For guys that sleep nude

I always sleep in the nude. I usually have morning erections, and if wearing undies, it can be painful.

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I always sleep in the nude. I usually have morning erections, and if wearing undies, it can be painful.
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I can't remember wearing pj's although I'm sure I did when I was a kid. Been sleeping nude since pre-puberty, except sometimes when I am a houseguest and wear baggy boxers. Since moving to the Caribbean I also usually fall asleep with no covers and have noticed more erections during the night and regular morning wood. One minor problem here is that my balls hang lower most of the time and occasionally in the night I roll on them in an uncomfortable way and wake up.
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I have been sleeping nude for the past 7 years.
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Originally Posted by musicman
I always sleep in the nude. I usually have morning erections, and if wearing undies, it can be painful.
I woke up in the middle of night a 5 or 6 years ago in agony!!! How ever it happened, I got an erection trapped and twisted behind my thigh and pointing down, tangled in a loose set of boxers I was wearing .

I always slept naked since, even in mixed hostels, with a pair of boxers under the pillow.
No way am I getting that pain again!

Sometimes I have to come off to get asleep

My current GF loves morning wood and has sometimes woke me up by been going for it on me, or down on me, a great side effect of no boxer

A shame to waste it she says

I couldn't think of a signature
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Old 11-17-2009   #65 (permalink)
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sleeping nude is great if you want to relieve some stress. You get used to the frequent boners. I have to say, I usually sleep nude, but when it is extremely cold, I usually wear a t shirt (JUST a t shirt) or just some boxer briefs. You body gets used to the cold quickly

A lot of my friends sleep nude, I know, caused I've seen their boners while sleeping!

I also freeball sometimes, most of time in the summer.
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yeah, it only took once to wake up with the string of my sleep pants strangling my big nuts and hard throbbin dick... so needless to say, I stay nude now... man that hurt..
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i have always slept nude since i was a little kid since my Dad did also. I still wake up hard most mornings but i dont think its from sleeping nude, i just have a high sex drive.
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Yes, I always sleep with bottoms off. It certainly feels good waking up to a raging boner.

Most of the times I wake up in the middle of the night with a boner, rubbing one out to get back to sleep. Then falling asleep, and waking up to another boner.

It what makes us Men. :)

Hard and Happy
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i dont always sleep nude, but when it's warm enough i do. i guess it depends on what ever makes me the most comfortable that night.

i have woken up many times super hard both ways
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Since I'm naked all the time when in my apartment, hopping into bed at night is that much easier...lol. Love sleeping in the nude and yes, I do get frequent hardons, maybe because my bf is spooning right up behind me....

Solamente dici l'amore.

"imagination is part of reality" - roberto rosselini
"pasta and magic are life" frederico fellini
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Always sleep naked! Have been since probably age 10-12 or so. Used to have to be wearing undies, cuz i didn't like everything flopping around and sticking to my leg (there wasn't any hair there at that point) but closer to puberty i started doing it for the eroticism and then got really used to it. Now I cannot! CANNOT! wear anything to bed.
And my morning wood comes around 7-8 am. If I sleep later than that, I won't wake up with it. but I usually get hard after i wake up. lol
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Whenever i sleep nude, i get a boner before i get to sleep. Sometimes wake up w/ morning wood. No biggie, its natural.
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I have slept naked the past 48 years. It started because my PJs tore and my Mom told me to sleep naked like my Dad because she did not want to buy me new PJs. At first it made me horny to get into bed naked but now I cannot sleep with pants on, I feel very uncomfortable. I wear a T-shirt in winter to keep my back warm but never pants, nomatter where I am. I still get hard-ons a few times each night, waking up with a hard-on about 75% of the time.

I also freeball all the time, nomatter where I am or what the situation.
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I have slept nude since HS and initially it was simply because I would find myself tangled in sleepwear by the time I awakened in the morning. I remember that when I was a kid and was still "wet dreaming" the underwear ended up a complication and a negative rather than a positive. Strangely, when I went away from sleepwear, I found that I would wake when the erection and need were there. It eliminated those occasional stains compltely. I would then j/o to relieve myself and go right back to sleep.

At this point in life the ONLY time I wear any kind of sleepwear is if I am in a situation where I have guests in the home and where a scarcity of bathrooms could under the wildest of circumstances take place.
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I've slept naked since about six years-old. Always, even when traveling with buddies, college and at friends or relatives. When I've shared a hotel room with a guy who wore PJs, he usually is sleeping naked too before the meeting is over. I'm clean so what's the worry, it is the most natural thing. No disrespect meant, ever.

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