Middle Eastern men meet the twink

I met him drunkenly at a gay bar one night. My memory was hazy – the bar was busy, and I remember leading him outside. I have a fondness for dark eyed, ‘exotic’ types. He

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Middle Eastern men meet the twink

I met him drunkenly at a gay bar one night. My memory was hazy – the bar was busy, and I remember leading him outside. I have a fondness for dark eyed, ‘exotic’ types. He had a car nearby where he had tried to fuck me, but common sense prevailed and as we had no condoms, I sucked him off instead. His English was poor – he knew the very basics but that was it. I remembered him having a very unshaven, unruly pubic hair. He looked like he might be Turkish.

I woke up the next morning with his number scrawled on a rizla. Next to it was the name Najeeb. A few days later I texted him and had arranged to meet, despite not remembering what he looked like, and conveniently forgetting that I had recently started dating someone. But things weren’t really going anywhere, and middle eastern types up for gay dabbling were not common in this part of the country.

I met him at the same place where he had parked the other night. It was a discreet area. When I got in he fawned over me, stroking my face and telling me that I was a beautiful boy and that I was his friend. It was sweet but intense. Through his broken English, he told me that we would be going to his and that I would meet his friend. I wasn’t sure about this – my flat was nearby, I was expecting a quicky at mine and that to be it. But Najeeb was insistent that we drove to his, which was a 3 mile drive into an outer city area.

Along the way Najeeb stroked my thigh, telling me I was a sexy and gorgeous boy. He would squeeze my leg and wink at me. It got me hard. His hands were big, and covered in hair. I somehow managed to find out that he was from Iran.

When we reached the house, he ushered me out and in through the back way down an alley. I didn’t think too much of it and had a general idea that people of his race might be nervous about being spotted taking a younger, twinky boy into their home. Nobody was around though, and it was dark.
The flat was heavy with the smell of cigarette smoke. He led me through and into a room off the side – the living room. To my surprise, four other men were sat down inside, all perched on an old looking three piece suite. They were of varying ages, and all middle eastern origin too. An ashtray overflowed on a rickety side table. Each men fixed a steely gaze on me as Najeeb led me in. There was little room so I awkwardly ended up stood in the middle, as each set of eyes pierced into me, in deadly silence. After a few moments Najeeb gestured for one of the men to move, so that I could sit. I squeezed in at the side of the male, who continued to look at me as I smiled politely and then inquisitively at Najeeb. The room was warm, and I noticed that each guy had a shirt on, unbuttoned down to the stomach. Hair curled out from their over the sides of their shirts.

Najeeb smiled at me, and then at the men, before saying something in his native tounge out loud. It sounded like a question. The men remained silent, before locking their gaze firmly at me again. I started to feel intimidated – why had Najeeb brought me here? Why was he introducing me to these people? What on earth were they thinking was going on?

Slowly, the eldest of the group, a middle aged male with greying sideburns and a big moustache, got up and moved towards the door. He took Najeeb with him and they both went into the hallway before chattering away in a language that made no sense. I assumed it was Arabic, but had no real idea. I smiled again politely, looking more nervous and uncomfortable. The man opposite me stared.

After what seemed like a long time, Najeeb and the elder guy returned. Najeeb gestured at me to follow him, where I gladly did. He led me upstairs before embracing me on the landing, and tried sticking his tounge roughly into my mouth. I responded but only for a bit, his mouth tasted of old cigarette smoke and bad breath. He immediately started feeling my body, groping my arse and squeezing my legs. He grabbed my face in his two hands and grinned at me.
“You sexy guy. You like sex with me?”
I smiled, feeling horny from his sudden movements, and nodded.
“Yes”, I said. “Sex good”.

He led me into a room where there was an old duvan bed with an old looking mattress. A sheet was half draped across the bed. There was little else in the room – no furniture, and the paint was peeling off the walls.
Najeeb pointed at the bed and gently moved me towards it. I cooperated and went over to it, sitting on the sheet. Najeeb shook his head and told me to get up, removing the sheet, and then turning me around. He quickly ran his hands over my body again, before undoing my jeans and roughly pulling the tshirt from over my head.
“Okay...” I said, surprised, but not complaining.

I was half leaning over the bed, as Najeeb rapidly took all his clothes off. I glanced around and saw, for the first time sober, his tight, masculine hairy body. A larch shape protruded from his cheap looking boxer shorts. He pulled them down to reveal a large, bobbing circumsized penis, which was just as hairy as I had remembered and glistened with precum at the end.

