HUGE Bulge! Instant HARD ON!

This thread is about moments of your life when youv'e noticed a man having a big cock or balls because of his huge bulge! We all have those moments were you just can't stop looking

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Wink HUGE Bulge! Instant HARD ON!

This thread is about moments of your life when youv'e noticed a man having a big cock or balls because of his huge bulge! We all have those moments were you just can't stop looking down at the man's pants!

My story happened to me yesterday morning. I just got the train and the train conductor opened the door he was a daddy bearish type of guy. Which I love of course tall with a goatee. He walked down the aisle and then he came to my seat. I then looked at his like I always do to see what their working with. This mans package must of been HUGE! I couldn't stop looking at his navy pants! My dry mouth instantly became watery. I had an instant hard on aswell! Which was a little embarasing because I think he had noticed. He had then stood next to the door; I had also moved my seat to because my stop was aproaching an for the other obvious reason! ;).... He had also yelled at a couple of passengers with his deep voice. I thought it was HOT! I then rushed home jerked off about the exprience with some changes of course! ;)..... It was AMAZING! I wish i had gotten a picture; maybe next time! Has anyone else had an exprience like this before?
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One time when I was working in London - I was on the train and luckily had managed to seat in the morning - I had noticed this nicely built guy about 30 - 6ft tall blonde hair blue eyes - who had got on at the same station as me - i kept slyly eyeing him up when waiting for the train - he had a nice ass and a reasonable bulge but just looked so hot - maybe not everyone's taste but definitely mine . As i said some how a got a seat on the commuter train and by luck this guy who got on after me didn't - so I was at his cock height when say down .... as he shuffled further down the train - I was semi at this point - I looked around casually at everyone so it wouldn't seem too obviously i wanted to look him over - he was sporting a big bulge in his trousers now and clearly straining his fly - he was real big - I felt an instance pulse in my cock and was rock hard looking at him... omg i wanted to unzip him and suck his huge cock...i instantly went bright red well i flushed feeling quite hot knowing i was throbbing in my trousers and felt sure he knew it was because of him .. i did another glance around the area and looked up at his face and got a smile and a glanced back down to his huge bulge - he flexed it wow i nearly shot my load in y pants my face was literally about 8 inches away - I glanced back up at his face and he smirked at me,,,, such a shame the train was so packed - i could of sucked him all day mmmm
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The 1967-69 Ron Ely as Tarzan. I wanted to be his boy.

I lost my virginity, but I still have the box it came in.
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I go to the local Grainger warehouse for work fairly often and alway hope Ryan will be working. He is a 5'10" stocky sort of fireplug of a guy and always looks like he has a softball stuffed in his "Dickie" uniform pants and my faverite part is the sausage runing about 7' along the side of the softball size mound. Its always a treat to get a look at him and to top it off he';s areally nice funny helpful guy. Got a little bro crush I guess.
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Reminds me of the time when I was in the military and I was helping this guy in civilian clothes fill out his paperwork to get paid. I didn't see him walk in so he was already seated when I began to help him. Anyway we're all done and this guy stands up and starts talking to me. He was about 6'3" blond hair and an obvious gym rat. He was wearing tight jeans and sported a huge soft bulge. The kind that snaked down the side of his leg. I instantly felt my heart jump up to my throat. I could only imagine what the look on my face must have been. That image has been in my thoughts for years. What a gorgeous fuck he was.
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