Sweat after a shower

Just wondering if anyone here has the same problem as I. I take a shower and dry off completely and then break into a heavy sweat. I have to stand in front of a fan

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Sweat after a shower

Just wondering if anyone here has the same problem as I. I take a shower and dry off completely and then break into a heavy sweat. I have to stand in front of a fan to dry down before putting on any clothing. This isn't a daily occurance but it's very weird when it happens. I can take a hot or cold shower and it really doesn't matter, the sweat just starts from head to toe. I've talked to friends about it and most of them experience it also. One guy calls it "flop sweat" and it happens to him quite often. It can happen in any season of the year and any weather conditions. I take testosterone injections every 2 weeks and a variety of blood pressure drugs but this started long before the injections or drugs.
Does anyone here have the same situation now and then? What's the cause?
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This happened during the summer when I lived in Oklahoma City, I could never dry off after a shower.

I thought it was the beautiful OKC summer climate.
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stop taking such a hot shower...LOL
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Originally Posted by mariamluvsEMbig View Post
stop taking such a hot shower...LOL
He says the heat of the water makes no difference:
Originally Posted by AustinTX View Post
I can take a hot or cold shower and it really doesn't matter, the sweat just starts from head to toe.

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Perhaps Hyperhidrosis?

It might be a combination of things too, including a reaction to your medication.

I'd talk with your doctor about it.

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Op I had that problem and It ended when I changed a few things in my routine..

I like my hot showers even in the summer and I keep the thermostat at 78
I have a tower fan I plug in and point at the shower door, about 5 feet away.
I set it on medium and as soon as I'm done I open the shower door and get a cool breeze.
I dry off in the shower and the breeze gives a nice chill down to my hot skin...
I step out and hit the oscillation button then lotion my skin and shave in the cool air.
Then I stop the oscillation and hit the full power button pointing the fan directly
into the shower and hit the one hour timer..

The Shower dries fast and being dry means less cleaning/mildew etc..

The Only draw back is when friends walk in,,, The cool breeze causes a lot of shrinkage,, A tiny package you will have :)
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This happens to me only after an intensive workout despite taking a cool shower.
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Yes, it happens sometimes but I don't have any idea why. I just stand under a ceiling fan or in front of a big floor fan for awhile and it stops.
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i frequently sweat or keep sweating right after showering, but it tends to be less if i take a cooler shower. hm. is your home or apartment really hot? i see you're in texas, heh. are you really energetic/fast/furious with your washing in the shower? if i'm in a hurry (frequently) i can scrub and wash my hair with vigor, and maybe work up a bit of a sweat just from that. and once you start sweating, the body isn't going to just 'stop' and shut it off like a lightswitch. it takes a bit to cool down.

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It really makes no difference about the inside or outside temp. Hot or cold shower, vigorous or not, and very random. That's what makes it so weird. Only way to get dressed is to stand in front or under a fan until it stops.
Last year I traveled with a friend for 3 weeks and several times he had to wait to dress as did I. Neither of us could figure what triggers it.
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Happens to me all the time. I set underneath a ceiling fan for a few minutes & that seems to help. For me I think it's partly due to where I live - south Florida. It's humid most of the time here.
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Maybe the geographical location does have an affect.
Still quite annoying.
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I get the same thing but it's generally worse if I'm trying to rush (like getting ready in the morning) or if the temp of the water is warmer or cooler than my own body temp. I try to make the water temp not warm or cold and try to plan and it doesn't happen as frequent.
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Doesn't Humidity cause this?
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