Gloryhole Etiquette

I've had several members ask me lots of questions related to gloryholes so I thought I would post an informative thread here for them and anyone else with questions and wondering how or why such

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Gloryhole Etiquette

I've had several members ask me lots of questions related to gloryholes so I thought I would post an informative thread here for them and anyone else with questions and wondering how or why such a thing works, were to find gloryholes etc etc. So here you go

Gloryhole Etiquette:

When, where, how, why?

*** You can find gloryholes at Adult Book Stores also known as ABS's that have an area usually behind a curtain, door or hippy beads of an adult shop that exhibits signs saying inside or outside of the building or both "Video Booths" or "Preview Booths" or "Adult Arcade"

Typically most places have booths that take a plastic card like a credit card with whatever value of money you have added to your "Video Card" some places take bills single dollars or up to twenties or more. To obtain a card you need to visit the cashier and ask to buy a "Video Card" or "Arcade card" they will know what you are asking for. Most ABS's have a minimum fee they require for a video card some as low as $5 and some as high as $12 that I've seen. If you plan on staying for awhile I suggest you get $20 or more on a card or have 20 or more in singles or 5's if the machines take bills because you have to pay spending money as long as you are in your gloryhole booth for obvious reasons and some places you will be asked to leave.

once you enter the back area of the preview booths or adult arcade you will most likely see rows of small booths with doors. If you want a booth that has more than one gloryhole in it choose a both that is between to others with on each side sometimes if there are double rows of booths and you choose one of these booths in the middle you will end up with more than 2 gloryholes in your booth. If you choose to only have one gloryhole inside of your booth choose a booth on the far end of either side of rows of booths. Once you have chosen your booth enter lock the door behind you and insert your video card or bills into the machine to the side of the video screen which will play adult videos of your choosing I have seen adult video booths with 100's of channels and some with less but there is always something good to choose from

Suggestions for Oral Servicing:

to get the attention of the cock you want to suck you can run your fingers along the inside of the gloryhole to signal you are wanting them to stick their cock through the gloryhole for a blowjob.

Pace yourself, If you’re oral only, don’t exhaust yourself in the first two minutes. When I have visited at a good time and there are lots of big cocks around I like to take my time and its ok to stay for an hour or more if you like and have added enough money to your video card.

Minamal Hands, If you must use your hands, do not use them in exclusion of your mouth. Combine the two. If they wanted a handjob, they would have done it themselves.

No teeth, I think it should go without saying.

Take a hint, If they’re pulling away, you need to start doing your best or they’re leaving. Even if you do your best, it may not be good enough for what each cock needs (more on that in a minute). So don’t go grabbing after it. Just cause you didn’t get a load doesn’t mean they didn’t enjoy themselves.

Gestures and Their Meaning

(Gesture by the oral servicer or the bottom.) Please put your cock through this gloryhole so I might give your cock pleasure.

Elbow or palm of hand blocking a gloryhole.

(Gesture by either party.) I am not interested in servicing you or being serviced by you.

Face at a gloryhole (usually with mouth open and tongue out).

(Gesture by the oral servicer.) Please fuck my face. lol.

He begins to pull out slowly of the gloryhole:

You’re not earning your keep. The guy is getting bored with the sucking and is considering moving on but has given you another opportunity to redouble your effort and prove you’re the one he should let suck him off.

A sudden and quick pull out or jerk away.

One of two things. (1.) You used your teeth. Don’t do that. (2.) The guy is too close to coming and he’s not quite ready for it. Either way, take it slow if you get the cock back in hand, be gentle and kind. When he wants to cum you will know it if he chooses to shoot with his cock inside of your booth through the gloryhole then you will get a cumshot mostly I have seen guys want to cum through the hole into my booth.

Lastly, with anything more than oral I always use protection, some guys will prefer to wear a condom while being sucked best for this is unlubed or flavored condoms. For the ones that I can't resist I would much rather give a good sucking to without any plastic wrapping around it and some guys either cant get or stay hard getting a blowjob while wearing a condom but its all to your discretion

Looking forward to gloryhole related posts if this thread is found to be interesting or useful to anyone

there is a LPSG gloryhole group I have found here:


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Impressive post.
Well done on the comprehensive and concise guide to Gloryhole Etiquette

You've re-ignited my interest.

big Joe

(I miss them too.)

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From the master herself!
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I would absolutely LOVE to experience a gloryhole with mzbounce on the other side of the wall.

If God had intended us to run around without our clothes on we'd have been born naked.
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It is ashame that you cant find gloryholes anymore. Usually in the cities at ABS. Whe you live is a small town or country setting it is impossible to find one. I live out in the country and though about building a building with a partition and putting a glory hole in it. Advertise on CL and see what happens.
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I know there have to be a lot of country boys and farmers that need release but dont want anyone to know.
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Maybe I'll install one near my home in Alabama.
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I haven't ever seen a private gloryhole in someones home or property, that sounds kind of hot and has been a joke between friends of mine in the past. Glad the post is sparking some interest!
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Several ABS in the Atlanta area, some of which have been known to have gloryholes. However, it's almost exclusively men. I have frequented some of these locations on occasion, and have yet to ever once heard a woman on the other side of the hole.

Excellent post, however, MzBounce!
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Great thread! Love gloryholes.......
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Well Emily Fucking Post..........dab my chin with a linen napkin.
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What I don't understand is, doesn't having a wall between you and the person you are sucking take a lot of the fun out of giving a blowjob? You don't get to see the guy's face, or look up at his naked body, or feel his hands grabbing your head.

I don't understand why you would do this rather than just take the guy home and suck his cock.

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Is what you get for not asking
And a crack on the head
Is what you get for asking
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I use to frequent a place in Prague that was almost all glory holes. For some reason I got off much faster at a glory hole than one on one. Maybe because the guys at the GH were more expert at what they did.

I haven't seen GH in the US. I haven't seen dark rooms or heard of naked nights or fuck parties. Prague and cities like Berlin were always good for those things. I think it spoiled (or fucked up) my sexual behavior.
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glory holes are def not for the men 'short of stature'.... remember encountering a very thick man, but due to his length (or lack thereof) there was not much I could do.... (great looking piece of meat tho) but a thick wall + shortness....

once saw a glory hole in a marble wall (in and old office building down town). a shame to destroy the marble (and what quiet tools would that take)

very impressed with the guys who could wedge themselves in and good fucked AND sucked in a glory hall/stall...wow.
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etiquette, gloryhole

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