Jacking off in shower?

i never get off in the shower, i think it has to do with the water. i always jerk dry and even get the same problem with lube. then you factor in it not washing

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i never get off in the shower, i think it has to do with the water. i always jerk dry and even get the same problem with lube. then you factor in it not washing away and getting it my toes, not pretty.
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have no problem here cumming standing in shower or sitting here at the pc
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Originally Posted by fak_et View Post
Anyone else find it very hard to jack off in the shower? I mean the technique is easy but it is very hard for me to reach orgasm compared to laying down or sitting or whatever other position. I am saying shower because that's the only time i do it standing up.... But I will say, once i do have that orgasm, man it is intense. Very frustrating though imo.

Anyone else find it hard or have any useful tips/techniques?
I find it easy, but thats mainly because i have loads of precum.I mainly do it when i use the showers at my local gym.
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I don't think it takes any longer to cum in the shower, but it definitely takes a lot more effort to cum while standing. If we're only talking about masturbation, there are several factors that could contribute.

1) Your body weight is not fully supported as it is when jerking in a bed or chair, so you have to expend extra effort for that.
2) When jerking off in standing positions, usually it's when you don't have a lot of time (i.e. the shower) and naturally you have to work harder to get off faster. Instead of taking a relaxing pace, you're squeezing your buttocks, standing on your tiptoes, jerking as fast as possible, flexing all your muscles to get yourself to cum faster, etc.
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I love jacking in the shower. Great for those messy jacking sessions!!!
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I like that... it's more imo. I agree! I bust a huge nut in the shower, i think its mostly because my nuts spend ages bouncing around between my legs. If they'd just move into position beneath my cock and shoot their load, then I'd be all set. The load is great, but I hate how jizz sticks to your skin, and hands, and doesn't go down the drain and gets stuck in hair. And also gets stuck in the slit. I tend to avoid it, or shoot the load in the toilet when i get out. The sickest load... this is a great secret... is to point down into the toilet while standing over it. Its like giving a chick a facial while she is on the floor. I never hit the toilet with my first two or three shots and usually shoot more than 10 spurts. This is by far the best position for big loads (PM me for more) But my name says it all... and I think its all in the balls

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Showers have never been a problem for me... My theory is that the friction and heat are lessened in the shower which make things a little more slow paced for us men... Also, when we are horrizontal, (instead of vertical in the shower) we have gravity to help us out a little. maybe it's just a little more physically awkward in the shower.) just some thoughts. i'm off to go shower...
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I find it hard to jack off in the shower too. I think it is the combination of two factors. For one I find it hard to get to orgasm while standing because I cannot relax the way I do like I do otherwise. Second there is the water all around.
I'm sure this also makes it "harder" since jacking off in the bathtub takes a longer time for me too. But not a worse one I have to admit.
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You shouldn't jerk off in the shower, the sperm enters the sewage system and with all the waste chemicals down there it mutates.
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Since puberty I haven't been able to even touch my dick to wash it without getting a session going. Now I'm response-trained to the degree that any hot water makes me horny. I can't even wash the dishes without a stiffy.
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