The thing that happened next, happened so quickly, that I can barely remember it sober. Najeeb pushed me forwards so I fell onto the old mattress, and in one swift move pulled my underwear down and over my feet. He parted my arse cheeks, spat, and then plunged his penis at full length into my hole. I arched upwards and let out an uninhibited howl, shocked by the pain and sudden force of what had happened. I felt like someone had stabbed me. Najeeb held himself inside me for a short while, leaning over the gently kiss my ear, before wrapping his arm around me to steady himself before thrusting into me again. I screamed. I held out a hand against his left hip to slow him, but he continued. He began rapidly thrusting his large manhood deep inside me, slamming his hips into my arse and grabbing onto my pelvis for support. Sweat formed on my head and my temple started throbbing. The pain was sharp and unbearable. Tears filled my eyes and I muffled yelps and groans as my arse was slowly destroyed by unrelenting animalistic fucking.

As quickly as it began, it ended, with my rapist letting out a huge sigh and gasp as he filled my insides with his raw, sexual fluids. I could practically feel his veined manhood spasming against my tight, clenched hole.

Still shocked and terrified, I opened my puffy red eyes. As I looked up, my blurred vision saw the figures of other men stood around me, all facing the bed, all rubbing their crotches.

As Najeeb withdrew his spent penis, an old sheet was thrown across the top half of my body, covering my sight and vision. Two hands parted my arse cheeks, and I heard the sound of spitting.
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Awesome story! Can't wait to read more. KEEP ON WRITING!
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My legs tingled. My sweaty hands were tightly clenched, gripping onto the rough fabric of the mattress in front of me. The sheet clung to my back, starting to soak up the beads of sweat on my back.

I didn't move. Something prevented me from turning over, from getting up, from lashing out. Was it fear? Was it shock? Was it enjoyment??

The bare bottom half of my body felt vulnerable. I felt something push my knees further apart; a pair of strong legs, big tree trunks compared to my boyish pins. The weight of the person lowered against the back of my body, his right arm reaching around and holding my chest, the sheet wrapping around with it. His dick, also strong and tree trunk-like, aligned against my throbbing, tender hole.

Less forcefully than before, my second rapist slid inside me, almost gently. Najeebs semen had lubricated my hole for the next man - men - to comfortably enter my tightness and fuck me at their pleasure and ease.

Underneath the sheet I continued to grip the duvan, wishing that I had something to bite onto to soften the gut wrenching ache of the experience. I remembered something that I overheard a friend say once - if sex is painful, make sure to breath deeply - it will lessen the discomfort.

So I concentrated and focused hard on taking deep breaths - in, out. In, out. As the males thrusting quickened, I couldn't help but breath faster, and as he clenched and emptied his ballsack inside me, I realised I was hard, and the warm feeling of his cum sat pleasurably inside.

The experience was repeated, as I lay silently on the mattress, covered by a sheet now soaked with the collective sweat of myself and my perpetrators.
They, although saying no words throughout, had become more audible, their confidence and enthusiasm for using my hole as their own personal fuck toy becoming louder. Staccato groans and noises filled my ears, as each man filled up my insides with their spurts of baby batter.

My behind had become numb, each dick entering me rendering me more painless. I lost count of how many times I'd been fucked, which led me to believe that the group of 5 were coming back for more, or that more men had actually come round to sample the free for all.

The next man up grabbed my pert white arse cheeks and rolled them around, before scooping his hand from the the base near my balls up my crack, wiping off the excess sperm his friends had deposited in me. I could only imagine the amount of mixed cum there was leaking out of me. I heard him flicking his hand, disposing of the mess before getting comfortable on top of me and sliding in.

Time had lost all meaning. I no longer knew how long I'd been here. But it ended. At some point. All the men finally done, finished, fulfilled. The continuous, never-ending fucking ceased. The sheet was pulled off from my limp body, the light from the harshly lit room blinding me. A hand gently raised my chin, and I fixed my blurred gaze with Najeeb, my Iranian one night stand; my gang rapist. His face was full of concern, but managed a faint smile, nodding at me.
"Okay?" He stared at me, urging my response. My blank face probably answered his question.
He scurried around, patting me on the back and trying to turn me over and get me up from my locked position on my front. My legs hurt - I couldn't support myself and I buckled and nearly fell off the side of the bed. Najeeb quickly caught me. It was there that I saw the extent of the mess my ordeal had created. A huge patch of cum had soaked the end of the bed, with a trail leading onto the floor and covering the worn carpet below. Patches were still white.

