Who of you ever squirted?

Hey girls! Who of you ever squirted? I would love to know, how it happens and how much you are able to squirt.

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Who of you ever squirted?

Hey girls!

Who of you ever squirted?
I would love to know, how it happens and how much you are able to squirt.
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Search function. Use it.

I wish my nipples were half as sensitive as some of the users on this site.
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squirting = piss

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've answered this before... but just for shitz-n-gigglez I'll answer once more.

I'm a squirter. (and I assure you, it's not piss)

It happens most frequently during masturbation, but it does happen during sex sometimes if his cock is hitting the right spots.

When I squirt it's not like it is in porn.. it's more like a man's ejaculation process. Just a few good shots (and can be quite a large amount) come pulsating out right before or during a really intense orgasm. It's clear, and mostly water-like but has kind of a gooey texture.
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Mine is also not like porn. You know. Because my orgasms are real. LOL Mine doesn't squirt out like TNJ's. Mine pours out all at once. Like someone knocked over a shot glass. It is usually a small amount. Once it was a whole lot. There was a puddle, and enough in my skirt to wring out. Mine has no taste, really, but smells faintly of raisins.

If I wanted to look at your dick, I'd have seen it already.

Porn is not real life.

I only always agree with LaFemme.
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yeap, squirter here too
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Me too! I can't do it to myself and it won't always happen but more often than not it will on its own if I'm extremely horny and riding a big fat dick. If I'm with a man who knows how to slam that g-spot just right with his fingers (either solo or with his mouth on my clit) I will squirt down his throat or right over his head. If I'm standing up, I'll soak your kitchen floor more than once. I'm a messy girl in the squirting department and haven't met a man yet that didn't love my juices. I've soaked many a floor, bed, couch, rug, fingers, face, chest .... you name it. It's a very different orgasm from any other kind. :)

Love all things thick and juicy! ... kinda like me!
Love to tease and be teased. Lick, Kiss, Fondle, Stroke, Choke, Nibble, Bite, Suck, Fuck ..... Rinse, Repeat.

Fetlife: juicebox69
Literotica: Cheeky Goddess

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I've only done it once (very recently) and boy was I surprised.
Not at all what I'd expected since I had figured "squirting" meant "Peeing while you orgasm" (there are so many here who adamantly hold this stance....)

But I know what pissing feels like. It is the same every time... I can feel it coming out.

I can testify that when this occurred it was not urine and did not come from my urethra. It actually came from the depths of my vagina. It was not a stream like I've seen in videos but rather several very large droplets (made me think of rain) ... perhaps b/c he was using his hand to reach the spot that needed stroking...

We were both surprised, pleasantly ... and I want to do it again because the feeling of the orgasm was like none I'd ever experienced before.

No. I really don't:
- want to watch you cum
- want to look at your cock pictures
- want to judge a cock fight
- want to show you my tits

(If I DO, I will initiate...If I don't, then I'm just not in the mood. Yeah, I know... not always 100% horny .. get over it. I might just wanna talk about the weather.)
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