Do you well-hung guys like to show it off?

I'd like to know if you guys with the huge meat like to show it off when you're in public. For example, do you purposely wear tight, faded jeans to emphasize the big bulge that

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Do you well-hung guys like to show it off?

I'd like to know if you guys with the huge meat like to show it off when you're in public.

For example, do you purposely wear tight, faded jeans to emphasize the big bulge that your manhood makes? Does it flatter you if someone notices it?

I know I'm thrilled when I see a handsome stud showing a juicy bulge in his tight pants. And let's face it: I'm sure he KNOWS that he's showing a huge bulge. How could he not know?
Also, what's the best type of item to wear in order to show off your big bulge?

I'd like to hear some hot, true experiences of interesting things that have happened to you when you've been "advertising" your huge manhood or if you have seen a dude who was obviously showing off his large endowment for all to see. Respond here or PM me. Thanks!
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Diesel Jeans and a T Shirt always work for me.
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like to??? i love to!!!

in two days me and my bf leave for three weeks spain and france. naturist campingsites, directly at the sea (nudebeaches).

i love it when i'm looked over and i love to look around! haha!

we walk around naked all day, at the camping site, the beach, at the shops... totally relaxing...

google: cap d'agde (one of the biggest naturist resorts in the world...) to find out more about the nude life...
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i like to show off mine
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Tight flat front emo pants and spandex shorts. Nothing makes people stammer and walk into shit than a big fat cock bulge that shows the balls and head clearly so people will KNOW you are not stuffing, but those are seasonal. I am a short stocky fellow and sometimes if they can't make out the head or my balls but just see a lump they will say something like "looks like somebody's got a sock in there" to their friend as they walk by. So, I get the most skipped heartbeats from my spandex shorts but flat front stretchy emo pants are awesome for winter. - Cheers
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I'm of the opinion, that I like it when a man shows w/ out trying too hard.When a guy has a big enough dick and balls, that he shows heavy in a pair of chino's or slightly loose 501's, that is sexy as hell. If a guy wears a pair of jeans that are so tight that there's no room for that big mother to move around in a little, hmmm ,...not so sexy. I personally wear my trousers,... 501's, chino's, chords, board shorts, w/ boxers or boxer briefs,sometimes I go "cowboy" especially in shorts (depending on the amount of support I need @ the time) and I get plenty of attention. It's a huge turn on to know that someone is kind of aroused by seeing me and my package. I've had some of my best cruising sex, from wearing the right pair of loose fitting 501's. MMMMMMyeah!!!

Thought provoking,sex crazed donkey boy!!!

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I've got a couple of pairs of jeans I like to wear for my wife's viewing pleasure, and sometimes she encourages me to wear them out to clubs. I'm not much into showing off that way to others as when I was younger.
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I definitely enjoy showing off. In jeans, compression shorts in the gym, rowing trunks on the beach. It's always interesting to see who gives the longest looks.
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I am all over wearing gear to show my package. I'm with Tripod on this. I have spandex shorts, tights, and wrestling singlets that I wear to all the right places. I wear jeans that show me off, too. Whatever the season: I'm set to go!
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If I'm dressing to go out to a bar i make sure the bulge at the front is very visible. I also try to tuck the shirt in so it doesnt fall in front of ,y groin and obscure it.

Having my dick emphasised like this turns me on anyway though so i usually end up with a pretty severe bulge whenever i see someone look too.

I am really turned on by being hung and get it out a lot too, eg when out clubbing i usually duck off to adult movie theatres for an hour of the night. i dont like having sex, just getting my dick out and having ppl see.
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Just the other day in an hour of shopping in my spandex shorts, three high school boys were walking up with four girls in tow. When they got a view of my package, their mouths dropped and the girls were like OMG and the boys were saying "I told you it's the biggest you've ever seen!" The girls were stunned and made stupid by my schlong, and that's not counting the triple dozen or so hot chicks that drooled as they stared transfixed by my fat dick. Let alone the other 40 or so other average looking people that looked like they were gonna touch themselves right there. Even had one of the male clerks ask me to see it so many times, that even I got nervous. Well, all in a day's work!
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I wear tight Dickies pants :) heheh Dickies.. but mostly to show off my butt. My best compliment was from two black women in Walmart who didn't know or care I could hear them. One lady was "DAMN, thats a nice ass!" the other one responded "good call!".

These pants are flat front and I wear myself down one pant leg with boxer briefs. I assume you COULD make out something. I haven't heard a remark yet but I've caught several women crotch watching thats for sure.

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to say you the truth yes...
I'm in China right now, and I like to show off my cock because I kno that here I have a very big one...
The most thing I like is going to the toilet of restaurant or something like Mc donalds... because when the chinese guys comes they everytine look at my cock and when they see how big is it they leave and after when I come back to the restaurant some people lokks at me...I really like this sensation...
I like to have sex with chines couple with my girlfriend, and i wait everytime the last time to be naked, and they see it they are like very impressed, more than Europe or Us...
I like to go to the nudist camp in south of France (but not in China its forbidden) and show off my cock during parties or at the beach and wait for girls...some ask me to have sex just for trying big cock...
To conclude i like to show my cock and i play with this...lol
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Depends on the situation I´m in. In an everyday environment, I prefer nt to uunsettle people who might not be interested in obscene displays with the sight of a clearly visible big dick.
When going out, where I can be rather sure that people (esp. girls) DO look for stud signs, I like ta have my balls and rather fat cock make a big bigle. Especially when a sensual, tightly clad female ip is writhing against it and feeling it invariably grow...
Ooooh its satuday agaiin and I´m getting horny by the sole thought at 2night...
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I usually try to avoid it being noticed.

when I was younger though, as a teenager, I had a pair of white shorts that I'd wear everywhere, because they where comfortable, I got a lot of looks in those. I've been commando since an early age, so the white material apparently showed some pink flesh against it going down the right leg. I saw a picture recently that was taken of me in those shorts when I was 18, and sure enough, you can clearly make out the head just below the pocket on the right leg.
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guys, wellhung

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