Big stud outdone by colossal cock

This a sequal to the Bra Shop story I posted a little while ago. Ch 1 The Bra Shop was reaching legend status around town, interstate and even internationally. Girls and some guys would come

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Big stud outdone by colossal cock

This a sequal to the Bra Shop story I posted a little while ago.

Ch 1

The Bra Shop was reaching legend status around town, interstate and even internationally. Girls and some guys would come in and say that they had heard about from friends and on the internet. It appeared that we were onto something big, if you'll excuse the pun.

Business was good in fact it was booming but Brad and I new that we were really only scratching the surface as customers had to actually come into the store to buy. We had taken numerous calls and received loads of e-mails but buying bras is a very personal thing. They needed to try them on or at the very least see them on someone to see if they actually liked the style, colour etc.

After that afternoon when we meet and dare I say fucked senseless Anna and Garry we had been so busy that we hadn't gotten around to getting our online catalogue completed. This was about to change as we attacked this project with renewed vigor.

We set up the website with the help of Gary and the first thing we put on it was a competition to find models for our Stacked and Packed catalogue. The ad went like this:

The Big Bra Shop is the world's only truly specialty boutique that caters exclusively for those people who are well endowed, not just big but massive. We cater for the extreme both for ladies and gents. We are looking for suitably endowed people willing to model our exclusive range of lingerie and gentlemen's apparel. So if you think you measure up send us your details with a few photos. Winners will be announced in the following categories: Biggest bust, extreme cock and erotic couples. Winners will receive two years free merchandise and will get to appear as the models in the first edition of Stacked and Packed.

Well with the site up and the competition announced it was hopefully only a matter of time before the entries starting coming in.

Brad and I were extremely excited as we went home that night. We couldn't wait to check our e-mails to see if we had any entries. As we logged in our excitement grew and weren't to be disappointed. We had five e-mails from and by the looks we had three from girls and two from guys, not a bad start.

Brad told me to open the first one and I was shocked, shocked that a stranger would be so open. The photos were awesome. The young lady looked about 25 and was sported a huge set of tits, they were not only large but full and sat high her chest. Her nipples were large and hard pointing skyward. I asked Brad if he thought they were natural and he said he did. Her name was Karen and she came from New Zealand. One photo had a close up her with a measuring tape wrapped around her massive chest. The tape told us that her breasts were around 44inches and by the looks they would have been FF as confirmed by her e-mail. She included some of her in some lingerie which clearly showed that she was in need of some of our bras. Her poor titties were being squashed into a bra that was obviously too small for her.

As I read the email Brad stood beside me in jeans looking on curiously over my shoulder. As I turned I could see a massive bulge growing in his shorts.

"Mmmm, like those do we big boy?" I asked.

"Hell yeah, they're awesome, big, firm and full just like I like them, you should know that honey, I just adore yours and these are close to those beauties of yours," replied Brad.

I ran my hand over his rapidly stiffening cock his hugeness pressing against his jeans.

Brad's a bit of a show off as you could imagine and ran his own hands over his cock.

"Boy this thing would like a bit of that," said Brad.

"I'm sure it would, I'm sure it would," I replied.

The next few e-mails were a little disappointing. The girls were big ranging from around 36 DD to 42 EE but none looked like the type of girl we needed. So far Karen was the best of the lot.

I had left the two from the guys till the end. I opened the first one and was confronted by a guy who looked like he was about 30 sporting quite a nice size cock.

"Hey Brad, what do you think? Big enough?" I asked.

"No way babe, have a look he couldn't be any bigger than about 10 or 11 inches fully hard. I bet he thinks he's got the biggest goddam cock in the world. Look at how he's posing with that thing," replied Brad scoffing at the picture.

"Mmmm, its nice but you're right I was kind a hoping for something way bigger," I added.

As we debated what we would do if we couldn't find a guy that measured up a new e-mail arrived.

It was from a guy called Seb. I opened it as Brad continued to go off about the last guy and his pencil dick as he described it. Brad was about to leave the room when I opened the first of the six photos Seb had attached.

"Sweet Jesus! Brad come here and have a look at this will you. Tell me it can't be real will you!!" I shouted to my husband.

Brad wondered back to stand beside me curious as to what had got me so excited.

"Holy shit, what the fuck is that!" he said.

"I think it's a cock only its unbelievably big, do you think it could be.. do you think it could be real??" I asked Brad.

"No way, fuck the guy looks about 20 at the most. He must have enhanced it some how although it does look real." He replied.

By now I was getting excited. I looked down and saw that my nipples were protruding through my top. This didn't go unnoticed by Brad.

"Like what you see do you hey honey, does that big cock get you all worked up." He teased.

"Shit yeh, how big do you think it would be when fully hard??" I asked.

"Who knows, let's have a closer look at this. Looking at the guy he would seem to be around 6 foot looking at the door to his right and if that is the case he cock would have to be at least a footlong and it's not even hard," added Brad.

"Fuck a footlong soft. Shit babe your's is only 10 inches soft, don't tell me this guy could be bigger than you!!" I asked.

Unconsciously I started rubbing my own enormous tits as looked at this young Adonis with the enormous cock. Of course my initial focus was on the tremendous piece of meat hanging between his legs but now I was able to tear my eyes of his cock and look at the other photos. These showed the guy to be extremely fit and heavily muscled, not over the top huge but strong. He looked as they say, ripped. His broad shoulders sitting on top of perfect pecs below which sat an awesome six pack of granite hard abs. Fuck he was specimen. His legs were well muscled like the rest of him and I couldn't see a strand of hair anywhere on his body.

By now I was beside myself, not only hand my hand wondered inside my top to feel my own tit flesh and erect nipples my other hand had slipped comfortably into my panties feeling the ever growing moisture.

Even Brad was impressed, although I could he was a little jealous of this young guy.

