"Hands-Free" Erection Videos

Wow guys! Thank you all so much! There's alot of hands free vids on xtube! Thanx again!

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Wow guys! Thank you all so much! There's alot of hands free vids on xtube! Thanx again!
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Hey everybody,

I can't seem to view movies on xtube. My browser keeps saying 'page can't be found'... Can someone help me with this or post the vids in another format/page or something? That would be a great help. Thanks!
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OMG! How fab are those vids!
I might have to mention this on my blog and see if we can't get some more...

*Off for a 'lie down', now*
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I belong to a Yahoo group called exactly that or Hands Free-hardons. If you cannot find it in the Yahoo directory. I will find out exactly what it is.

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this one is cool...

what do you all think
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thanks guys, very hot lot of growers, not showers
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Okay, maybe our erotica archivists can help tracking these vintage classics down. I used to have them on VHS but alas they are long lost. They are both straight films.
The first is a film called Born Erect. http://www.gamelink.com/display_prod...uestid=1779616

This features a time-lapse close-up of the erection of a very large thick uncut specimen. If my memory serves me, it occurs about halfway through the movie: The actor is made-up to look like an old man [possibly the worst prosthetic make-up ever seen on film ] He is sitting in an armchair, undoes his flies, pulls his soft cock out and the timelapse takes over from there; a POV shot of what he would be seeing looking down at his dick. A grower par excellence! I think it is the only scene featuring him, which is a shame, because he is much thicker than the main protagonist.
The second is an Alan Vydra [director] compilation called, very imaginatively, Best of Porno in which he introduces all the clips sitting at a mixing console. Notable in that it features lots of big cocks, the end credits are superimposed with a medium shot [from chest to thighs] of a slightly tubby guy standing in profile. Now this is one hell of a monstrous cock. For the duration of the credits we see this mammoth uncut appendage at first hanging down his leg, then inflate hugely. It reaches a considerable size, amazing enough, but then he seems to get a second wind, and it twitches up to even greater proportions which have to be seen to be believed.
If any of our renowned porn historians can locate these clips, I would dearly love to see them again.
Happy hunting...

Pornography & Erotica 1960-1979.
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Old 09-28-2006   #24 (permalink)
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Wow Nicky 9x6! These both sound really hot!!! I may have to buy them!
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This is a good one too !
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Thanx Thazarxo! That is hot! All of these hands free vids are hot!!!
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Account Disabled

I'd love to see one of those videos! A guy going from soft to hard with no hands! Hmmmmmmm! O yeah!
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Account Disabled

I LOVE that video! That is so GREAT!! I wish I could see more!
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Here is a short one of me getting hard.


:D Hey there Buddy! Check out my pics in the gallery!
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Hey there Lilstigred94! Awesome vid...very hot! I hope you'll be posting more of these types of vids!
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