Best masturbation method.

When I have a really good wanking session this is what I do: I strip naked, sit on a hard wooden chair with a large mirror on the floor between my legs which I have

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Best masturbation method.

When I have a really good wanking session this is what I do:
I strip naked, sit on a hard wooden chair with a large mirror on the floor between my legs which I have as wide apart as possible. I let my low hangers swing over the front of the chair so that on every stroke they smack against the wooden chair. I stroke my cock at about 3 or 4 strokes per sec with my right hand while tweaking and rolling my nipples with my left. I grip my large loose foreskin and each stroke rolls it off and on my cock head and down the full length of my 8". I do change hands and go a little slower with my left hand.
The mirror lets me see my every action as my balls swing back and forth and my cock is manipulated to its climax.
I can cum in hours or seconds using this technique and I watch my load fall on the mirror with a lovely splattering sound.

What methods do you guys find the best?

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Well isn't anybody going to tell me what they do to have a good time?
Cum on guys, let's hear your system!

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jeff black

I find that if I turn the lights out..... open the windows.... Slide one hand on my dick.... then another..... then another..... then three more...... then stop, go to the 7-11 and get a slurpee (orange) and come home...sitting infront of my computer.... pouring slushee on my dick.

Great times. I blow everytime.

Hiatus is a good thing.
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hi i do the same thing accept i do it for hours......edging. no mirror. wait about 2 hours and start again. my forskin use to get sore but now it is use to the constant jacking.

Think of all the guys that are cumming right now in the world.
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I find the best masturbation method would be to use someone elses hand.
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Back before I deleted my vids on here, people used to point out that in each of them I used the same exact 'technique', and I never even noticed until then, as it had been second nature to me. Thus, I only have one method... with two variations:

You know that ridge where the head of the penis and the shaft meet? I basically rub that with my left thumb over and over. Whenever precum is produced I use it to work that same (left) hand up and down the whole length of the shaft. Then I go back to the head and repeat. Working that ridge really helps produce some violent orgasms though - highly recommended. The right hand does one of two things, depending on the situation:

1. Computer mouse. Erotic fiction does not scroll itself. Bad camera angles cannot skip themselves.
2. Should I happen to be away from my porn machine... er... computer, right hand works the balls. It's tiring work, but the payoff is good. Sometimes it helps stroke the shaft, it is kind of a long one if I may say so 'double hand shaft strokin' (that is an official term, btw) is one of the greatest perks of having a decent penis length.

I could go on and on about this... kinda sad I know, but I don't care. Masturbation's the shit!

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This is directed at men, but I'll play along.

I don't do anything fancy, but I can never come from masturbating unless I'm laying on my stomach. It's weird, but that's what works for me. I lay on my stomach and simply hold my vibrator between my legs, positioned on my clit. I don't move it around, I don't moan all erotically. It's actually probably really boring to watch. I just lay there on my stomach on the bed, legs in the air, like a schoolgirl on the phone, motionless and soundless save for the buzzing. Then I just think dirty.
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