"Ok, sure he's fit, athletic and looks like he has a cock the size of a small baseball bat but can he get it up and if he can does it get any bigger. The way I see it I've got 14 inches of prime hard cock and he's got 12 inches of soft meat," said Brad.

"Yes but what if does get bigger, what if grows like yours, what if it's bigger than yours..." I replied.

"Now steady on there babe, I know your getting all excited by the thought, shit look at you you're a mess, your tits look like they about to explode, your pussy is literally dripping on the chair and your gasping for air, shit are you cumming, are you cumming just by looking at a photo of this guy!!" asked Brad.

"Oooh, fuck I think I am, I'm I'm cumming, oh god it feels so gooood!!" I panted.

At that point I must have lost it all together. I'm not sure exactly how but by the time I calmed down and got a hold of myself I had torn my shirt off, ripped my bra apart at the front and pulled my panties to the floor.
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Ch 2

Brad was beside himself. He had never before seen me like this and obviously he found it an extreme turn on as he had whipped out his tremendously hard cock and was now stroking himself. Of all the things we had done and we have done a lot I have never masturbated in front of him. Obviously he found this highly erotic as he huge cock was pulsating as his right hand took footlong strokes. His hand almost a blur. Now sooner had I come down from my own very intense climax than Brad approached his. He spun me around in the chair standing in front of me my breasts exposed, my bra in tatters pussy juice everywhere.

"Well you are quite a mess honey and guess what I'm about to add to it. Where do you want babe, where??" said Brad barely able to control his massive pulsating cock.

"Of fuck, shoot it on my big titties honey, you know I love that, shot it big all over them," I said now cupping and squeezing my massive tits together.

"Oh shit here it comes, its going to be huge!!" Brad yelled his right hand still a blur.

The first shot from his cannon was immense. It gushed out exploding from his huge cock head to sail high into the air before hitting me square on in the cleavage causing a river of cum to run down between my tits to my navel. But my big boy wasn't finished there oh no, he shot load after load first over my tits then my face as I stick out my tongue to catch his sweet nector. After the tenth shot he slowed down, a big smile on his face.

"Now this kid might be big but can he do that, not one of the photos showed him with a hardon!" he boasted.

"Oh babe that was awesome, look at me I'm drenched in your stuff."

While all of this was going on we had failed to notice a new e-mail from the young guy.

Without even wiping Brad's cum from me I quickly clicked on it. The text said:

"Let me guess, your intrigued, your thinking fuck that kid's hung like a horse but can he get it hard, can he get it up and how big would it be, well I'd hate to keep you guessing so hopefully these photos will answer those questions.

I could hardly open the attachments fast enough. The first took my breath away. Here was Seb laying naked on a sofa his cock rock hard laying up his torso reaching past his nipples and resting near his color bone.

"Oh god Brad look at this will you, are you seeing what I'm seeing!! Look how big it is it reaches his fucking shoulder," I screamed at Brad.

Brad was speechless, unable to say a word.

The next photo had Seb standing his massive cock standing proudly out from his ripped body a huge smile on his face. The next had him again laying down only this time he had a measuring tape which he held at the base of his gigantic cock near a set of massive balls. The tape stretched along its shaft clearly showing, wait for it.... 18 inches.

This young stud boasted a cock that was four fucking inches bigger than Brad and a little bit thicker. UNBELIEVABLE!! My first thoughts were that I had to meet him, I had to feel that colossal cock for myself.

Poor Brad was having trouble speaking.

"Oh shit Cathy we have got to meet this guy. Look at him he's not hung like a horse he's hung like a rogue fucking elephant. Look how thick it is. It's thicker than his forearm," said Brad.

The next few photos featured a few lovely ladies playing with his immense cock. They were playing up for the camera with looks of shear horror on the faces as they confronted his monster cock. A few were brave enough to take its huge head in their mouths but none would even try it in their pussies.

"Brad we have a winner let's e-mail and tell him that we'd like to meet him in person to organize everything and fuck the expense I don't care where he lives he's coming here!!" I announced.

We sent Seb an e-mail telling him that we in awe of his hugeness and that he was without doubt the guy we were looking for to model or men's range of underwear. We offered to fly him in so that we could meet in person and do the photo shoot. Thankfully we accepted and we arranged for him to arrive in one weeks time, fuck I could hardly wait. This would be the hardest week of my life waiting to see this young stud with the mighty cock in the flesh.

To be continued.....
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Ch 3

The next day we told the girls at the shop that we had a BIG surprise in store for them but they'd have to wait until the next weekend before they got to see. The poor things were beside themselves. They knew that the contest to find the right guy to model the men's range was on and they suspected that we had found the guy.

Chloe kept pressing me for info asking if "he" was really huge and bigger than Brad.

I wouldn't tell but I'm sure the wicked smile on face gave it away. I just told them they'd have to wait.

That night when I got there was an e-mail waiting for me from Seb. It simply said "Get ready babe this is coming your way!!" When I opened the attachment it was full of photos of Seb naked with the hugest hardon I had ever seen. The poor boy looked almost deformed, something I'm sure he had been accused of many times in his life.

One photo in particular caught my attention. It was of Seb standing naked holding his massive shaft in his right hand. His hand was clearly not able to close around the shaft and on each side of his hand there was about 7 inches of shaft. The thing was absolutely huge and his body just so damn hot to go with it. It looked like he had just been working out as his muscles were pumped, veins clearly showing in his massive biceps and he had a light coverage of sweat all over.

It was insane. How could a guy have a body like this and a cock like that. I was feeling extremely horny and Brad wouldn't be home for a few hours to give a good fucking with his own massive cock so I sat back and closed my eyes imagining what it would be like to be in the arms of this big dicked Adonis. Soon my hands were in my panties as I thought of Seb standing there in front of me his tremendous cock mere inches from my face his cock head the size of an apple throbbing intensely.

