U ever wonder what sex looks like from inside a vagina?

I downloaded this video. It looks so weird

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D_Fluoridia Bidet

I downloaded this video. It looks so weird
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Originally Posted by Knight Attrition View Post
I'd like to see this, were not all uptight prudes here in the states. But I can't find anything for the name of the show your talking about, does anyone know what this show is called?
It's called 'A Girls Guide To 21st Century Sex'.Next monday's show features a bloke demonstrating penis enlargement devices.Not that any of us on here would be interested in that!

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Originally Posted by Yorkie View Post
It's called 'A Girls Guide To 21st Century Sex'.
Just sticking the title into google reveals that it's available at any number of torrents sites:

---> click here

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Thanks, alex8!
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Is this really so new?

I remember being shown something like this in high school biology. The view was from inside the vagina showing the head of the penis as it intruded and subsequently spit up. I distinctly remember a classmate crying out, "Is nothing sacred?!!".

The best a man can get.


I've grown it out to 70s proportions. I'm calling it my chastity pelt.
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Originally Posted by Crissy Snow View Post
I downloaded this video. It looks so weird
I did too, seriously disappointing. That last cum shot doesnt look real at all, I've never seen sperm looking like that. it looks more like dirty water than cum to me......
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Not from the inside, but here's a picture of a couple during intercourse in a MRI-scanner:
Magnetic resonance imaging of male and female genitals during coitus and female sexual arousal.
Good for an "Ig Nobel Prize".
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Wow! Erections on terrestrial TV. Whatever next?

I just watched the Channel 5 programme and it was quite interesting and strange at the same time, watching the penis going in an out of the vagina, as shot from inside!

Looks like this could be a good series!
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Originally Posted by CanThick View Post
I do....could be kinda hot...like they could place a small camera near the cervix and record all the action
Hmmm, i am sincere: being me a romantic kind of people, i don't find this so intriguing. I don't think about it as something of disgusting, but honestly i may live well whitout know and see this.
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I have episode 2 downloading at the moment. I'll post here when I've watched it.
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I just found this link Everything you ever wanted to know about the missionary position - Videos @ m90.org

Maybe that BBC thing people are posting.
Not my cup of tea, however, I like a little mystry to life.
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OK, just watched episode 2.

This week they were discussing the doggy style position with the cock cam and the internal camera.

Again, some interesting footage of how the penis and vagina move during intercourse. I never knew how much the cervix end of the vagina 'tented' during arousal. Makes me wonder how I'll ever fill it with my cock! I'll post some caps later if anyone's interested.

Other things that they discussed were: some penis enlargement products, stimulating the clitoris and a man who had to have his penis stitched back on.
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OK, these caps are from episode 1, which featured the missionary position. I have some more to come from episode 2, which was doggy style if anyone is interested.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg The Position.jpg (30.6 KB, 827 views)
File Type: jpg Penis Enters Vagina.jpg (45.3 KB, 853 views)
File Type: jpg Vagina Moves to Accomodate Penis.jpg (40.6 KB, 859 views)
File Type: jpg Penis Ejaculates Inside Vagina.jpg (35.7 KB, 886 views)
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DG that is amazing pic. Wow! Modern science is amazing.
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Oh My!

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