Urethra penetration

Hi everyone, Whenever my g/f and I have sex, one of her favourite things to 'warm up' to is for my fingers to work their magic first. I am more than pleased to be able

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Urethra penetration

Hi everyone,

Whenever my g/f and I have sex, one of her favourite things to 'warm up' to is for my fingers to work their magic first.

I am more than pleased to be able to do this for her but I just wondered if she is unusual in any way, you see, she seems to have a huge supply of nerve endings around her urethra. I tease her and pass this by time and time again but this just seems to make her wilder for when I eventually hit the spot.

I will, of-course rim it first with two fingers but I just know she can't wait for me to penetrate it with one of my fingers and to push down on her pubic bone with quite some force, pulling backwards and forwards and slamming the ball of my hand into her clit.

Obviously I don't want to hurt her, but she just seems completely out of it whilst my penetrating finger is getting more and more inside her urethra until it is up to about the first knuckle.

Finally she cums like a freight train and I know then that the best thing for me is to pull my hand completely free and fuck her wildly whilst she cums and cums and cums.

Most of these times she has virtually passed out before I get chance to complete for myself but don't feel sorrry for me, she always makes sure that I am in no way left wanting after she has collected herself together a little.

I was just wondering if this kind of foreplay is unuasual and in any way dangerous for her. She has never seemed to be bothered by any kind of pain or infection following a sesion and is beside herself with satisfaction for a long time afterwards.
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its not unusual, its just different. Remember every individual is different my friend.
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I don`t think you mean the urethra. If you can get a finger in to the first knucle in her urethra she is not just unusual she is abnormal. The very thought makes me cross my legs for sure.
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Urethras are EXIT ONLY!!!!!! The amazing Ty loves to penetrate her urethra and some guys like to stick pencils up their dicks. Different strokes for different folks... are you sure that it is the urethra you are penetrating?
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and some guys like to stick pencils up their dicks.
Ahh hell no... *cringe*

that has to be, quite possibly, the most painful thing Ive thought of in the last year or so....

Only thing worse would be getting tiny shards of glass lodged in the urethra >_>

On a similar note... my friend once had kidney stones that wouldnt break up with a lithotripter (sp). For those of you who dont know, when someone has a kidney stone that they cant pass, its common practice to go to a hospital, and they set you up on a device that breaks the kidney stones with sound waves. I saw an x-ray, and the kidney stones were very pointy--and the doctor said they would rip through the urethra, causing considerable damage if he didnt have this procedure done.

Well, my friend's stones didnt break, and so they referred him to another doctor out of town. I ended up giving him a ride, since the doctor said he probably wouldnt be able to drive back home sitting down *hint hint* >_>

When we got there, the doctor goes, "Oh, I can have those out of you in 15 minutes."

My friend replied, "Great, knock me out with anesthesia and lets get to work!"

the doctor said, "We cant do this procedure if youre asleep. You need to be awake." (apparently, something at the base of the urethra closes while your asleep--to prevent you from peeing in your sleep).

Anyways, my friend's face went white. The took him to a room at the back, that had no windows, and the walls were clearly sound proof. >____>

He didnt walk for about 4 days after that. Apparently, they had to stick a small tube down his dick, then use a little clamp to grab to stones and pull them out, one at a time. He says he passed out from the pain 4 times, and each time, they had to wake him up with smelling salts. Ive always been afraid of random things going down my dick since then. @_@
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Not that unusual, my girlfriend's into catheters and the like too.
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I'm sorry Zaza, but it's definately her urethra and she really does get off on it enormously every time
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i just seriously doubt its her urethra.....i mean i dont want to be so negative but i have just never seen a urethra big enough to stick a finger into and ive seen probably thousands

yes, "everyone is different" but some things i just read as BS
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Well what can I say Baseball - it happens and it happens regularly and as long as it isn't doing her any harm - then I'm glad it does, for all the enjoyment it brings her.
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If it is indeed her urethra you are penetrating with your finger, two things you have to be absolutely fastidious about - 1) you should have a thorough manicure to remove any rough edges and always wear an exam glove; you really don't want any rips, tears, or abrasions, and 2) disinfect the area and your glove, and use lube from one of those unopened, individual packets; you don't want to force any bacteria up in there.

Women have much shorter urethras than do men, and urinary tract infections are much more likely.

I know men who enjoy the use of medical sounds, and some men who can take amazingly thick ones. Perhaps you should find someone in your area who is well-trained and highly skilled who can teach you the proper care and usage of sounds. It would be a much safer way to accomplish the same thing. But insertion of any object into the urethra, for men or women, can be dangerous if not done properly. Educate yourself, then have fun!

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Account Disabled

Had a guy try it on me once and it hurt like hell and fell like a severe burning sensation

He only tried it that once
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Originally Posted by zaza
I don`t think you mean the urethra. If you can get a finger in to the first knucle in her urethra she is not just unusual she is abnormal. The very thought makes me cross my legs for sure.

Personally, I think he is talking about the cervix. I can't imagine a finger fiting into my urethra. Unless they are into medical play, I just don't see it.

Hugs and Kisses,


mature babes are the best . . . . .
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Wow..I was disregarding this post thinking it was a anathomic mistake saying someone was penetrating the urethra but some people really do play with it...

I went to research about it...


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Thanks for all the really good advice DC Deep and I'm certainly going to discuss all you've said with her.

But as for it being the cervix Karman, it just can't be, it's only an inch or so inside of her and she's often confirmed that it's her urethra as if to say, "Well what's all the fuss about", I just want to know that she is aware of any dangers there might be because at the moment, it just doesn't seem to matter to her at all that it is her urethra.

(great photo's by the way Karman)

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this one girl i was having sex with said she could feel my dick in her chest


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