The Death of Neil Armstrong

It's been reported that the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, has passed away at the age of 82. Breaking news

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The Death of Neil Armstrong

It's been reported that the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, has passed away at the age of 82.

Breaking news
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I remember that day he walked on the moon and how in awe I was of him. A true pioneer in the space industry; RIP Mr. Armstrong.

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Sad news, but what an amazing legacy
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Rest in Peace sir.
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Nerdy was never sexier.

RIP Mr. Armstrong. Your true impact on the world still hasn't been felt.

"Mon ange, joue-moi un tour. Sois ma belle déception. Oublie l'ange, deviens mon démon." -Jena Lee 'Mon Ange'

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Sad news indeed. He leaves an incredible legacy of exploration and achievement done with modesty. R.I.P.

"It's cunnilingus and psychiatry that's led to this" - Tony Soprano
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I am proud to say that I met him. I was in awe.

A link should support your point, not be your point.
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Have a look at the moon tonight.
Mankind has walked there.
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I always look at the moon and wonder. Great man. That's all.

You never know where you will find friends. Just keep looking.

"Like that lady say, you play that thang" BB King..
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Guess he took the stripping of his tour de france medals pretty hard........ :)
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cool, calm, and consummately competent, there was no swagger in Armstrong; no posturing bravado, no self aggrandizing vanity.

In test piloting an Earth powered prototype of the lunar lander he managed to compensate for a bad control and bring it down, and did the same in a spinning out of control Gemini 8. That is largely why he got tapped for the moon landing... how cogently he corrected in even the most fearful crisis.

He lived a life not unlike a founding father.
Serving admirably. Accomplishing nobly to lasting merit. And retiring gracefully to the quiet ordinary life of an extraordinary citizen.

His humility, professionalism, and intelligence only matched by his courage.

The best I can say of him is the best I can say of any man.

I wish I were made more like him.
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Comparison Shots

"I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I expect the same from them."
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The word 'legendary' is thrown around so easily these days but Neil Armstrong truly was.
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A man that lived his dream and will be remembered forever.
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RIP good sir, you will be missed

From Iron, cometh Strength. From Strength, cometh Will. From Will, cometh Faith. From Faith, cometh Honour. From Honour, cometh Iron. This is the Unbreakable Litany, and may it forever be so
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armstrong, death, neil

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