Najeeb put his hands over my shoulders, leading me out of the room. I walked slowly and unsteadily, like someone who had been in a coma for years. I felt cum continue to seep out of my used, make-shift pussy. I estimated that at least 20 loads had been emptied into it throughout the experience.

"You are sexy boy. You make sex well. I love." Najeeb reassured me enthusiastically.

Downstairs, most of the men had gone. Only the middle aged one remained, the one with the moustache. He stared at my naked body, before moving over and putting his hands on my front. He spoke in Arabic, senseless words to me.
He looked at Najeeb and shouted at him, who quickly walked out of the room and shut the door behind him.
The man stared at me, looking my body up and down and holding onto my arms. He mumbled something again, before grinning.
Placing his hands on my shoulders, he lowered me down, as I practically fell to the floor under the weaknes of my legs.
In front of my face, he unfastened his belt, undid the fly on his blue jeans, and pulled them down slowly. His huge penis sprang out of his shorts, centimetres away from my lips. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, and waited, like the good little white twink I was.
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Always knew I was Bi.
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tsssssskkk !
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To my surprise, he drove me home the next day. No mention of the incidents, no concerns that I would go to the police. Total trust. I was very confused and surprised.

I was feeling a range of mixed emotions by this point. Anger, embarrassment, shock. I had essentially been kidnapped and gang raped repeatedly. Had I not?
But I also felt a much more confusing emotion - pleasure. The whole experience was by far the most sexually charged and enjoyable thing that's ever happened to me. Did that make me a bad person?
As I pondered these thoughts, he text me.
"Beautiful boy, I pick you up weds at 3. Ok"
Some might say I was insane, but he picked me at 3pm on Weds in the same spot and off we went back to the scene. My loins stirred as I sat into the passenger seat and he gently caressed my thigh at each traffic light.

We arrived. Again, men sat around in the living room, smoking and with a foreign tv channel on. As I entered they fell immediately silent and stared.
I didn't smile, or acknowledge them. Instead I stood next to the sofa and peered at the floor. Making eye contact with them was uncomfortable.

The mature, dominant man – the boss - smiled and said something in his native tounge, seemingly aimed at me. I looked at the floor.
Najeeb gestured to two men to move so I could sit. They ignored him and continued to stare at me. The boss jumped up and practically screamed at them. Everyone jumped at the sudden outburst, and the two men quickly hot up and left the room. I took a seat.

The boss came over and sat next to me, putting his hand on my leg and saying something to me which I didn't understand.
"You have nice mouth. Very nice." Najeeb translated.
I laughed nervously.
"Thanks". I replied.
He said something else, which the remaining men laughed at. Najeeb didn't translate this.

It wasn't long at all, before I'd been stood up and had my clothes removed from my body. I stood in the centre of the room, vulnerable and aroused. The men eyed my pale, hairless skin with keen intrigue.
Najeeb came over and laid his hands on my shoulders. My legs and pelvic muscles were still painful from the other day, and I fell to the floor on my knees.
The boss, in his older, wiser glory, came over and stood before me. Expectedly, he unzipped his fly and pulled out his large erection. I knew it was coming.

Luckily, I was very orally talented. Even if I do say so myself. I feel this spared me what I feel would be some physical abuse if I didn't please them. And, I genuinely did want to please them too.
As spit dripped down my chin, I felt the boss's testicles tighten and with a loud, relieving grunt, filled my mouth with his semen.
I swallowed it all. There was something satisfying, and extremely pleasurable, knowing that his sperm that he had created with his balls now coated my mouth, throat and stomach.
He cleaned his wet dick with a throw on the sofa before exiting the room swiftly.

From behind me, a well built, slightly overweight male came round and dropped his trousers and pants. He rested his hands on hips and looked down at me. His flaccid penis hung lazily over a hairy scrotum. As they were so close to my face, I could smell their sweaty, musty scent.
Reactively, I picked up his penis with my left hand while gently placing my right palm over the scrotum. His balls shifted to the touch, and quickly his flaccid penis grew as it sat in my wet mouth.
After only around 60 seconds of fast mouth-pumping, he shot his load whilst holding firmly onto my head. I ingested the salty viscous bodily fluid.
My mouth grew achey as each male took his turn at fucking my face. A short, but very muscular one decided to take his time on his turn. He had been slowly and gently pumping my mouth for so long that sweat had started pouring down my face.

