Czech hunter videos.

I stumbled across a few of these vids and they really hit the spot for me. It's basically Czech dude going around and paying straight men to show their body, then once they know the

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Czech hunter videos.

I stumbled across a few of these vids and they really hit the spot for me.

It's basically Czech dude going around and paying straight men to show their body, then once they know the cash is real their cock, then his. Then he gets them to suck him the he fucks them normally in very public situations.

From a porn point of view they're quite hot, but also the guy who's baiting clearly has the gift of the gab.

Also, as most peoples fantasies are, the straight guys are always really quite attractive, and always put out when the cash is given to them.

It's probably the realist 'gay for pay' porn I've seen.

Here's a few for your perusal;

CzechHunter #24 - Pornhub.com
Young czech boy fucked raw by huge cock
czeee26 - Pornhub.com
cze15 - Pornhub.com
czeee35 - Pornhub.com

Any more anyone wanna add?
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Though they occasionally do it for real...You do realize most of the time it's acting right?
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The host/camera man is huge. Very hot vid's!!
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I love this site! Does anyone know how it's made?? Obviously I know it couldn't be real because they would never get away with posting these vids without the guys signing release forms. Plus you can tell that the guys have "prepared" themselves to be fucked.

It's really well done though and the actors make it seem really natural. I presume there must be a lot of improv involved.
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Some of you are clueless when finding things, dont put the links here or they will be taken down soon. There's a reason videos arent by their actual names on sites. Just a little FYI, sometimes it's better to keep a good find to yourself because most videos from the top pay sites people link in these forums are deleted soon after
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Does anyone know who the camera man is?
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This site has 62 Videos in the series


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OF COURSE it's all fake. every single one of these "seduced str8 guy" sites is fake. but google the phrase 'willing suspension of disblief." if you let yourself believe in the fantasy, that's what makes it hot. just the fact that the possibility is there in someone's head is the fantasy in itself. if you just let yourself believe temporarily "believe" that it is real, then it makes it all the more hotter.

however, if anyone knows of vids where it actually IS true, i'm sure the forum would be game to see em...
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What I like about these video is that they show failed attempts at seducing straight men to help strengthen their possible 'real-ness'. Clearly fake but the best ones going IMO.
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the link for the blog hit on my nod
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This videos are really HOT!

It's obvius it's FAKE: it's not real going thru the streets finding this "straight" guys looking for "Fast Money".
They bareack with a stranger for $ and also the give head and let the cum in their face and mouth?!
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not to mention the "prep" involved for barebacking.... without accidents.. :)
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These are hot.
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czech, hunter, videos

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