Response to well-endowed son

hello everyone, i've had an issue on my mind and i hope that i've found the right forum. it's unusual for me to talk openly about these things, but i guess i have my anonymity.

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View Poll Results: If you have (or were to have) a son, would you prefer him to be:
less endowed than you 12 2.54%
equally endowed as you 107 22.67%
more endowed than you 253 53.60%
I couldn't care less 100 21.19%
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Response to well-endowed son

hello everyone,

i've had an issue on my mind and i hope that i've found the right forum. it's unusual for me to talk openly about these things, but i guess i have my anonymity.

i have a 16-year-old son who i love very much -- we have a good relationship, although we do not really talk openly about sex. i have not seen my son nude probably since before he was 10 years old. but i took my family on vacation to a hot springs two weeks ago, and we showered together in the communal showers several times during the weekend. when i first saw him take off his shorts, i could not believe what i saw between his legs. i estimate it was between 5 and 6 inches long, flaccid, and surprisingly thick. i couldn't understand what came over me, but i felt like i had been punched in the stomach. i myself am only 5.5 inches hard, and a couple inches soft. i had just always assumed that he would take after me. i felt extremely embarrassed to stand next to him in the shower.

since then i have had a really hard time shaking this feeling of embarrassment. i don't feel inadequate, exactly -- my wife and i have a satisfactory love life, and she has never made any complaints. but i guess like many average-sized guys, i have always dreamed about being a little more exceptional. now whenever i look at my son, i can't help thinking of all the enjoyment he will get from his endowment, which i guess must grow to at least 8 or 9 inches. it may sound like overreacting, but i don't feel as much like the man of the house anymore. even our relationship is changing, as i'm starting to think of him more as a man and less like a child. i feel a different kind of respect for him. and i have no doubt that he noticed how much smaller his dad is, and i have to believe that gave him a boost to his self-esteem.

i wanted to post to see if you all think my reaction to all this is just petty and irrational, or if other dads have gone through similar reactions and emotions. i'm also curious how common this reaction is, so i'm adding a poll. thanks for humoring me, everyone.

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So you were surprised by his cock. Has anything really changed between the two of you?
You say you can`t help thinking of all the enjoyment you will get from his endowment. Don`t you get a lot of enjoyment from your endowment too?
Doesn`t your wife? As for estimating what size he will be hard, you could be way off. He might only be 5-6 inches. Anyway regardless of what size he is it is not something you can change anyway.
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I have two sons and as long as they are happy and each leading a life where nobody else is getting hurt, I really do not care about their penis size.

If your relationship changes just because of penis size, then there was probably an underlying issue before that and this is just a convenient excuse.
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I couldn't care less. My boys, both well endowed and with children of their own, were raised to consider that what is between their legs isn't as important as what's between their ears.
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I think what you're experiencing is normal, nothing more than a little envy.
I wouldn't place to great an emphasis on him having better times sexually than you have, after all he's only sixteen!
I can't imagine why you should be embarrassed by his size, it's probably your genes that gave him that penis!
Be careful not to transfer your feelings of inferiority on to your son.
Although at this stage you really have no reason to feel this way.
I don't think anything in your relationship has changed except how your'e
thinking about him. Why not express your fears to a therapist if this continues to be a problem for you. It's never been a problem as far as you and your spouses sexual relations go, don't make it a big deal now if possible.
Best wishes to you all.

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Originally Posted by zaza View Post
You say you can`t help thinking of all the enjoyment he will get from his endowment.

The best a man can get.


I've grown it out to 70s proportions. I'm calling it my chastity pelt.
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I know it shouldn't matter as long as he's happy and successful but I'd want to spare him the isolated incidents I've had to endure, no matter how unlikely they are to occur.
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You should be happy for your son. Haven't seen mine nude since he was about 10 too. I'm hoping he has a "brick".
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3 sons here...
just had a grandson-

what I wish most for them? for them to be healthy and happy- the rest is just gravy....

I agree with pecker, my sons are 'big' men as well- but (tried) to raise them you treat others with respect- and being 'bigger' goes moreso. Be safe, sane and responsble, in all things.

Also- be sure to keep communication OPEN- if he sees/senses your reaction he could then think there is something wrong- the last thing you want to convey...
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My son is 17--if I happen to see him stepping out of the shower or changing clothes--the first thing I think to myself --is damn--my little boy is a man---then he does or says something stupid and I realiaze I am still the dad and he is still the boy!
I have no doubt my son will be a good man---his dick just grew up before he did!
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I walked in on my 15 yo son when he was playing with his erection (I assume jackingoff), and was amazed and pleased with his size. He was seated and the bathroom door was next to the john, so I was looking down at it. I have always thought it was close to the size of mine, so all was good! lol
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A couple of thoughts -
My son is 15, and we ocassionally shower together at the gym or other public showers. By being around other men of different shapes and sizes, he's been pretty quick to learn that what's on the outside doesn't matter much, it's what's inside that counts. Cliche, perhaps, but true. I think if you and your son have a good relationship, he'll respect you and love you no matter what size either of you are. And the more time you spend in a locker room or shower environment, the less you pay attention to the other bodies in there (in my experience, at least).

Second - When I was in college, I was in a group of four guys that were pretty tight, lived together, hung out toegther, etc. It was the guy who had the smallest penis that got the most play from girls - he was really charasmatic, handsome, etc. the size of his penis was irrelevant. The one guy bigger than me was very shy, and didn't lose his virginity until he was 20, going on 21. I just don't believe there's a definite relationship between penis size and sexual activity, or penis size and self-confidence. I hope you encourage self-confidence in your son, but separate it from his size.
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D_Gallely Greenweeny

dont worry about it, u never know if he was flaccid all the way, his exact size, etc
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I have a question. For those who jelq and pump, would any of you encourage your son's to do the same?

It does not matter how tall the tree grows, what matters is the deepness of the roots …because when the wind will blow it not the size or the tree that will make the difference…but his roots. Charles De Gaulle.
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response, son, wellendowed

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