The thought was too much for and soon I was in ecstasy my hand fully buried in my pussy to the wrist my left hand clasped firmly on my left breast squeezing the nipple hard.

After a few more minutes I was a howling mess lost in my own little world thinking of nothing but an 18 inch cock and the stud at the end of it. Between my squealing and the noise of my hand thrusting into my sopping pussy I failed to hear the door open and as I finally calmed down I saw Chloe standing at the door way he eyes fixed on the screen in disbelief.

Chloe was the first to speak.

"Oh my god Cathy who is that? What is that?" she said pointing at the screen.

Her voice snapped me out of what was an awesome climax. I was still panting drawing in deep breaths suddenly aware that Chloe had just watched me get off on the picture of this stud.

"That my friend is the BIG surprise I was talking about. What do you think, impressive isn't he."

"Oh shit Cathy that can't be real can it. Surely no guy has a cock that big. For fuck's sake it must be 16 inches long.." gasped Chloe.

"Actually its 18 inches," I corrected her.

Chloe, the sweet young thing with massive tits came over and stood beside me her eyes still transfixed on the screen. It was then that she looked down and noticed that my panties were still around my ankles and my tits exposed. What happened next surprised me still more. Chloe stood directly behind me and started rubbing my shoulders.

"Mmmmm, that feels sooooo good Chloe,"

Chloe didn't reply but kept massaging my shoulders before slowly working her hands down to my tits which she started to cup and massage as well. She tweaked my hardening nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

"Ohhh Chloe, that's so good, yeah baby, rub my big titties for me," I commanded.

Chloe did as directed and soon I could feel another climax building. I spun around in the chair and now faced Chloe. Chloe didn't need to be told and immediately dropped to her knees and buried her face in my pussy her tongue searching for my clit.

"Oh yeah, lick me, suck me drive that tongue in me. Ohh fuck I think I'm going to cum..." I said.

Chloe sat back and removed her top exposing her 44EE tits which she squeezed together.

"Suck my titties Cathy, please suck them..." begged Chloe.

I lent forward and too her right breast in my mouth and sucked hard feeling her nipple grow between my lips. Chloe ran her hands through my hair holding me tightly as I licked and sucked her hard.

This was the first time that I had had full on sex with another girl and the sensation was awesome. Over the hour we licked and sucked each other tits and clits until we had climaxed numerous times. Throughout the session our conversation often returned to the big stud on the screen.

"Do you think you could actually take something that huge Cathy?" questioned Chloe.

"I don't know but I'm willing to die trying. Can you imagine the feeling of something that big pounding you," I replied.

"Yeah but aren't you afraid it would split you in two, look at the size of it, it even makes Brad look small," stammered Chloe.

"Don't tell him that I detect he's a little jealous of this stud already and if he here's you say he's small he might just lose it," I cautioned Chloe.

To be continued
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Ch 4

I had always enjoyed Brad playing with my big tits but today I found out just how enjoyable it was playing with someone else's tits. Chloe and I had a lot fun getting each other off.

When Brad finally arrived home he found Chloe and me drinking champagne and giggling like naughty schoolgirls. I think he suspected something but didn't ask and we didn't tell. I did tell him that we had received an e-mail from Seb confirming his arrival on the weekend and a few more pics (Chloe burst into laughter when I mentioned the pics).

The next few days dragged on and on. The anticipation was growing amongst all of us as we eagerly awaited the arrival of Seb. Chloe was sworn to secrecy about the BIG surprise so that the other girls at the shop would told of what they were about to see.

We had arranged a barbeque for the weekend to coincide with Seb's arrival and at midday everyone had arrived. It was a hot sunny day and we all were in the mood for a few cold drinks a swim and whatever else should happen.

The girls, Marissa and Chloe were joined by our latest employee Summer a well stacked blonde, and it wasn't long before all three were strutting around in their bikinis showing off their considerable assets. Brad, well he just liked to watch the girls, their massive tits spilling from their tops as they pranced around.

Finally at 1pm a car pulled up out the front and a young man knocked at the door. I raced to open for him and was confronted by this unbelievably handsome guy. He looked fit in a surfy kind of way his blonde hair bleached from many hours in the sun. I introduced myself and showed him through.

When we arrived at the pool the girls were stopped in their tracks by this drop dead gorgeous guy. I did the introductions and offered Seb a beer. The girls, Chloe, Marissa and Summer were going gaga over Seb. They were hovering around hanging on his every word. Seb just took all this attention in his stride obviously comfortable with the attention of a bevy of big titted babes.

Well time had come for me to explain why Seb had joined us.

"Well ladies, I guess your wondering why I've invited Seb here today. You all know that we are about to launch our new online catalogue Stacked and Packed and we have being looking for some models to show off our range of extreme underwear. Well Seb here has been chosen as our male model for reasons that will soon become very obvious to you all," I proudly announced.

"Let's see him in the underwear Cathy" yelled Chloe.

"Yeah lets see him show us what he's got," added Marissa.

"OK OK I'll just take him inside and get some of the underwear for him so hold on tight ladies and be ready to be surprised," I giggled.

Hold on, there's lots more still to cum...

How's it going so far???
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great, keep it going
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Man oh Man, this is fantastic, more, more,more!!!
sure would like to see some pics to go with this Great story...hehe.
Anyone got some... ?
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Awesome so far. Please continue!

soft 3 x 3.5" = 7.5 x 9 cm
hard 5.5 x 5" = 14 x 12.5 cm
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Hey, glad you guys like it so much. I agree if anyone has a pic that they would like to post to go with that would be great.
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Some more for you all to enjoy....

I took Seb by the hand and lead him inside. My pulse was racing as I realized that in only a few more seconds I would get to see his massive cock in the flesh.

