Just how big is "well hung?"

The term "well hung" has been thrown around a lot on this site. Just how big (in inches) is "well hung?" And is it measured when the penis is soft or hard? If soft, then

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Just how big is "well hung?"

The term "well hung" has been thrown around a lot on this site. Just how big (in inches) is "well hung?" And is it measured when the penis is soft or hard? If soft, then how far down does it have to "hang" to be well hung? Four inches? Six or more?

Please share with me your impression of how big "well hung" is! Thanks!
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Well hung is in the eye of the beholder.

Several women have told me I'm well hung (and most were even sincere ), but I have trouble considering myself so.

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I really think that is subjective. Most people I know would say wellhung is defined as 8" and up. I know several guys who are 7" and call themselves wellhung as well. I am better than 7" when soft so I find it difficult to reconcile 7" as wellhung. Personally I would say 9" and up which is the reason I started a group for guys 9" and bigger looking for same but stastically I gotta go with 8" .



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I have learned Str8 men think 7" is BIG/HUNG but Gay men say it is 8"!!!

If I see YOU on cam, I can share a url to videos of ME if you want... JUST ASK ME!


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D_Hansford Bullshyte

I thing well hung any guy has cock length 8 and more inch
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B_big dirigible

The very few people that I've personally heard express an opinion on the topic have considered a genuine 8" as gigantinormous. I haven't heard anyone speculate quantitatively about the word "hung" but it's not unreasonable to conjecture that had they used the word they would have meant something notably smaller than gigantinormous.
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i feel as though im hung
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this is a common mistake.

being 'well-hung' is not a product of size, but of time.

the carcass should be left to hang at ~4 degrees centigrade for at least 21 days before the meat can be considered to be 'well-hung'. this increases the intensity of flavour and tenderness of the meat.

believe me, once you have tried well-hung meat, you won't want to go back.

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Though it is not exactly the same, in this thread I try to define above average in a useful way. That may be about close as you can get to an objective standard.

My friends just call me "Doc."
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From a reasonable perspective I think 8" in length is definitely a large size, and should be considered well hung. Girth however has a bit of a range, because a girl CAN have small hands and usually anything 5.5" and up is going to look HUGE depending on the girl. A well hung guy would probably be in the 8" x 5.5" and up range. Personally I've always thought have a 9"x 6-6.5" would be well hung.
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Of course I will quickly state any rod that exceeds eight inches certainly qualifies as "Well Hung." Easy to say that when I max out at 8.25 inches.

The topic will always be interesting. For some, it is simply being longer than they currently are. For others, anybody that displays a nice long penis with an appropriate width that is also well groomed will be considered "Well Hung."

Like sex, all peni are good. Some are better or "Well Hung."
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Not sure. I am 8.5" x 6.5" and most people that know my size tell me they think that I am well hung, around here I am not so sure.

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I would say anything over 8 inches qualifies.
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I say well hung status can be established if, when seeing it for the first time, your initial thought is "damn - that's a big dick"
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Email Unconfirmed

At 10 years old I thought my dad was hung. He wasn't, I'm 41 with 10.5 " I think I'm hung, but the guy with 12" may not. I thinkg it is in the eye of the individual.
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The commonly accepted answer among my friends would be 8in. But everyone has their opinions and preferences. I like big dick and have discovered I prefer thickness.
For me 6 or 7in AND at least 6in or more around is plenty. I had a humbling experience once many years ago with a guy who was 10in. I pursued him and it was a sexual encounter only, but 10in when you actually are up close and personal is HUGE. It was fun but it defiantly took some work! LOL
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big, well hung

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