Men with a vagina

Men with a vagina - XVIDEOS.COM

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Men with a vagina

Men with a vagina - XVIDEOS.COM
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The movie shown deals with FTM gender re-assignments. These were men born genetically female who underwent treatment to become male. Chaz Bono is probably the most famous.

There is also a trend among absolute bottoms to have a procedure done where the penis is inverted and a vagina is surgically constructed using the nerve structures. This procedure gives the recipient a fully functional vaginal opening and they are able to have orgasmic ejaculation just like any other man. The only difference is that something has to penetrate their newly surgically created "mangina". At the same time they do not have great luck because jacking off requires a "BOB" (Battery Operated Boyfriend) and masturbation is a more complicated experience. Some of these men are extremely masculine men with no shortage of testosterone. The one probably most "out there" is "Mangina Man" or something like that.
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That's Buck Angel, iconic FTM porn star and advocate: Buck Angel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Doesn't do much for me as porn, but Buck Angel is a pretty outstanding individual. Super smart and a great speaker.

EDIT: Posted before I watched (well, skimmed). Looks like Buck doesn't enter till about 89:00. Dunno who the other guys are.

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Yea....this might belong in the Everything else thread, but anywho since we're on the subject,

Anthony from cam4 is a very attractive FTM, unfortunately he's not into penetration and he identifies as straight, but he's willing to jack off for tokens.

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Thank You For The Info
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men, vagina

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