We went into my bedroom and I showed him the range of underwear designed for big guys.

"Well Seb best you try some on don't you think," I suggested.

"Sure why not," he replied calmly.

Seb then removed his shirt unveiling the hottest body I had ever seen. It was perfect, well muscled, tanned and smooth as silk. His pecs were impressive and he had a six pack to die for. God I could barely keep my hands of the guy.

My drooling over his body had not gone unnoticed by Seb.

"If you like what you've seen so far wait until you see what I've got in here for you," he added grabbing his groin.

"Oh please please show me I'm dieing to see your huge cock," I begged.

Seb then removed his jeans revealing a massive bulge in his shorts.

"Oh my god Seb it really is that huge let me see it please I neeeed to see it," I said now biting my nails in sheer excitement.

Seb placed his thumbs in his boxers and in one swift motion pulled them over his giant cock which sprung forward. It was only semi hard but already it was bigger than Brad's. It stuck out pushed forward by his massive lemon sized balls which hung ominously low.

"Oh fuck Seb it really is as big as it looked in the photos. Can I touch it, can I?" I again begged.

'Sure babe it's ALL yours," he replied proudly.

I tentatively reached forward and placed one hand on its immense shaft and it immediately reacted by springing up in my hand causing me to pull to pull my hand away.

"Its OK it's just its way of saying that it likes you," he said laughing.

I quickly took hold of it again this time using both hands to feel its full length and power.

"Hey what are you doing up there, hurry up we want to Seb," yelled Summer from downstairs.

As much as I hated to I let his cock go and gave him a pair of special boxer to put on. Even these were struggling to contain his oversized megacock. Fuck what a specimen I thought as I led him downstairs.

"Ladies may I present Seb and his amazing body..." I said pointing at Seb.

Seb stepped forward to a round of applause but these soon stopped as the girls were left standing there in shock there mouths open there eyes fixed on this adonis.

"Well, doesn't anyone have anything to say," I asked.

"Is that what I think it is, is that real?" asked Marissa.

Standing next to Seb I reached over and ran my hand over his cock which stretched around his hip.

"Oh yeah it real, would you like to check for yourself?" I said grabbing hold of Sebs cock and squeezing it.

The girls quickly rushed at Seb and started running there hands across his groin and torso. Seb was loving the attention he was getting from the girls.

"Oh god it's huge, can we see it Seb, please can we see?" begged Summer.

"Well if it's OK with Cathy I'd be pleased to show you," said Seb.

"Oh Ok then if you must, take it out and show us all just exactly how huge you really are," I sais.

The girls all gathered around kneeling in front of Seb who was teasing the girls by grabbing his massive cock and stroking it inside his boxers.

Finally Seb relented and removed his boxers revealing the largest god almighty cock in the world. The girls were stunned by its size as it swung in front of them it head the size of an apple.

"Oh my god its bigger than Brad's," announced Chloe.

"Yeah isn't it great," I replied.

"Hey how come I'm the only one naked around here," asked Seb.

The girls quickly got the message and within seconds bikinis were discarded and their massive breasts unleashed.

"That's better girls, mmmm you are all big ladies," said Seb.

I took hold of Seb's cock and started wanking it so that it grew to its full length. Then I pulled its head up and was amazed to see that by simply bending his head down Seb could take his cock in his own mouth.

Let me describe it for you in full detail. I took a measuring tape and with the help of the girls we confirmed that it was in fact 18 inches long. At the base it was some 9 inches around with its head 10 inches in circumference. Big veins pumped blood along its shaft and his balls were huge, obviously full of cum and he had not a strand of air either on his balls or for that matter his body. He had obviously waxed recently.

Brad up until now and been rather quite but seeing these four big titted girls go crazy over a massive 18 inch cock had made him horny and hard as well. He stripped off and whilst he was a bit smaller he still had 14 inches of hard cock to offer the ladies.

I asked Seb to lie on his back with his gigantic cock sticking straight up in the air. I positioned myself between his legs and started licking his huge balls while stroking his enormous piece of cock flesh. Summer positioned herself so that Seb could suck on her massive rack with Marissa and Chloe laying on either side so that Seb could play with their tits and pussy. Brad moved in behind me and holding my ass firmly slide his great big cock into me as I continued run my tongue up the 18 inches of shaft I held in my hands.

"Oh fuck Brad fuck me good and hard as I play with this big cock," I begged.

"You suck that big cock you slut, take it in your mouth, take it all in," demanded Brad.

I had to push myself up higher so that I could put its huge head in my mouth while still letting Brad pound me ruthlessly from behind.

I could never have imagined that one day I would find myself sucking on an 18 inch while my husband pounded me with his own 14 inch mega cock, what a situation to find myself in.

I started to squeeze Seb's huge balls as I took to wanking his shaft with massive stokes and before long I could feel his balls tighten suggesting that he was about to erupt at stage.

"Look girls, he's about to erupt. Shit look at his cock throb!!" I gasped.

All the girls focused their attention on his monster cock which I was hammering as hard as I could while still being pounded by Brad.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to blow," yelled Seb.

'Yeah babe, you blow that cannon of your, shower us with your cum you big stud," I screamed wanking him furiously.

"Yeah give us all you have, shoot it all over our big titties!!" yelled the girls now positioning their tits as close to his cock as possible.

"Here it cums ladies and fuck it's going to be huge!!"
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And just a little more....

I continued stroking his cock as fast as possible as then it erupted like a volcano. The first shot easily flying five feet into the air before falling back onto his abs. This was immediately followed by shot after shot of more hot cum. I aimed it so that it flew in the direction of the girls who were showered in his cum.

This was too much for Brad who also could hold back no longer and withdrew from me and added to the cum shower by blowing a massive load in the direction of the girls. Cum splashed about freely with each of the girls now having their huge tits covered in the guys juice.

