Waking up with an exposed hardon... in public!

...getting hardons at "inappropriate" times? Yes, sure... but since it is confined inside underwear and trousers, and maybe also hidden behind a large book or newspaper, it is not really so inappropriate, just a natural

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Red face An exposed Hardon... in public!

...getting hardons at "inappropriate" times? Yes, sure... but since it is confined inside underwear and trousers, and maybe also hidden behind a large book or newspaper, it is not really so inappropriate, just a natural occurence. Even in a resting state, my cock and balls create a defined contour, so for me, even a mild semi might look like I am attempting to shoptlift something from the produce department. Imagine then that a full-fledged and fully-exposed hardon in public for me might be a social (and probably illegal) disaster. I had the unusual experience once where I fell asleep on my towel at the beach (on a very crowded beach day)...

I woke up after a short nap under the warm sun to find I was completely hard in my swimsuit! As I woke from my nap I soon became aware I was surrounded by men and women... There I was, hard and throbbing and more that 3/4's of my cock had actually escaped outside of the suit and was held tight against my leg. I suppose if it had been a nude beach in St Barts, this would not have mattered much but it was a regular public beach in the US on a crowded weekend.

I played possum...play possum - Wiktionary and hoped it would go down quickly. But the sun and the warmth and the fact my cock felt so good and charged KEPT it hard for a while. I decided to roll slightly over on my side like I was still asleep. And waited for it all to pass.

Finally when I thought it was well in the past, after it had subsided and retracted more or less in to my suit... I slowly "got up" and tried to continue enjoying the beach as if it hadn't happened. But I was met with wide smiles, and some extremely friendly faces... I then knew that they knew. So we all knew what had happened...

Later that evening I met a group of men and women out at a bar/restaurant. Again, more big smiles. They said they had "seen me on the beach." And each, in their own way, made me feel like I had won a marathon or something. It was actually very funny at that point and I burst out laughing and we all ended up having drinks together.

Anyone else have a full-out exposed hardon in public? I'm not talking about one in your pants all tented while a sexy office worker walks by, but one fully exposed rock-solid cock in public? To make this HARDER, steam rooms and showering at the gym do not count...

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That's hilarious; I don't have a story, though.
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I never have. I did see a guy in college taking a nap on the bench in the back of the library just BULGING, ha ha. Average size, but that thing was jumpin' -- he must have been having a dream.
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a teacher i had in middle school got arrested & lost his job for something similar...

some girls on the beach complained that a guy had his penis hanging out of his trunks...

he defended himself saying "i fell asleep, the wind blew up the shorts, i apologize"...

and a few weeks later he came out & said "ok, i lied, i was exposing myself on the beach"...im not positive if he was put on the Sex Offenders list, because i dont remember if the girls were underage...but regardless, for a teacher to have that happen completely ruins their career.
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damn, what was he thinking. This wardrobe malfunction was completely unrehearsed.

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Life drawing with nude models is hardly public, but on rare occasions some men get erections. I've drawn two.

First guy fell asleep during a long pose and popped a woody which went away after it bobbed up and down a few times. By the time he woke up it was gone but he may have been embarassed about the unprofessional sin of falling asleep.

The other dude smoked some reefer with the usual suspects during a break and was awake when it happened, though perhaps not lucid. He kept his pose like a trooper throughout. So did his boner. It appeared in the 2-minute sketch (here), which got some laughs and attention from my pals after the session ended and we went for beers. One woman friend in the bar (not from the drawing group) exclaimed loudly "NICE DICK! Heads turned.

Our bodies can betray our control in unexpected ways. One hazard of modelling nude (where there are no wardrobe malfunctions): In college we had a nude woman posing for our photography class and she must have forgotten that her period was due to start. She dripped a couple of tiny spots of blood on the white painted studio floor and was hurriedly rescued by the prof who gallantly fetched her robe so she could get the hell out. I could hardly begin to imagine her chagrine. It happened so fast a lot of students had no idea and assumed she left because she was ill.

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That story wasn't funny, it was steamin hot, at first i thought i was reading porn but it was made even better by the fact that it was real. i had a similar "beach story", but I was on a gay nude beach in Ibiza Spain, somethin about falling asleep and the sun beating on my cock, i too awoke with a full blown erection that could not be overlooked. Let's just say, being that it was a gay beach and early in my stay, it made for good advertising and i didn't lack for companionship for the rest of my stay. Thanks for sharin your tale with us HG(BTW you also have a lovely tail and i know this is the large PENIS supprt group, but i dont think anyone would mind if you posted a pic of your deliscious ass!)
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Account Disabled

Well it wasnt waking up but once i was having lunch with an guy (now ex) when he decided to inform me that he was horny as hell and completly hard under the table. I must admit i had been 'teasing' him so it wasnt that much of a suprise. Luckly enough we were seated in a corner booth and it was pretty private so he ended up undoing his jeans and i gave him a hand job.