His dick was large , and in a moment of fatigue I accidentally rested my teeth on it. This was met with a sharp sudden slap across my cheek, before he took his dick out and masturbated furiously over my face, muttering under his breath.
His aimed his penis directly at my eye, and shot a thick wad of cum over it. I couldn't see and it stung like hell. Still riled, he wiped the cum up and rubbed it across my lips, before giving me a final slap across the cheek. Dazed, I had learned my lesson.

Each load of cum was swallowed and after the 9th guy, I started to feel a bit nauseous. As much as I greedily and readily devoured the men's protein, it didn't sit well inside me.

As a skinny hairy guy was penetrating my mouth I gagged badly on his long manhood. The sperm sitting in my stomach was brought up and I vomited white, thick, mucousy liquid. I reached my hands out instinctively and caught most of the sick in my palms.
No one, including myself, quite knew what to do with this. I was clearly struggling by now and I kneeled with vomit all over me and tears and sweat streaming down my face. In a moment of compassion, the skinny guy handed me an old tea towel from the side of a table. Najeeb quickly came over, who had been watching from the other side of the room, and stroked my back.
"Ok ok" he whispered, taking the tea towel from me and cleaning my hands.
He spoke to the men before guiding me out of the room. The skinny guy stood, silent and bemused.

I was cleaned up in the bathroom and I washed away all of the spunk from my face neck and arms. I embarrassingly still had a huge erection. A voice spoke behind the door. It was the boss.
He shooed Najeeb away and led me off to a different room - a bedroom. It was stark but had a proper bed with a duvet on and a mirror and chest of drawers in the corner. He shut the door behind us and we sat down on the bed. It wasn't clean and a smell of cheap aftershave and cigarettes hung on the air.

He smiled at me and grabbed my head, passionately sticking his tounge in my mouth and sucking my lips. He pulled back whilst looking at my body and leering.
He removed his cheap shirt. I had not seen him naked before, except for his manhood of course. His chest was large and covered in a thick layer of dark hair. His belly was slightly rounded. My erection grew stronger at the sight. His raw masculinity made me want to succumb to his masterly aura.
He took his trousers down. Again, cheap white briefs concealed his circumsized, thick, brown dick.
He lay down on the bed in his pants and socks underneath the duvet, and pulled me in next to him. His strong arms held me close and he spooned me tenderly. He started whispering in my ear in Arabic, something which sent shivers down my spine. As he did so he started running his right hand up and down my arsecrack, gently lifting my leg and feeling my pulsating pussy. In that moment I realised I wanted, no, needed, my new masters dick inside me, where it belonged.

He fingered me gently whilst pulling me up onto all fours. We faced the full length mirror, my small body perched on all fours in front of his upright, assertive stature. Even though he was in charge of me, and was going to do what he wanted with me, there seemed to be an air of passion with the way he handled me, compared to any of the times before. I arched my behind upwards, presenting myself to him and inviting him to use me.

He accepted readily, his dick forcing its way inside my tight, fleshy hole, with only a dribble of his spit easing the entry. A wave of pain, bliss and satisfaction coursed through my body. He slammed into me again, reaching his hand up around and holding onto my throat. Slam, again. It was amazing being able to see what was happening to me. I only wished I had been in this position the day before. His pace quickened. For a second or two we caught one anothers eye. The look on his face was determined, sadistic, committed. A slight smile appeared as he strengthened his grip on my throat and began heavily pounding me until my body juddered forwards with each move.
SLAP. A stinging pain across my left buttock. SLAP. Again. He spanked my arse as he fucked it rhythmically and solidly. I screwed my face up, which only led to each thrust being deeper and each slap being heavier. I fell from my hands onto my elbows on the bed, but his hand on my throat held me upwards, his strong arm supporting me. I choked and quickly got back into position.
“Hng. Hnghh.” His chest started to puff up and his thrusts became even more forceful. He loosened his grip on my throat. Ah – I could breath properly again. But then, without warning, smack. A powerful slap against my face, quickly followed by another. Tactical I thought, as I clenched my hole tightly on my master’s cock.
His meat pulsated against my hole. As he arched backwards, his face twisted in an orgasmic grimace, he sent warm shots of DNA inside of me, my body hungrily drinking it in. I could feel it fill me up, feel it leak from around his dick and out down my thigh.
Spent, he pulled out, and collapsed on his back.

I remained in my position. I would do so until my master told me otherwise.
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