What an unbelievable seen it was. As I let Seb's shaft go it was still hard as as it lay on his torso its head between his nipples.

That was amazing I thought but who would dare take on Seb's monster first.

As I pondered this question Summer stepped forward and volunteered to be the first. As Summer strode forward we were all surprised to see that Seb's gigantic remained rock hard even after pumping copious amounts of cum over himself and the rest of us. Fuck this young adonis was a sex god.

Summer positioned herself over Seb and slowly lowered herself onto his skyward pointing cock. Seb steadied his shaft by holding it firmly with his right hand but even then the sheer size meant that it wavered in the air. Summer had her hands placed on her inner thighs and cautiously lowered her moist pussy onto the tremendous cock head.

"Oh fuck, its sooo big. I'm not sure that I can get it in!" gasped Summer.

"Take it easy honey just get used to it first," I suggested as if anyone could actually get used to having a cock head the size of an apple stuffed in their pussy.

Seb was a nice guy. He could have thrust his hips up and really hurt Summer but he just eased himself gently up by flexing his bum cheeks in order to allow his cock to reach its juicy target.

After a few minutes Summer had been able to get not only the tremendous head in but also the first 6 inches of the thick shaft. Boy were we impressed but Summer was struggling. We could tell by the look on her pretty face that this was the most cock she had ever taken and her earlier bravado was now replaced by concern and fear. She kept trying to take more but even by pounding her pussy onto his shaft she only managed to stuff in another 2 inches leaving a full 10 inches of pulsating shaft still on the outside.

"Give it one more go babe, see if you can take just a little more, you've done so well, give a try," urged Chloe.

"Oh FUUUUCK, I can feel it pressing on my stomach. Oh god he's fucking killing me, I can't take any more, oh shit I cumming, I'm fucking cumming on his huge cock. Oh Seb fuck me harder!!!" screamed Summer now impaled on his monster cock her huge tits bouncing obscenely as she pounded his cock.

The big question was "will Seb cum again??" He answered that question for us almost immediately.

"Hold on Summer I'm about to explode. Keep that hot little pussy wrapped around my cock, oh fuck here it cums!!" he screamed.

And with that his huge balls tightened, his cock throbbed even harder, veins bulged and cum raced up his shaft exploding like a volcano in Summer's pussy.

I could swear I saw her lifted three inches off his cock and her stomach expand as he pumped her full of hot cum. It wasn't long before his love juice oozed out of her running down his shaft pooling around his balls. Fuck there was sooo much of the stuff and this his second load of the afternoon.

Before Summer could extract herself I quickly grabbed some red lipstick and drew a line on his shaft and wrote the letter C indicating how far down his shaft Summer was able to get. This would become the benchmark for the rest of us to exceed.

Finally Summer extracted herself from Seb's cock helped by Chloe and Marissa who lifted her up and off him. Poor Summer was shattered, her breathing was laboured and her face red with the obvious effort it had taken to fuck Seb. Seb's massive cock thumped back onto his chest its head nestled between his pecs reaching up almost to his neck.

"Oh my fucking god!! Look I don't believe it he's getting another fucking hardon!! Look its growing once more!!" yelled Chloe.

"Oh shit it is. Look its almost as big as it was a few minutes ago," added Marissa.

"What did you expect ladies. Did you think that I just shoot a load and collapse in a heap. Fuck there's more of what you've seen still to cum. I've always found my third and fourth loads to be the biggest so which of you ladies is next??" asked Seb a big grin on his face.

We all looked at each other to see who would take Seb on.

"Hey you know how you marked how much Summer took what does the winner get?" asked Marissa. "Winner?" I asked slightly puzzled.

"You know what is the prize for the girl who takes the most of his massive cock?" added Marissa.

"Well, Seb is here for two weeks so the winner will get Seb to stay with them for the first week. He'll be all yours, how's that sound?" I asked.

"Great for me," answered Seb who was now slowly stroking his gigantic member.

"How about you ladies bring those great big tittes of yours over here. I love nothing more than suckling great big titties and you ladies are certainly well stacked," said Seb.

Chloe, Marissa and Chloe all lined up in front of Seb and I did the formal introductions. "Seb may I introduce Chloe she's a 44FF-28-36, next is Summer she's a 48EE-26-38 and Marissa here is 40GG-27-37. What do you think?" I said.

"Fucking awesome is what I think. Now here's what I want you to do. Each of you in turn is to come over here and wank my cock with your titties until I say stop. Then your to hold them in your hands and place your nipples in my mouth. The next girl is to start wanking my shaft with her big tits as I suck on the previous girls tits, is that understood?" instructed Seb.

They all nodded and Chloe was the first to approach Seb and wrap her giganitic tits around his 18 inches of rockhard manhood. The first thing she noticed, other than its immense size was that it was well lubricated with his juices from fucking Summer which made sliding her tits up and down it much easier and enjoyable.

"Mmmmm, that's good baby, press those big titties together, pump that cock, mmmm your good" said Seb.

"Ok now let me have a suck on those beauties," added Seb.

Chloe dutifully did as she was told and Marissa stepped forward her massive firm tits replacing CHloe's on his shaft and once again the tit fucking commenced only this time Seb had his mouth full of Chloe's tremendous tits.

This went on a while longer until Summer had also been tit fucked and had her tits sucked. "Right then who's up for a big cock fucking then??" teased Seb.

Summer shuddered and said she didn't think she would be able to have sex for a week after the pounding she had received.

Are we all enjoying it so far???? Do tell.
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Most excellent!

Can't wait to read more.

Sex with me is not so much a bang, more of a dull thud.
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Chloe stepped up and said "OK you big stud lets get it on and don't care how much this is going to hurt I'm going to out do Summer," boasted Chloe.

