Women bragging about their partners?

What kind sexual performance or physical properties of their male partners do women tell their friends about?

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Women bragging about their partners?

What kind sexual performance or physical properties of their male partners do women tell their friends about?

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With my current boyfriend, I generally brag about how much he makes me cum and how long he lasts. :)

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I don't talk about the sex I have with my boyfriends to my gal pals. I may tell them about something romantic he's done for me but it never includes sex. It's not like I've never been asked but when I have I always give answers like, "who wants to know?" and then laugh it off. Our sex life is just that, "ours". Add to that I'm not going to get it around that my boyfriend rocks my world with his big dick. I generally don't trust other women. They don't need to know that shit. I share things here on this forum because we're all strangers and it doesn't matter.
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Zero. Ziltch. Nada. None. What happens in the bedroom (and bathroom, and spa and kitchen) stays there.

This is the only place I ever share intimate moments, and then I'm pretty selective about which ones.
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I've probably shared more than I should have with a few close friends but as I'm getting older, less curious, and more mature, I don't share much. Now, it's mostly a little joking and maybe a little serious example or something thrown in but that's about it. I've got a few friends I think I could say anything to but just because I can doesn't mean I do.

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I guess men have this image of a group of women chatting and laughing whilst comparing the cock sizes of their partners, but from your replies, that's not the case?

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Really not something I've ever done. It just isn't in my nature, I can talk about sex all day long, but it is all very much matter of fact or humorous in nature.
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After thinking about this for a second, I don't really ever share sexy details with the gal pals about my boyfriends.
Don't get me wrong, we do talk about sexual things, but they are either about myself or are just for shuts and giggles. I never discussed a lover specifically...

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I like to think I have great boundaries..I only share some info about my ex men, when he is in my past and I would make it sound it was long ago lover..I would not bring attention to my man penis size ever..many females can become all the suddenly curious, if they do not have a good sex life but a boring one they might start fantasying about my guy..who knows?

A couple cousins and some friends of mine mentioned about how big their men were..I have to confess I never look at those men again with the same lenses...LOL..I would not get involved with committed men or my friends men..still the info about their cock sizes can be distracting, at times.
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i talks about my boy's awesomeness on LPSG.
*he knows, and i keep it within his acceptable limits*
the face to face/flesh and blood? nope.

i've talk about what i am personally into with folks.
habits, happening and goings on with any partner is off limits.
isn't so much i am terrified of other woman chasing my boy
*i don't have scummy friends*
is to protect his privacy, is all respect and handling with care the folks i care about.
*smooches Mr. McAwesomePants*

"Men are awesome", I say.
"NOT ALL MEN", the Mensí Rights Activists chimes in before freezing where he stands.

Iíve got him now, Iíve won.
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I NEVER discuss what happens behind closed doors. No one's business.
I am not chatty that way.
I am also not interested in hearing what other women have to say about their men.
To me, it is a betrayal of trust to talk about such things with your friends.

edit: The above statements refer to real life conversations. On adult sites, I am comfortable sharing experiences if I feel it might be helpful to someone else. The anonymity of the internet gives protection. No one knows me on the internet, and I also have permission from my husband to discuss certain issues.

No. I really don't:
- want to watch you cum
- want to look at your cock pictures
- want to judge a cock fight
- want to show you my tits

(If I DO, I will initiate...If I don't, then I'm just not in the mood. Yeah, I know... not always 100% horny .. get over it. I might just wanna talk about the weather.)

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On LPSG, anonymity allows for a bit more freedom about sexuality and some detail; in real life absolutely not. Any sexual talk would be in general terms and certainly not contain specifics about my current partner.

And bragging? He's a human being, not a Rolex! My status and sexual desirability is not determined by my lover's skills or physical "assets".

Porn is not real life.

"According to my faith, LaFemme is a Goddess. True story"

~ I only quote Altered Ego ~
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I tell some of my friends absolutely all. No minute detail left unrelished.

On hiatus from my hiatus.

Porn is not real life.

I only always agree with LaFemme.
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Nothing. It's no one's business. I know some women do and I know some guys get off on being talked about as if they're some stud. I find it immature and crass. Each to their own.

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