Tall skinny guys = big dick???

Originally Posted by losercock ... I know that most studies have said that penis size does not correlate very well with height ... Really? I had quite the opposite impression. Two studies in particular (Edwards,

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Originally Posted by losercock View Post
... I know that most studies have said that penis size does not correlate very well with height ...
Really? I had quite the opposite impression. Two studies in particular (Edwards, 1998; Ponchietti et al., 2001) found that "Past research with sizable samples has found penis size to be correlated positively with height ... " (LeverFrederickPeplau-2006). Also, the 2001 study found that penis size correlated negatively with weight. Those two combined would certainly support your feeling that tall skinny guys may tend to be more hung. And there definitely is a positive correlation between adolescent bone growth in human males and their testosterone levels. Conversely, in addition to stifling male adolescent growth spurts, low testosterone levels can lead to the adult male ending up with a higher body mass index, i.e. heavier build. Higher adolescent testosterone levels do correlate positively with penis size in adult men, so it all kinda makes sense.

But do understand the differences in penis size that we're talking about here, though statistically significant, are not great and that there are many exceptions. I have a good friend who is tall, skinny and less than average in penile endowment and he thinks that's terribly unfair .... but it's just the result of an errant throw of the genetic dice. I've also known any number of guys who were plump and had large dicks.

Originally Posted by slimjimpencil View Post
which post are you referring to in regards to mentioning "bone size"? ...
If you go back and reread the original post you'll see that the OP specifically mentions " ... guys who are naturally very skinny/thin boned and tall ..."

If God had intended us to run around without our clothes on we'd have been born naked.

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I don't know. Maybe, maybe not. I'm 6'3, 155 lbs, 7.25 x 5.25 nbp. Not sure about all the research and testosterone info cited here, but I figure a guy like me who is just over 6'3 may have a proportionally larger penis than a guy who is say, 5'3, but not 100% of the time of course. And obviously, my penis would appear thicker on my thin body compared to a stockier guy of the same height.
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Originally Posted by Y_B_G View Post
Not always, but it seems to be the case more often than not.

P.S: Im quite tall (6'0.5" barefoot/6'1"+ with shoes on) AND i am blessed below the belt.
Seen your pictures and I agree with you..Except you're blessed ++ , in my book!
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i picked up a guy once ,he was 6'6". his bulge looked very promising. i got him home and found out he was all balls. the most beautiful balls i've seen. very large and very low hanging. he also had a 4" cock. we had a wonderful time. great memories
i also have a friend who is 6'5"...he is of norwegian descent and has a 7" cock he weighs about 170lbs.
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Originally Posted by FapTheRipper View Post
there are no bones in the penis. therefore any type of bone size does not correlate.

i am referring to being tall, which has to do with bones.
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I dunno, when I was 15, I was 6 ft 5 in and easily had 8 1/2 inches, but I didn't even know it was unusual at the time, at that time I only weighed about 150 lbs
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My personal observations over a lifetime would suggest that penis size is positively correlated only with the size of one's cock!
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i use to think this was true until last few months when i met 3 guys (separately) all under 6' with between 8-9 inches,

I thought it was the combo, tall, big hands feet, nose and thick wrists,

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Is it because those who are tall and skinny are more ready to show off their body and their big dicks than those who are short and fat with big dics. Tall, Skinny is the ideal body in most areas. They are the first people to get naked at the drop of a dime, especially if they have a big dick to show off. Someone I know personally and has seen his dick is not tall and is not skinny and hsi dick is bigger than those I've seen that are tall and skinny O_o.

I'm gonna have to quote Mickey from Shameless (US). "Just because I like what I like don't make me a bitch".
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I was born long and skinny, same damn thing after all these 55 yrs. . There was always someone saying, ! Put some meat on thoughs bones....I have always carried meat between my bones. I Love It.....
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6'4", 204 lbs here and not as fortunate as some of you. I was 175 lbs in high school. So based on my sample size of one (me), no.
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I seem to think that alot of you forgot how I mentioned it isnt just height that makes a man hung but its also his body size. A man who is tall but has larger body size seems to naturally SMALLER/AVERAGE dicks while guys who are tall but have smaller body size (skinny) seem to be very well hung.
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I am average height and well-above-average. I've seen my friend's dick who is 6'3 and skinny and his penis is a little bit smaller than mine. I am skinnier though.
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I think maybe the hung guys don't feel as much pressure to bulk up so they stay skinny whereas the not-hung guys are more likely to hit the gym ;)

pic of my nuts :-O, and another (these links are hosted on an xxx image hosting service.. warning, porn sounds might play, lol)
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Yes. Personal experience, not always but almost, skinny guys = bigger cocks
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big, dick, guys, skinny, tall

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