Half circumcised

Is it possible to be partially circumcised? When Iím soft I seem to be uncut but when I get hard I seem almost like I am cut. I do know that I was circumcised. I

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Half circumcised

Is it possible to be partially circumcised? When Iím soft I seem to be uncut but when I get hard I seem almost like I am cut. I do know that I was circumcised. I would assume that itís possible to remove some and not the entire foreskin. HmmmÖ Just wondering.
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Yes, partial circumcisions are a thing that happen. Typically what happens is they cut off the first little bit of foreskin overhang but leave the frenulum and most of the skin. That's how my boyfriend is, and a couple other guys I've been with. Just another way dicks vary so much from person to person.

Also, lol twoface.

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btw - great pix - quite a grower! I'm uncut - same here, when erect skin is completely behind glans. Best of both worlds - we are lucky!
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I was once foster parent to a kid, who was circumcised by an incompetant.
From one side, he looked completely, totally uncircumcised. From the other side, he looked totally circumcised.
For those with dirty minds, he would come in and pee, when I was getting out of the shower.
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Sure looks like you were cut with some sort of clamp and it didnt take off the maximum amount.

Fact : There isn't any rigorously-gathered, carefully-tested, thoroughly cross-checked, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, overly replicated, peer-reviewed research on the effects of circumcision with respect to sexual response. Just pure hearsay and anecdotes from both sides of the argument. If you are happy with your penis. Cheers. If you are not happy with your penis then find what works best for you and deal with it.
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Interesting ugh...
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Your profile pictures prove it is possible to be partially circumcised :-)

Growers are more ikely to be this way, whilst showers are more likely to remain with loose skin behind gans once adult.

The younger generations tend to be cut looser, so it is probably more and more common now. However, you will never see a porn star display his penis that way. You'll note that younger stars tend to go play in their underwear enough before they drop them, perhaps because they want to make sure they are seen big enough and head fully eposed.
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You a military brat? Seems the military does a loose circumcision ( go U.S military docs) lol
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haha nope :)
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I wouldn't say I'm only half circumcised, but there sure is a lot of skin left over! It all bunches up at the frenulum (underneath, just behind the head) and makes that part of my dick extra-sensitive.

I love being loosely cut... have never needed lube to jerk off (although leaking buckets of precum helps too)... As someone said, it is the best of both worlds.

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i always wanted to address this topic my foreskin is also like that it just doesnt cover the head when soft or hard.
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Yeah its nice not to have to use lubricant! lol
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circumcised, half

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