There was a couple sitting opposite us and they must haveseen what we were up to, she gave me a rather unimpressed look but the guy was all smiles. Anywayjust as the ex was about to cum i put a few napkins over him and he blew into them, rolled them up and put them in my bag to throw away later, and went on enjoying lunch.

And i must give him credit for being able to recieve a hand job and cum without making it to obvious

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haha nice story... in high school i had a crush on this guy... he was soooo hot and one day they start playing basketball and suddenly i look at him and he was hard!!! that was my dream come true lol. So i keep watching and he starts trying to get it down but he cant lol, i had so much fun watching him
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Had a simillar experienence many many years ago when my late wife and I went on a cruise (we didn't do a proper honey moon, so this was about 6 months in...) still quite 'lovey dovey'.

We had eaten an amazing lunch (food taste better at sea I think), and went 'sunning' on one of the decks... I was wearing a broad hat (keep the sun out of my eyes) and a pair of walking type shorts (not speedos but not 'board' shorts)

Well sun + full lunch + rocking of the boat plus my wifes hand on mine...off I went into lala land... I awoke about an hour later, with a noticable wet spot..and a big 'lump' - I was not lying flat but lounging so everyting was 'bunched' to one side with my cock bent around (I think thats what woke me up) glad the shorts were lined- kept my head from peeking out...

Anyway, I had evidently gotten several looks ( a few women (and men) walked by more than once! I tried lying there to 'relax' but the more the boat rocked teh worse it got (plus all the tea from lunch!)

I was getting embarrassed as I knew when I stood I would either fall out or point up (ah, love!) my wife wanted to go swimming, so 'saved' me my saying 'here, carry my stuff' which I used to hide my 'problem'... I eventually dove in (the water was sea water so cold as ice!)

we had quite a few looks, one woman especially kept watching me (us)...

I do have to say once we finally got back to the room we had a GREAT time...

Funny side note- the woman who had been staring/oggling I believe was staying on the same level- we ran into her as we were leaving our cabin the next morning, she did her best 'staring but not staring' act... My wife did her best 'bowlegged walk' as we walked away and grabbed my arm as we walked away...

I saw the woman a few more times, as did my wife- I was usualy given a wonderful kiss or hug or... (by my wife!)
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Went to the beach one day...
Lookin' for a spot to settle down near the water,
I almost tripped over this guy who was sleeping,
well had been til then, guess there was so much eye
candy that day I got a little distracted (grin)...
At any rate I turned around and saw this guy with a huge banana
like protrusion, in his swimwear, well more like a large half circle,
completely maximizing his swimwear...I guess I gaped in surprise.
because the next thing I knew his wife woke him up and he looked
like a deer caught between the headlights if you know what I mean..
next thing I knew they both had fled, it was pretty funny...
watching him hobble off ,half bent over like some old geezer with a stoop...clearly trying to hide the evidence from the public..ahhh where's the camera when you need it?
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Okay one time i was at six flags hurricane harbor with the my family and me and the wife and kids. I was reading the book while she watched the kids. I eventually fell asleep and she wakes me up violently saying "honey your exposed!" and all i see are *gasp* and smiles all around i hope no kids saw...

7.5x6.2 - Erect

5" - Flaccid
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D_Martin van Burden
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I got hard in front of my dentist at the university clinic once. I was freeballing because I was running late, just threw some clothes on, and she's really cute. So, she had me tipped at a slant to work on my mouth. It grew hard against my leg but it didn't pop out, and thankfully, she kept her cool about it. I still wonder sometimes if she noticed and what she thought about it.
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i was on mass transit here in the bay area several years ago and those trains can get pretty crowded. i found myself pressed right up against this cute little guys ass. at first it was just the jostling of the train that kept us rubbing up against each other which started to make me hard. i was horrified that this guy might be completely straight and not very forgiving but i started to notice that he was moving a bit more than just with the car and was pressing his ass crack up against me. i got completely hard and probably could have cum right then and there but i wante to see what would happen.

sure enough we departed the train at the same stop and i let him walk in front of me a bit. i was still hard down the leg of my jeans. he kept looking back to see if i was still behind him smiling so i kept following and we arrived at what i figured was his apartment building. i slowed down a bit when he approached the door because i still didn't want to assume but as i started to pass he held the door open for me and i spent the rest of the evening buried deep inside him. one of hottest experiences ever.
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ok.. these are hot stories for sure but the question is about experiences of being completely & fully HARD and EXPOSED in public, not hidden in pants, not ready just to pop out... but completely visible, out there and SEEN.... in public...
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exposed, hardon, public, waking

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