"Oh I like that," said Seb his massive cock now pulsating with anticipation.

"How would you like it the babe, its up to you." said Seb.

"Like this," said Chloe who had laid on her back on a sunlounge her ankles held by her hands her legs spread wide her pussy shining in the sunlight.

"OK then lets go," replied Seb.

We all gathered around to watch our friend take on Seb's impossibly large cock. Me with my red lipstick in hand ready to record the outcome. Seb gently lowered himself onto Chloe and eased in his giant cockhead. Chloe caught her breath but appeared to cope with this massive insertion. She was trying to control her breathing and was doing a good job of it at least as the first few inches were eased in. Seb started to build some rhythm and this is when the rouble for Chloe started.

"Oh god, its just so fucking huge. It's sooo thick, but keep going, keep giving it to me you big stud," panted Chloe her face now flushed, her nipples hard, her hands gripping the ankles firmly.

"Oooo baby, your sooo tight," said Seb to which we all laughed thinking who the fuck wouldn't feel tight for this guy, a fucking elephant!!! After a few more minutes Seb had managed to get in 10 solid inches of his giant cock but by now Chloe was sweating profusely. Her hands had dropped from her ankles and she was now gripping the sunlounge her knuckles white as she tried to take even more.

"I... I....I don't think.....I can, I can take... take anymore...." panted poor Chloe. We all pitched in and urged her on as she closed in on Summer's mark.

"You can do it Chloe, just 2 more inches and you're past Summer, just take 2 more inches..." I implored.

Chloe snapped! "Just 2 more fucking inches are you kidding! I feel like I'm being done over by a fucking elephant and your standing there telling me to just take two more fucking inches!!" she screamed.

"OK OK I'm just trying to help if you don't want Seb staying with you for the next week just give up now and Summer can have him," I replied. Chloe the determined little darling that she is just gritted her teeth looked Seb in the eyes and yelled "Fuck me harder you big dicked stud. FUCK me do you hear me I want more give it to me!!" she screamed tears now rolling down her cheeks.

"OK babe but this might hurt a little," replied Seb as he pounded Chloe harder his shaft flexing as he struggled to get in more but finally after a few minutes he had succeeded and I was pleased to draw a new red line indicating that she had taken 14 inches of Seb's massive tool.

Poor Chloe would have to wait a little while to hear the good news as she had passed out after the tremendous fucking Seb had just given her. "So what are you going to do Seb, she's passed out. Aren't you going to cum??" I asked.

"Hey you girls stand there behind your friend and I'll show you what I'm going to do," replied Seb.

We did as we were instructed and when there we were told to hold our tits and open our mouths. I thought surely not but yes he started wanking his huge cock and suddenly it erupted and cum flew over the passed out Chloe and splashed into us. Summer caught the first load and me the second. It was truly amazing seeing cum fly so high and so far plastering us in load after load of hot cum. Some impacted our faces while some doused Chloe who was just coming to. The sight was unbelievable hear was a young adonis jerking his 18 inch cock off over a passed girl blowing cum some 8 feet onto us all in my back yard. All the screaming must have been heard some distance away for suddenly the door bell rang. I quickly wrapped a towel around wiped as much of the cum from my face and went to the door not noticing that cum was indeed still dripping from cheeks.

When I got there and opened it I was a little surprised to see a girlfriend from across the road standing there smiling.

"Hi Pat, what's going on?" I asked.

"What's going on? That's what I've come to ask you. I saw that young hunk arrive earlier and I new that you had the girls around so putting two and two together I came up with a massive fucking orgy going on, am I right??" asked Pat.

"Well why don't you come and see for yourself," I suggested.

I showed Pat through and let her see the carnage that Seb was causing. There was Chloe still a little groggy naked and covered in cum. Summer was wiping cum from her big tits and Marissa was licking the cum from Sebs's shaft.

Pat's jaw dropped as she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"Hey Seb let me introduce my friend Pat from across the road," I said.

"Hey Pat nice to meet you. Would you like to enter our little competition we are having??"

"What competition is that," asked Pat.

"Oh we are seeing who can take the most of Seb's big cock, its 18 inches just in case you were wondering, and the winner gets him to stay with her for a week, well are you in??" I asked.

"Sure, sure I'm in," answered Pat.

I stood speechless above the lying body of the over muscular youth, admiring his massive pecs and bulging biceps, and above all, his unbelievably massive cock. It went all the way to his chest and past his nipples and he was a tall boy himself! The girth was incredible and Marissa's little hand didn't make it even halfway around his gigantic shaft as she licked what looked like a year's worth supply of cum from his genitals.

"Who got the most so far?", I asked as I quickly undressed, juices pouring down the inside of my thighs in anticipation of the massive fucking I was about to get.

"Chloe did, 14 inches". The voice was familiar, it was Brad, the huge-cocked stud I had had the pleasure of fucking many times before. His cock was hard too, drooling pre-cum onto Summer's neck and tits. She was lapping at the stuff like a starved kitten.

I gulped and told the young stud that he'd better stick more than that in me. "Do me doggie-style, that's the best position for maximum penetration. Summer, come and give me a taste of your pussy, I've never had it!".

And with that, Summer lied on her back in a 69 position with me while Seb positioned his gigantic 18inch rockhard monstercock behind me. I could feel my pussy gasping for air, dilating even before the invasion of the monster hovering behind it.

Then, as I was furiously rubbing and licking Summer's clit, I felt it. The cockhead was red hot and massive. It distended my pussy lips beyond belief, hurting me but pleasuring me too. The immense apple-sized knob sliced through my battered pussy like no tomorrow.
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As the nun said to the Bishop: "Keep it up!".

