Cum On The Ceiling.

Originally Posted by Pecker Sorry, I misunderstood, Dreamer. I thought you were referring to the stalactites on the ceiling which dripped to the floor forming stalagmites. When I got married and found my bride mopping

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Originally Posted by Pecker View Post
Sorry, I misunderstood, Dreamer.

I thought you were referring to the stalactites on the ceiling which dripped to the floor forming stalagmites.

When I got married and found my bride mopping the bedroom floor I asked her if we were moving.
If she's like my wife, her response was; "It's called cleaning. You should try it some time."
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I love guys who cum a lot and cum in powerful squirts that really turns me on and I have had quite a few guys be able to hit the headboard of the bed, but I have never seen anybody be able to hit the ceiling. 4-5 feet into the air yes, but not that high.

I have posted a video of an 8 foot horizontal cumshot for anybody interested here:

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Originally Posted by usafarox View Post
Lets see... Dy2 =Dy1 +Voy(deltaT)+1/2Ay(deltaT)^2

Lets say you're laying on your bed which is situated 4 feet above the floor (1.22 m), and your ceiling is 12 feet from the floor (3.66 m), so you're trying to cover roughy 2.44 meters. Acceleration is always 9.8 m/s^2 downwards in the vertical component due to the gravity of the earth. How about we give a fair estimate of 1.5 seconds for how long (if even possible) your cum would have to be travelling in order to travel from your cock to the ceiling.

3.66 m = 1.22m + Voy(1.5 s) + 1/2(-9.8m/s^2)(1.5)^2
2.44 m = Voy(1.5s) + (-11.025 m)
13.465 m/(1.5)s = Voy(1.5s)/(1.5s)
Voy = 8.98 m/s

Theoretically, your cum has to be coming out of your cock at 8.98 m/s for it to be able to touch the ceiling. Just for some scope, this means your dick is shooting at a little over 20 miles per hour.

So, I'm calling bullshit on anyone who says they can hit the ceiling if their conditions are anything similar to this. I'm not ruling out a bunk/lofted bed or a very low ceiling, but anyone who says they shoot from a king size bed to a fairly average ceiling height is on a physics level a very impressive specimen (if real)

p.s.: any other engineers in here can correct me on my calculations if they're wrong. It's been a while since physics and also I've got my calculator in my left hand and my dick in my right ;)
Being an engineer, I can;t resist the challenge..(Come on,people who know me, you knew it was coming!).

1) THe potential energy equation is given by |U(g)|= mgh, where U(g) is the potential energy in Joules, m is the mass in kilograms, g is the standard gravity (let's set the term to the standard 9.8 m/s^2), and h is the height of the mass above the surface of the earth (let's call it the floor for our purposes) in meters.

2) The kinetic energy of a mass is given by k(v)=1/2 mv^2, where K(v) is the kinetic energy of the mass in Joules, v is the velocity in meters/second, and m is the mass in kilograms.

3) For the semen to JUST reach the height of the celing, the potential energy and the kinetic energy just equal each other, so set U(g) and K(v) equal to each other.

4) Solving the equation for v in terms of h yields: v=SQR(2gh).

5) From some quick research, it looks like a reasonable height for the top of a bed from the floor is about 1 meter, and I'm sticking with it, because it makes the math easier .

6) In the US, the most common celing height is 8 feet, which translates to a height of 2.44 m.

7) Plugging the numbers into the equation above, we get that for an 8 foot celing height (2.44 m) and a 1 meter bed height (3.21 feet), gives us a velocity of SQR(2(9.8)(2.44-1))=5.32 m/sec, or about 12 mph.

There are reports that the average speed of ejaculation is 28 miles/hour.

The Penis Page - Get The Facts

So, why doesn;t EVERY guy hit the ceiling? Because not every guy's semen LEAVES the penis at 28 miles/hour. However, I think this shows that hitting the ceiling is POSSIBLE within the realm of realistic numbers. There are documented reports of some guys being able to get the necessary height.

www.drinky.org.uk - Disgusting world records

GO Horst...

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Originally Posted by usafarox View Post
No hatin' for me being a number cruncher And if you guys aren't being sarcastic, you will have to change your panties/boxers when you see how big my protractor is...

Everyone probably would have been a lot more interested in physics with problems dealing with these subject matters, eh?
I can't help it. Smart men just do it for me.

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