Lost my virginity - story!

A few weeks ago, I lost my virginity to a woman I met on a dating website. She knew I was a virgin and was cool with it. I think she enjoyed the fact that

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Lost my virginity - story!

A few weeks ago, I lost my virginity to a woman I met on a dating website. She knew I was a virgin and was cool with it. I think she enjoyed the fact that she would be teaching someone new. I also knew she was into big dicks, so I had an advantage from the start. :)

She didn't live in my town, so I had to take the train for a while to get there. I met her on the platform, and it felt really strange. This was my first time meeting someone from the internet, ever. And, we were going to have sex, so the tension was really high. We went over to her place, and at this point (it was about 2pm) I thought we would get comfortable for a bit and then go at it right away. We still hadn't talked about having sex out loud, because I think we were both a bit nervous, but we knew it was going to happen. I just didn't know when! :) So what ended up happening was that we chilled out for a long time, watched TV, had some food and wine, and surfed the web together looking at porn. This went on for a few hours, and it was nice as we got to relax a bit and got to know each other better.

Then, suddenly, after viewing one of the clips, she said "Sould we stop with the clips and get goin?" or somesuch. Then I got nervous all over again! :) We went into her bedroom and she took off some clothes and sat on the bed. I went up to her and unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down. She pulled down my boxers and started sucking my dick. It was very nice! She sucked me for maybe 10 minutes, and then I took off the rest of my pants and laid on the bed. She sucked me for about 10 more minutes, and I asked if it was all right to come. I hadn't come for about five days, and she said it was all right, and that I could recouperate and then go at it again. So she sucked me for a little while longer and I came in her mouth. We wiped up the cum and started chilling again.

After a while, I said I felt ready again and we went into the bedroom. She started sucking me again, but this time, when I went to get the condom I had a little trouble staying hard. My guess is that it was all nerves, because when we got under the covers and I could relax a bit more everything was fine. She stroked and sucked my dick for a while longer and I got the condom on. She got on top and I started fucking her. It was also nice! :) Since I had just cum, I had no trouble holding out, and we went at it for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours after that. It was very fun, and although it was stimulating to fuck her, it was more satisfying to hear her moan and scream, she seemed to be enjoying it a lot! When I asked to change positions so that I would be behind her, she said she might have trouble standing up as her legs were really shaky. Not so bad for my first time I think! :) She had said before that she usually had a very hard time getting an orgasm from sex, and although I didn't manage it either, she was really close for a while. I'm sure if we meet again I'll be able to perform even better. :)

Then we were both just too tired so we chilled out a bit more and then went to bed. It was a very pleasant experience overall and I'm glad I did it! :)
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Sounds like you both enjoyed yourselves, which is pretty good for a first time. Congrats.
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Congratulations on your first time. Nice she made you cum twice
Great story.
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That sounds awesome. Congrats on a great first time.

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Congrats on a good first time... I'm glad u grabbed a condom tho... Sounds like a real fun time and a real fun girl.

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Congrats man, hopefully you see her again and get her off
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Good story. Im sure you'll want lots more after that.

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Indeed a good story, and congratulations!
Sounds like a cool cat btw
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Next time ...go down

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