Can't wait for the rest of the tale. :)

Sex with me is not so much a bang, more of a dull thud.
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Shit, this guy was super-hung! And so so hard too. I could not believe that someone with such an inhumanely large piece of meat could also be hard. I saw at the corners of my eyes brad pummelling his 14 inches of mega-cock into a recovered Chloe. It did seem like she could take him in easily now that she had been truly opened up by Seb's monster.

The same was happening to me. His cock was slowly pushing further into me, already past my vagina and into my uterus with only half of his 18 inches inserted. Shit, what did I let myself into. I concentrated on slurping up Summer's pussy and drinking Seb's cum that was still in there. Man, he tasted good too! What a superman! Summer was rubbing my clit and I could feel her other hand holding onto Seb's monster as he sliced into me.

"Pat, you've got as much as Chloe in!" she exclaimed.

I had never been so full in my life.

"More, shove more in Seb! I want to be the winner, please fuck me harder!" I screamed.

Maybe I shouldn't have said that. He pulled me by the hair and shoved an extra couple of forearm-thick cock and destroyed the back of my cervix in the process. It hurt like hell but I was winning!

"Put the mark on his cock now!", I yelled in agony.

Summer obliged but Seb was still going strong, fucking me with ten-inch strokes. I had taken 16 inches but could take no more. Even on his outstrokes, he left more cock in me that my poor hubby had even given me. The stud was getting into quite a rhythm, his cock sloshing around into my wet cunt, tearing my pussy walls apart with his monstrous size.

Suddenly, Seb yelled that he was cumming. His husky voice triggered my orgasm as I felt his piece of meat expand even further, I even heard a crack in my hips as he unloaded the first of his powerful jet.

"Brad, get your arse over here and Seb pull out, I want your cum all over me. I'm a cum-hungry slut, give it to me boys!" I managed to shout deliriously.

Brad wanked his 14-incher as Seb pulled out, still going strong after completely filling my now leaking pussy. Summer was just lying below me letting the copious juices fall into her open mouth. Then Brad started unloading his second load of the afternoon in massive streams all over my face while Seb was coating my back and hair with his unending salvoes of glistening boy-cum. I managed to stand up and told them to aim at my tits while wiping the cum from my face and licking my fingers. Brad unleashed a torrent of cum on my right tit and Seb sent his even bigger blast rocketing on my right tits. I was becoming a right cum mess and I loved it!

Finally Brad could come no longer but Seb, the super-stud was still going strong.

"In my mouth stud boy, I want to taste it!" I begged.

And so he did, another four or five voluminous volleys of viscous sperm directly down my throat before he pulled out and his cock twitched the last remnants of cum from his over bloated balls.

I was licking my lips and slurping up what must have been a pint of combined sperm from my two hunks.

"Well, Cathy, seems like your husband is out for the time being but Seb here is still rockhard wanting some more pussy. Let's see how a super-slut like you handles this monster, shall we?" I said winking at my host.

"Oh my god Seb don't tell me you are still hard after that!! Poor Brad the darling is done, look at his cock all soft over there," I said pointing at my hubby.

"Cathy like I said its going to take more than three explosions to quell this baby," Seb announced proudly stroking his massive cock. He even put it to his lips and gave it a little kiss just to make the point.

"God that was sexy, you kissing your own cock. Tell me what it was like growing up with such a big one. What did all the girls say? What did the guys say?" I asked.

"Well Cathy I have always been big its not something that just came about. It basically grew an inch a year until I was 18. This had its good points and its bad points. Good in that I was popular with the girls who just loved to get their hands on it bad in that none of them would let me get it within a foot of their pussies. Sure I got lots of handjobs and some great blowjobs from the more adventurous girls but no full on sex." Seb explained.

"What!! No sex how did you handle that?" I asked.

"Handled, that's a good term actually because handle it I did, morning, noon and night. I'd wake up and have to beat off to get the thing into my pants then at lunch time I'd have to find a quite place to blow a second load and then at night there would be at least one if not two more wanking sessions. You probably think that's crazy but its the only way I could get through the day," said Seb still slowly stroking his colossal cock in front of us all.

"You poor boy having to hide as you beat off in private each day," I replied.

"Oh no I didn't say that these were in private. First of all in the morning I would beat off in front of my bedroom window which my next door neighbour could see through. She was a friend and would sometimes have her friends sleep over so that they could watch the show in the morning. Next at lunch there was this particularly busty teacher who looked after sport who would let me into her office in the gym at lunch. We had some great fun which would ultimately end with me sucking tits, her sucking my cock and finally me drenching her in huge loads of cum. I think it was because of her that I became infatuated by massive tits. At night time a friend would sneak in and we would study for a while but eventually she would end up sucking my cock and blowing me big time. So as you can see it wasn't a lonely time at all although I did fantasise about one day finally getting a girl to take my huge cock in her pussy.

"WOW!! That is unbelievable" said Chloe listening intently with the rest of us.

"I see you enjoy kissing your own cock. How long have you been doing that its soooo sexy?" asked Summer.

"Well as you could probably imagine I have been able to do it since it was about 10 inches but didn't really get into until it was around 13inches when I stayed at a friends house and her mother busted me jerking off one night. She lay beside me and took my massive hardon and started stroking it. When I looked down she accidentally brushed my lips with its head and I instinctively latched onto with my mouth. She loved it and went crazy. Started rubbing her pussy telling me how sexy it was. I went along with it and before I knew I she was wanking me off as I sucked on it until I couldn't hold on any longer and exploded in my own mouth. So that's how it all started I guess.

"Oh fuck that is soooo fucking hot Seb," I gasped.

"Well enough of the history lesson. As you see tiger here is getting anxious for some more action so which of you is some for some big dicken??" Seb asked.

"Go on Cathy it's your turn surely you can take all of Seb, shit you stuffed with Brad's 14 inches often enough as you tell us all," said Chloe.

"Yeah Cathy go on let's see how's it done," added Marissa.

