving the electrodes around, they also enoyed intense orgasms... one guy had 3 in 1 1/2 hours. So, anyone can do it, experiment, enjoy, don't be frustrated if you don't cum the first few times, keep experimenting... it's SOOOOOOOOOOO worth it !!! Feel free to write me if you want to talk about it more.
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The weight of my PA makes it even better as I walk around my home with my genitals hanging out, swaying as I move around it adds another dimension to electro-stimulation. My experience is not like the normal use of a tens unit. By taking the leads and attaching directly to my jewelry I complete a circuit from my guiche to my amphallang. Raw current travels between the two and I feel it in my cocks glans, head.

If you want greater stimulation just grab your cock and squeeze. WOW! I've also wrapped a cord, slip knot under the head, corona tightly wrapped around the cock to the base, the cord stretching the cock out. http://assets0.fetlife.com/pictures/2/2356/P1040660_20080325014943_510.jpghttp://assets3.fetlife.com/pictures/2/2356/P1040666_20080325015206_110.jpg
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Originally Posted by Snozzle View Post
Interesting. Those look uncomfortable, especially with an intact cock. Anyone experimented with electrodes with greater area, for a better-distributed current? Something shaped to fit snugly over the glans, for example. Someone mentioned aluminium foil.

(For those who don't know, TENS = Transdermal ElectroNeural Stimulation, intended for pain relief. stereostim = connecting up to the output of a stereo. Something tells me Ravel's Bolero would be appropriate. I have seen purpose-built gear sold (well, offered) for horrendous prices in a gay sex shop, with buttplug electrodes an option.

SAFETY. The current is medium voltage, low current, high frequency. Battery-operated is safer than mains-operated. Avoid current paths that might go through the heart, such as nipple-nipple electrodes. "Only below the waist" is good advice.)
My chiropractor uses electro-stim on me. It feels great. He always cranks it up slowly, and gives the patient the opportunity to say what's enough and what's too much. I'm always telling him to turn it up. One time he remarked that I had a high tolerance for this device.

I think he suspects I like it.

I've long wanted to hook it up to my crank.


Check it out, guys! I'm blogging every sex act I have this year (Oh, wait - I'm still catching up on last year!).

Just posted: Cocksearch has a taste of ANOTHER gen-u-ine blond.

New post as of Friday, 4/9
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I got some of my equipment here: Leathermasters

Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum saxum immane mittam.
(I have a catapult. Give me all your money, or I will fling an enormous rock at your head)

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Hi YES I did cum with e stim for the first time. it was great. I did have to get over the pain pleasure area. But I did cum and I want to do it again
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Hello, i read this a couple of weeks ago and went and got my self a TENS machine well its a slimming massager, i have put it on my penis but i can't seem to get any good feelings or feelings or cumming, am i doing something wrong?
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what kind of e stim machine do u have? just a cheap tens? i really want to cum from using one and haven't been able to, how long did it take to cum?
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Mr. S has a good selection of things for e-stim. I have tried a few but am still careful. Prostate e-stim can be a lot of fun.
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Will a taser work?
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Anyone have any videos of guys with LONG cocks doing e-stim? It seems like a lot of the guys in xtube movies have average-length cocks, if that.
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It can be quite effective, but its not for everyone. You can buy a unit and give it a try. People describe it as unlike any other experience they've ever had.

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