Moaning and groaning discussion

I want to know if women moan and groan all the time when having sex. As a women, what makes you moan? Men can comment if their girls moan all the time or just once

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Smile Moaning and groaning discussion

I want to know if women moan and groan all the time when having sex. As a women, what makes you moan? Men can comment if their girls moan all the time or just once in a while. If once in a while, did they do something special that time? I want to hear everything there is to hear about this topic. Don't be shy people, share
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My girl does it when she's into it. Not during oral, then it's more like breathing heavily. Requires a grinding effect on her clit.
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No. My wife will when she is really into it. However most of the time, I can sense her getting closer to cumming. If she is into it, she makes noise. If not, there might be a mmmmm or something like that. Not too loud.

"I find my greatest pleasure in that creature called, woman."
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My girl is quite as a mouse fart.If we are alone and I happen to hit the right spot,she gets a little loud moaning.We still have a kid at home.He is ahead of his grade level by two grades in school.He has already pieced together what sex is from tv commercials.He's only 9.So we are forced to be quite and wait till he is in deep sleep of try to hook up while he is at school.

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Thanks for sharing. any more comments?
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As a woman I can tell you that we need lots of clitoral stimulation (fingers, oral, and/or vibrator) when we get that we moan LOUD!!! : )
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My gf ( and I! ) can get plenty noisy. We were actually surprised the neighbors didn't call the police on at least two occasions.... no joke!
When I go and watch the videos we've posted,I ( usually) make sure three volume is down a bit. :)
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The wife is an Ooo Aaa'er during intercourse and can be very quiet during her orgasms but always lets out a long soft moan. When she is vocal I find it a huge turn. How ever when I get loud or really talking dirty, she is like shah the kids or screams fuck me and yes yes..

It's just me.
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I'm loud if the guy is doing it right. I do it naturally but i think years ago when i started having sex i would moan when he was doing something good because i couldn't bring myself to speak up when he was doing something wrong! But now i moan because i'm having fun. Guys comment sometimes about how hot it is coz apparently a lot of women are very very quiet and it makes them nervous.
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I moan and really verbal when a man is doing it right..basically he can judge how well he is doing by what i'm saying and moaning and then its complete silence the moment the orgasm stirs deep in me and then all hell breaks loose...lol true though!
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Currently the hot stud muffin with the big one who's giving it to me good night and day has me moaning and groaning ... and squealing and whimpering and screaming, etc.. I've always been verbal but in the past it's only at that point minutes before I was about to come, when things were getting intense, that I was continuously vocal. Mostly though just heavy breathing with past partners. These days I'm a serious little noise maker because the bf's fat cock hits all the right buttons from first thrust and the intensity is crazy from the get-go.
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Just wanted to say that I'm greatly enjoying this thread! Nothing better than a woman 'losing herself' and being really vocal and sexual that way. Just wonderful.
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Had an ex who moaned and groaned so loudly it was a little too much until I got used to it. I was always really quiet, non-verbal until she 'confronted' me about it and accused me of not enjoying sex with her because I was too quiet. So I got louder.

My wife is very, very quiet. I'm louder than she is, and she has to sush me up on many occasions. As in, "If you don't shut up I'll stop." "If you wake the kids...."
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I'm definitely a moaner. I thoroughly enjoy being vocal during sex. I also am a dirty talker in bed. But if it's really, really good I have no words I just make a whimpering kitten like sound.

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I make noise just enough to let my partner know what I like. And when getting aroused more, the moaning becomes more intense. Noise is just an extra stimulus, for me too, although i don't like a constant groaning. Too much noise distracts me from being intimate together.
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