"Don't tell us your scared," said Pat proudly indicating her mark on Seb's shaft.

"OK ladies look out I'm going take it all even if it kills me. Lay down Seb I want to get a feel for this before we start," I said.
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Seb lay down and I straddled his thighs pushing my pussy up so that his massive balls pushed against my pussy. I took his shaft in both hands and pulled it close to my body. Fuck the thing was huuuge. When I held against my body the shaft reached up between my tits and the head sat proudly up near the top of my chest. Shit it even made my massive knockers look like 34BB that's how fucking huge it was.

I slowly wanked his baseball bat like cock thinking to myself how does one take on something like this. So far I had seen the girls try to take it sitting on top, on their back and doggie style so what was I to try. I realised that I would need to stretch my body out as long as possible so opted to take it from behind leaning up against a large palm tree in our backyard. I stood up and grabbed Seb by his gigantic cock over to the tree where I braced myself and stuck my hot little ass out my legs spread.

"Oh baby now that is a nice ass," Said Seb standing behind me his cock looking like it belonged on an elephant not a human. It bounced around but make no mistake it was as hard as granite and primed for some big action.

"Now take it easy stud I might be used to 14 inches but this is unchartered territory even for me," I advised Seb.

"Don't worry darling big Seb will take it easy but hang on tight because you are about to fucked within an inch of your life," replied Seb. Brad had moved over and gave me a nod, kissed me on the lips and wished me luck. What a guy he is that he is happy for his wife to be fucked by a horse hung stud. I kissed him and told him that I loved him but that there was no way I was going to let Pat win.

Seb eased his cock into me gently his apple sized head spreading my pussy lips wider than they have ever been stretched before even by Brad. Seb held me in his strong arms around the waist his hands pulling firmly down on my hips. I looked around and saw his hugely muscled body beginning to strain his pecs flexing his abs tightening his biceps bulging huge veins pumping blood through them. Fuck this was so hot not to mention that he was trying to stuff 18 inches of granite hard hot cock into my belly.

"Oh god Seb that is good, sooo good keep going keep pounding me harder I want more, I neeeeeed more," I screamed unaware that he had barely impaled me with 8 inches of his massive tool at this stage.

"Sure babe just hang in there cause there's lots more to come yet," replied Seb.

I was now rocking back and forth holding onto the tree as Seb pulled me even tighter onto him. My big tits bounced obscenely as I was ruthlessly pounded impaled on this massive piece of human cock flesh.

"Oh god Cathy that it is truly sensational I've never a pussy as good as this before. Its tight but can accommodate my huge shaft," said Seb. "O O Ooh shit I think I'm cumming already, fuck your big cock is making me cum all over it, I love it I fucking love it!!" I screamed in ecstasy.

Seb seemed to spurred on by my climax and pumped me with new vigour now skewering with 12 inches of his shaft.

"Mmm baby that feels soooo good do you think you can just another 6 inches," Seb teased.

"Shut the fuck up and fuck me harder do you hear me. Even I scream STOP don't stop until its all in do you hear me. Brad don't let him stop will you babe even I can't speak please tell him not to stop," I demanded.

"Sure honey but I don't want to see you get hurt, he's just so fucking huge," answered Brad now visibly turned on by what he was witnessing his own cock now almost fully erect.

As I looked over I could see Seb now fully focussed on the job at hand his body now covered in a lather of sweat. Fuck he was hot. Occasionally he would reach forward and grab my big tits and squeeze them hard, god that felt good. When his hands went back to my hips I missed thee tit squeezing so much I asked the girls to help out and Summer and Chloe positioned themselves under me and started to suck a tit each. Fuck here I was leaning against a tree impaled on an 18 inch cock having my tits sucked by two big titted babes, I was in heaven. "How much more?? Tell me its nearly all in before I die!" I panted.

"Oh Cathy you've reached Pat's mark and have only two inches left you can do it babe, you can take it all," answered Brad.

"No, no, noooooo I can't its too much its to big I think its going to tear me two!!" I screamed. "See I told you she couldn't take it all," laughed Pat.

This just sent me over the edge. With one last desperate effort I pulled myself forward and then with all my strength I thrust back on Seb's cock letting out a blood curdling scream as I did.

"OH FUUUUUCK," I screamed gagging feeling his cock push even further into me.

"Oh my god its all in, its all fucking in look she's got all 18 inches in her," yelled Seb. At that moment everything went quite. Seb stopped pounding the girls ceased sucking and they all stood there looking at Seb buried to hilt in me.

"My god he right look its all in," stammered Summer.

Seb then proceeded to slowly pull out until just the head of his cock was left in me and paused. "This is something I have always wanted to do and finally I get to do it.

"What's that?" asked Chloe.

"I get to shove all of my cock in a pussy in one stroke, now watch this," Seb said.

What followed next was unbelievable. Seb in one swift thrust ploughed into me causing me to scream but this time in pleasure not pain as before fuck I was even starting to enjoy this.

"Again, do it again and again," I demanded. Over the next 5 minutes Seb thoroughly fucked me with all 18 inches like you wouldn't believe but after and numerousc climaxes I could take no more.

"Oh please Seb cum, cum for me baby give me all of your hot cum," I panted.

"Oh shit here it cums baby, here it cums!!" he screamed.

Seb unloaded a torrent of cum deep deep within me before pulling out and dousing my back and ass with shot after shot of cum.

We both collapsed from the effort and finally Seb's cock didn't remain hard.

We received a standing ovation from everyone standing around us and that was that. Well it was at least for the afternoon Seb still had two more weeks here so who knows what will happen during that time....

Well that's the last of that "little" adventure please leave a comment or PM with what you thought so that I know you want more and yes there is more still to come of Brad.....lots more!!
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big, cock, colossal, outdone, stud

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