Anyone see Don Jon?

Can you relate??

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Anyone see Don Jon?

Can you relate??

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lol yea man
I watch porn after sex...
But that's just cos I stay in the mood, no bad feelings..
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I saw it. Can't say I'm that addicted to porn. Sometimes I go weeks without watching it. I still thought it was a great movie for what it was.
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I saw it, it was pretty funny and I enjoyed it even though the ending was sort of lame. I didn't relate to a couple things, especially the "addict" aspect, but it was a good movie and an interesting relevant social commentary about contemporary men/women's views on sex/love. Equating unrealistic romantic comedies as unrealistic fantasy porn for women was brilliant and hilarious. It was funny that he really went on pornhub in the movie too, but I've never had porn cause any trouble in my relationships and never found it difficult to stop watching it/stop jacking off so that part seemed overdramatic to me. I think most women are aware there's a lot of porn online and that most men look at it so they're not that shocked to find out you look at it (and there's definitely women that look at porn themselves too).

Also, I was annoyed by some scenes because I feel like the main character never got a lot of the sexual things he initially wanted because he just didn't ask! He complains like porn stars are the only women in the world that give head and do other positions besides missionary when that's bullshit! Most women these days give blowjobs (I actually got blown by my date during the movie ) and love positions like cowgirl and doggystyle. It's true the average woman isn't nearly as dirty in bed as a pornstar but they can get dirty in the right moment if you bring it up.
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Good thoughts and I agree. Great movie nonetheless. For JGL's first Directed movie he did an awesome job.
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havent seen it, but i can relate to porn addiction. Although i dont have a chick in my life, let alone Johanson-that i cant relate

don, jon

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