Jerked Off by a Straight guy in the Locker Room

I just got jerked off by a straight/curious guy in the gym locker room! I was sitting in the sauna, hoping someone would come in and join me to jack off. If it happens, it's

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Jerked Off by a Straight guy in the Locker Room

I just got jerked off by a straight/curious guy in the gym locker room!

I was sitting in the sauna, hoping someone would come in and join me to jack off. If it happens, it's usually a gay guy. Normally I end up not interested unless he's got a huge dick. This guy was walking back out of the showers, and he saw me sitting in the back corner of the sauna. I could tell right away that he hadn't originally intended to get in the sauna: his body was already directed at walking back towards the lockers. He had to change tack to walk into the sauna. So already I knew that something should be coming.

The seats make an L, and he sat in the corner of the L facing me, closer than most guys would (which is only to say that he didn't sit as far away as humanly possible). I turned and put my back against the side wall so that I was facing him, my right leg up on the bench in an open and arrogant relaxed posture, inviting him to look at my crotch. I was still fully covered though.
We spent a few minutes looking at each other and trying to look like we weren't, then our eyes met and he said, "Hey." A quiet, "Hey" was all he got in return, and he asked, "Do you know how late this one is open?" Ding, ding, ding!

We spent another couple minutes acting like we didn't want to jack off, then finally, silently agreed that we both wanted to pull our dicks out. I loved the way he stared at my cock when it was fully exposed. It wasn't the gay, hungry stare, but he couldn't take his eyes off it. I stroked it up to full mast and his eyes were locked on it, so I beat it against the bench a little, squeezed on the base to make the head throb, rubbed some precum around the head, and generally tried to show it off. His was at least an inch smaller, his hardon sticking straight up against his abs when he let it go. It was probably a little above average, and less girthy than mine. I know what it's like to see a dick that's bigger than your own, and this guy, who probably thought he had a great dick, was getting that feeling in full force.

He would look up at my face and see me grinning at his staring, wide eyed expression, then look back at my dick. I loved it. This guy was clearly not gay, but definitely locked on my big dick. And when he'd look up into my eyes and see my grin, he'd know that I knew that he thought I had a huge dick. I was showing it off and we both knew it, and he was taken with it.

He finally got up and said, "I've got to get out of here." I gave him a simple, "Yeah, it's really hot in here." He stood to go and I let my knees open a little and my dick stand out tall and proud. He looked like he was torn, then walked over and wrapped his hand around my fat pole and gave it a squeeze. He let out a little noise that was either a gasp or a "fuck" and gave it a couple of strokes. I think he was in awe. He definitely liked feeling my fat dick filling up his fist. Then he let go and walked out of the sauna.

I followed behind him, carrying my water bottle and spare towel in front of me to hide my raging hardon. He took the last stall, and there was someone in the one next to him. The one across the way could get a decent view into either if you left the door open a bit, so I stepped into it, towels already hung on the hook, as the guy next to him opened his door and grabbed his towel. I quickly shut my door, hoping he didn't see the huge near hard dick that was pointing out from my hips, but left just enough of a crack to see that the last stall's door was still cracked.

After the guy left, we were alone. It was 10pm on a Wednesday, so there wasn't going to be much more traffic. I pushed my door open halfway and started stroking my dick where he could see it. His door opened a bit and he stood across the way stroking. He made some kind of a gesture that looked like a "come here," but I wasn't going to get into the stall with him, so I stayed put. He turned off his shower and walked over with a towel around his waist, stood outside my stall and reached in to grab my dick.

He wanted to feel it again, and I was loving it! My dick was hard and leaking precum, and he enthusiastically rubbed his thumb around my slit to get a good feel for my precum. He stroked my head some more, and I was so turned on I was getting close to cumming. He stopped before I did, and went back to his shower. I made sure to leave him a good view while trying to make sure no one was walking into the showers, where'd they'd see my door unnecessarily ajar.

He turned his shower off again and walked over one last time to get another handful of my big meat. He knew I was watching him stare, but he would only occasionally look up to see me grinning; he wanted to stare at my dick.

Then he walked out of the shower area. I closed my door and quickly stroked out a load over our hot encounter. I wrapped up, pushed my dick down so that it mostly looked like I had a unnaturally massive softie, and walked out into the lockers. I tossed the cum-filled towel into the towel bin, and walked over to my locker, passing the two remaining guys, one of whom definitely took a good look at my crotch.

Wouldn't you know it, when I got to my locker, he was right next to me, almost fully dressed. We had a little nook of the lockers, so I dropped my towel and let him look at my big hanging, post orgasm semi. He stopped getting dressed and stared some more. I took my time putting on my boxers, and then another guy rounded the corner shortly after I had covered myself.

I don't know what was going through his head. Nothing in his clothes, mannerisms, or even his cruising suggested that he was gay. He was clearly curious, and I'm pretty sure he liked handling a dick bigger than his, but I have the distinct impression that he was straight. Maybe he's at home right now, jacking off and thinking about what it would be like to fuck a girl with a cock like mine instead of his.

He said, "See you later," with the new guy right next to us, got my response of "Yeah, have a good night," and he walked out.
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hot! i wish i was at your gym
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wow, hot story!

6'1'', 8x5.75... Young and ready!
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I've had a few of those myself!!!
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hot story
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wow that was hot!
i feel exactly like the straight curious kid right now!
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I love this blog....sounds like your cock gets a lot of attention because you are hung. Everyone loves a big cock. I look forward to reading more of your gym escapades. :)
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A fantasy of mine!
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very hot story...I love it when guys can't top staring....
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Nice - would have been on my knees
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guy, jerked, locker, room, straight

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