Flaccid size vs. erect size...

It used to be said that if I man had a huge "soft" penis (like 6" or 7" long when soft or larger), then it really didn't get much bigger when it became erect. Do

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Flaccid size vs. erect size...

It used to be said that if I man had a huge "soft" penis (like 6" or 7" long when soft or larger), then it really didn't get much bigger when it became erect.

Do you guys with HUGE soft penises think this is true? If your penis, for example, is 7" when soft, does it grow to only--say--8" when hard, or does it turn into a monster of 10" or more?

I'd really like to hear your comments on this. Thanks!
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my penis is only 2-4 inches long when im swingin, but it grows to just over 6in. when i get hard so idk i guess it could be true, see for yourself at my profile comment please
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My cock is 5-6" soft and grows to 8" hard. Not that much really.

My mate is a lot smaller soft (tempted to say tiny) but he says it grows a lot and that he's bigger than Ron Jeremy...so who knows.

There is no rule, flaccid size has no bearing on erect size.

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D_Coyne Toss

As written i my signature mine grows from 6 to 9 inches, but the increase in girth is more significant.
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i too am a shower it's like 6 plus soft grows to 8 1/4" i agree with the other post my gains are made in the gitrh as well
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Guess everybody's different. My girth doesn't really change at all, or just very slightly. It's always 6", and my length only varies an inch - 7" soft and 8" hard. Sounded like you were describing me, BIGdkluver.
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Pretty much true here. 5.5 inches soft and 8 inches hard. Girth soft is 5 inches and hard 6.25 inches.
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Mine's about 4" soft (unless it's cold!) but grows to about 8" erect. I've never seriously bothered measuring the girth but it fattens up a fair bit.

There are no rules though. Everyone's body reacts differently.
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same here....around 4 flaccid...up around 7.5 erect..

i dont know what flaccid girth is,but it gets up to 6.0 erect

the joys of being a grower and not a shower,hah..

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Account Disabled

7'' flaccid 9 1/2'' by 7'' erect
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im tiny flaccid less than 2 inches but i grow to 7 and a half inches
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First, flaccid should be considered when you can bend your penis in half with little feeling and there is little to no stiffness/rigidness.

Second, any man's flaccid size is going to vary depending on his environment, and there is no getting around it. So most of these people that are giving you 5-8 measurement for their flaccid size are talking about 'max' flaccid size. Their penis could easily be made smaller if you put them in a cold environment or on that would cause their penis to retract closer to the body (playing sports and high adrenaline situations do this).

So speaking from personal experience... my penis while flaccid can range from 2-7 in. long and 3-5 in. thick depending on the environment and hard 7-9 in. long and 5-7 in. thick again depending on the environment and stimulation.

The statements about the penis that is big flaccid not getting much bigger comes from the fact that is probably not 'completely' flaccid or it's at max flaccid, which is right around the corner from being hard.
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Mine is about 6 when soft and 8.00 to 8.50 when hard.
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Mine is about 6 1/2 " flacid, goes to about 9" erect can use a pump to get it close to 11"
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between 5.5" and 6.5" flaccid, 8.5" x 6.5" hard .

A few pics.
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