Your girl sounds pretty wonderful, you are a lucky man

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Your girl sounds pretty wonderful, you are a lucky man
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Originally Posted by Astro View Post
I've not understood the traction of it (for the guy), and think it is a dangerous thing to bring into a relationship. When do you her of a wife going out and sourcing a nice wet extra vagina for her man? Then being abused for having a small, dry vagina whilst her man is wallowing in a large wet vagina in front of her? Face it men, when she discovers a fantastic new living dildo, a giant slice of the relationship is dead. How can you enjoy watching her come and not be involved in any way? Better to use dildos and extensions. The humiliation aspect disturbs me, but as they say, whatever floats your boat!

I enjoy cuckold movies, but have never participated in it personally. I have however been involved in a relationship where the woman liked to watch me fuck other women....that she would bring home.

And just because you don't help her 'discover a fantastic new living dildo', doesn't mean that she doesn't already know about, and enjoy them. Women have brains you know....
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Originally Posted by amazzzed2 View Post
I have a small 5" penis. My wife's ex lover has a 9" cock, that drove her wild in bed!
We recently bought a vibrating dildo that is almost exactly like his cock, and she loves it. I also talk about his big cock while I use the dildo on her, and she cums multiple times!!
I believe that this makes me a cuck. I would also be more than ok with her actually taking his big cock in person again, if I could watch!!
Nice post. Its hot when the ex-boy friend is much bigger then you
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Wife and I recently started playing with larger dildos. Our first was an 8x6, which she fell in love with. Then she got curious to try something even bigger. Now, we have two more that put the 8x6 on the small end. Not sure we'd ever go looking for the real thing, but it's a turn on for both of us when we use the larger toys on her.
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I would say you are not truly a cuck until the act is done. I say this as I have had my wife done by a bbc and it was hotter than I ever imagined, after imagining it for so many years!
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