How do women feel about recieving analingus

How do women feel about recieving analingus

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How do women feel about recieving analingus

How do women feel about recieving analingus
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Please mods - move this to the ASK A WOMAN forum ...

I wish my nipples were half as sensitive as some of the users on this site.
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Please try to use the search function, plus this should be moved to the "Ask a Woman" forum:


"Stupid is as stupid does"
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Honestly, I don't know how I feel about it. I have no interest in licking someone in that area so I guess I wouldn't expect a man to really be interested in licking me there.

I hate porn with a heavily made up, stripper shoe prancing, screaming fake woman that shows off her ass while talking to the camera man for fifteen minutes then gives a ten minute blow job, while gagging till she almost vomits with black make up smeared every where ending with cum in her eyes and a smile for the camera.
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How do women feel about analingus
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Giving or receiving?

I'm not really into either.

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*moved from Women's Issues*

Freud - to constrain sexual drives to socially accepted "norms" is something that we "learn."
Why is it so important to you whether someone calls themselves straight or not (unless they choose to berate gays)
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I'd rather use a moist wipe.
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Can be good if it's done well. Certainly not high on my priority list. Meh. Take it or leave it.
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Not interesred in giving or receiving. Tried both didnt like it.
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I must sound like plain vanilla when I see all of these questions. No, I don't care for any butt activity at all except looking.
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I'm fine with giving or receiving if that's what he's into, but I wouldn't initiate it.

Porn is not real life.

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I find receiving pretty boring. I don't like being on the receiving end of oral at all.
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I really love giving, especially if the guy gets into it and moans etc.

I've had it done on me a few times, and can't say it felt all that great. as other girls have said, a bit boring..
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