Dick slapping (to the face)

What do you all think about slapping your partner's face with your dick or being slapped by one? Most of the people I've been with like it when I slap my dick on their face,

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Question Dick slapping (to the face)

What do you all think about slapping your partner's face with your dick or being slapped by one?

Most of the people I've been with like it when I slap my dick on their face, but last night the girl I was with got annoyed at me for doing it. Of course I stopped, but its the first time someone was annoyed by it. In fact, a lot of guys seem to really get turned on when I slap my dick hard against their face.

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Got to be one of my favourite things if I'm honest with you..,.
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I would imagine most guys wouldn't have a problem with it...I would even go as far as saying they would encourage the act (myself included). But for a girl, unless she's really hungry for cock, it wouldn't surprise me if she's not all that turned on by it.

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i cant imagine something more hot than a hung guy (or more than one :) ) slapping my face with his strong and thick penis..!
I think that the girls are indeed less hungry for cock as the gay-bi guys...
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I did this with my wife one time,it killed the mood so quick it was not funny!

I've never done it again!
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I enjoy slapping their faces. It's fun and its pretty hot seeing them on their knees and covering them with their own spit and my precum
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I think every woman I've been with has enjoy that at one time or another -- it's certainly something I enjoy doing.
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I dig it, giving and receiving.
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something i have never thought of doing
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I'm totally into it, both the slapping on some cocksucker's face and the receiving. Not long ago at a club I was on my knees with four or five slapping my face with their cocks. Awesome.
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i love to slap them in the face lol
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Pretty clear pattern: men love it, giving or getting. Women, not so much.


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Love slapping face with my cock then opening his mouth and adding my spit to it before sliding my tongue down there
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I like doing it, whenever I get head I like to slap it on their face & have them stick out their tongue and slap it on the tongue. It's just hot for some reason.

The only time I've ever had any sort of complaint is when I slapped someone with it too hard & they were like "Ow! be careful with that baseball bat" haha. I guess women have to be more into the submissive part of sex to like it. It's probably like spanking during sex, some people are super into it, other people (i.e. lame-o's) think it's degrading or annoying some shit. My main loves it, she'll even slap herself with it without me asking lol
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The one time I tried it she said, "What are you doing?"
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dick, face, slapping

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