Why do I / you like big cocks?

Hi, I have a question. What is it that you like about big cocks? Do you actually know? I love them. And im big myself (9x7). But im obsessed with them. I love having mine

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Cool Why do I / you like big cocks?


I have a question.

What is it that you like about big cocks? Do you actually know?

I love them. And im big myself (9x7). But im obsessed with them. I love having mine praised and showing it off. Id love to see a bigger one in real lfe. All the porn I watch involves a big cock. Its just such a turn on for me.

Ive never really known why though. Theres just something about it. So what is it that turns you on about it?
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It's all about the shape and proportions. More about those things, less about size.
Of course, the novelty of a "huge" cock is also entertaining.

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if you like showing it off why not post some pictures of it...
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just like cocks, big not necessary for me
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^^ What notN2pussy said^^ The thing I like most about big cocks is the fact that they're cocks!

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my first lover was very well hung, i think that makes a difference, for me at least...
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well for me it started 50 years ago, and still like looking at them all. nice hobby.
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The quesiont could be the some if you ask a straight man if he like small or big boobs, i think the answer is about the aspect that a big boob or a big cock could give to you.
For example i love women with a big boobs and a nice ass too and i love huge men too (i'm huge too but there are some men that are huger than me).
I think freud give the right answer too, big big dick=big big power in the past when man could fight each other the men stronger win on the weaker, it is the some about people that want fuck with a sport champion because it give to you a previlagiated position..
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I have the same question.
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First post, no pictures, claims 9x7.

Hmmm, something doesn't add up...

Genuine measurements (not fake) : 7.5" x 5.5"

Holla at ya boy
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I imagine culture effect desires to a certain degree. Although, there is something impressive about a big and rare penis.
I'm inclined to say though a big dick that's badly proportioned is very unattractive to me.
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Many reasons , the proportion thing , the sensation of being stretched , the satisfaction of having fully taken a very large cock , even better if i have taken it really hard , the pain factor is also a big turn on for me . The very first that i had was pretty big , and i think that kind of set the benchmark for me , and there have been many even larger , so it's pretty much my standard preference now. Having said all that , there is the matter of personality , for me , if a guy is some kind of pedantic ,arrogant , sarcastic , smart ass etc , a 12 inch cock wouldn't get him through the door .
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Penis envy, don't we all have it? Phallic symbol, the organ responsible for reproduction. It's a thing to be worshiped. I've worshiped mine all of my life. Perhaps one day, if the stars align just right, I'll get to worship someone else's.
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I more respect a big penis, because I am straight. Because it's kind of an alpha sign.
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big, cocks

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