Ampallang piercing

I'm seriously thinking about getting an ampallang piercing but a little nervous about it. any and all advice would be great. Is it worth it? How bad does it hurt? Recovery time? Are they sexy

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Smile Ampallang piercing

I'm seriously thinking about getting an ampallang piercing but a little nervous about it. any and all advice would be great. Is it worth it? How bad does it hurt? Recovery time? Are they sexy in your opinion? Do they make sex more pleasurable?
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I've got a PA which was a piece of cake in terms of pain. What I've read about an Amp is that it is about a 15 on a scale of 1 - 10 pain. Plus recovery/healing at least 6 months. I know that there are guys on the site with first hand experience and they will comment. Good luck.
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i have a reserves pa, more or less half of the amp... well the harder part. yes it hurt and was worth it.
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I had an amp, yes it hurt like hell but was only about 10 seconds, from what the piercer told me most men will pass out. This was done in a city with an NFL team and from what I was told had done a few on the guys.
It does take about a year to fully heal.
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Hmm thanks for the input guys! I'm not sure I want to take on a healing process like that..
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Have had a PA for over 10 years - sometimes I wear it, sometimes I don't. I love it. Easy piercing to get and quick to heal. And if you or your playmate don't like it, easy to remove. Your cock would look amazing with a PA, btw - in my opinion.
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From what I've seen of them I think they look horrible! I would never do that to my dick. You have a nice looking dick, why ruin it?
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I've had a PA for years, got up to 10mm daily, and a 12mm now and then, but it started to migrate.

So, having considered it for a while anyway, got an apadravya a few months ago.

Let me tell you, the pain was real - as compared to the PA, which was barely noticeable - and as for healing, well it never did. I had to go on a course of anti-biotics and remove the BCR. It's just about healed up now, but not a successful piercing, I'm sorry to say.

Still the break it gave my PA piercing seems to have done it good so I'm back to the 10mm tribal dream ring, which is cool.

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Hmm maybe I'll jut go for the pa then.. Is there any sexual benefit to a pa? Any time it made sex hard? Thanks for the compliments by th way guys (:
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Look into an apadrayva. My first piercing was one and I loved it. Unfortunately I took out the bar and top hole closed. Been sporting my PA for years, but I'm really considering getting the ap piercing again.
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Why would you go to these extremes? Seriously guys, if it didnt have a hole in it when you where born than it doesnt need one now.
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God, that looks painful. And it doesn't really look good to me personally. And then if you ended up not liking it, you'd probably still have a hole or some scarring. I don't really like genital piercings, but if i had to have a partner have one, it'd be a PA
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To the guys that have it, what did a partner do when they first saw it??
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I think I decide to go with the frenulum instead. Heals quick, hurts less, no negatives really. Thoughts?
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