Kid Bengala

http://www.herfirst-kisses.com/cmc/g.../39/index.html just look at this meat. It's awesome.

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Kid Bengala

just look at this meat. It's awesome.

He who has many words says nothing of worth
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that's truly amazing!
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Nice, looks comparable to Lexington Steele.....maybe a tad thicker, but not quite as long.
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If they got any closer with the camera it would be in his bloodstream! Methinks there are some very flattering angles going on there.



It must be true, I read it on the internet.
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The guy is nasty. It cracks me up when the girls pretend it hurts.
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What a nice big dick....and that is all I will say about this guy.

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I think that they use those camera angles because he is a very large man, way taller that mandingo and taller than Lexington. He's also a fairly sturdy fella with a broad waist. These factors make him look a bit smaller than he really is. He also has a pretty intense bend that fucks up his size. I'm pretty sure they are speaking Portuguese, so I assume the videos are shot in Brazil. I think that Kid Bengala is no "kid" he's about 50, and he's a true genetic freak (although I'm not sure if viagra is involved). I have a shitload of his clips on my hard drive, very hot videos... God I love Brazillian women who love big dicks!!!!!!!!!!


Here's a page with a buttload of his clips....enjoy!!!!!!!!!

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Kid Bengala is quite a well known porn actor here in Brazil

That`s why his name has become a sort of a nickname to call a guy well hung

By accident once I met him in a party and he was showing quite a bulge>>> of course!

ps> this is my first post!
I apologize for any spelling mistakes
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The 'Kid' has one of the thickest I've seen. Compare her wrist to his girth in this clip...

Pornography & Erotica 1960-1979.
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That's awesome. .
It's made me feel peculiar all over !!

All the Best
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Originally Posted by nicky9x6
The 'Kid' has one of the thickest I've seen. Compare her wrist to his girth in this clip...
Wow, what a beercan, I see your point about her wrist. His dick dwarfs it! After seeing this dick in action I'm putting him ahead of Lex Steele on the size meter. His length AND girth are nearly unbeatable. Shane Diesel can hang with him in girth but the "Kid" beats him in length, easy.
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Very impressive. That's a lot of cock. I almost bought a ticket to Brazil!!
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That makes me kinda glad that I don't have a third leg in my boxers... that has to be painful at times.
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that's the best cock ever seen and above all (FINALLY) is attached to an "old" man.
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bengala, kid

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