Quick story of sucking my first huge cock

Me and my friend have known each other for a little over 10 years. We've never acted sexual or hinted at anything. He came over the other night and instead of bar hopping we decided

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Quick story of sucking my first huge cock

Me and my friend have known each other for a little over 10 years. We've never acted sexual or hinted at anything. He came over the other night and instead of bar hopping we decided to drink at home and just hang out. Eventually we started talking about all sorts of things. Eventually the subject led to sex. I don't know what was running through my head but I decided to let him know that I was bisexual and how it was time for me to let everyone know because I've been keeping it a secret for a long time. He was shocked at first but then asked why am I finally coming out. I told him its cause were on the topic of sex. I then told him how I've been wanting to suck my very first dick but I want it to be big. He laughs and says why don't you suck on mine cause my girlfriend doesn't like to give him blowjobs. That kinda threw me off. I ask him if he was kidding. He says no and that he wouldn't mind letting me suck him off plus he's big down there. I think about it and tell him I'm not sure cause what if it messes up our friendship. He says it won't. I finally say fine. He lays down and pulls down his shorts and briefs and BAM. He has this massive thick cock. I'm sure it was longer then 8 inches and thicker then 6 inches because my hand can't fully wrap it. This was a hairy , monster , cut cock and it was infront of me. I slowly start sucking on it and I can't believe how great it tastes and feels. I start sucking faster. I know I'm doing a good job cause of the grunts he's making. In less than 5 minutes he cums hard into the air landing on his flat stomach. He then gets up , bends down, and starts sucking on my cock to my surprise. I try to pull out right before I cum but he grabs it and puts it back into his mouth just as I shoot a monster load. He swallows it all and tells me that he's been wanting to suck my cock ever since he saw me naked ( he came over once while I was having sex with my ex girlfriend and I answered the door naked real fast, welcomed him in and told him we'd be out in a bit). Has similar situations happened to anyone and care to share ?!?
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that's a great friend to have. you are very lucky
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To many Tequilas?..

Good for you.

"You may be deceived
if you trust to much, but you will leave in torment
if you don't trust enough" - F. Crane
"And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season
we will reap,if we do not give up." -Galatians 6:9
A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure
in spite of overwhelming obstacles." C. Reeve
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Thats how my straight hung roommate fucked me one night. too many tequilas. haha
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Great story, you're both lucky guys,

skype bl.scouse

From Merseyside? Say Hi!

8" x 6" uc
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I've got to start drinking tequila
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I have to pay attention to guys that drink Tequila. Point of story they are all hung.
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Originally Posted by Hairylegs View Post
I've got to start drinking tequila
I've got to drink more tequila.
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Awesome friend! If you are lucky he may becum a fwb for you
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Nice friend your mate
very interesting you could
not wrap his dick with your hand
and calculate 8 inches that imply stack 10 finger but man wide fingers
but awesome and interesting was. That may previous your friend were a bit exited with conversation
but after he pull out his dick, get it rigid and later cum you calculate 5 minutes of continue hard masturbation and oral sex don't you?
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My kind of friend!

If God had intended us to run around without our clothes on we'd have been born naked.
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