Why pornstars always look so hung

My theory is that guys in porn look so big due to the effect known as, "the camera adds 15 pounds." I believe this can be extended to penis size, particularly girth. So don't feel

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Why pornstars always look so hung

My theory is that guys in porn look so big due to the effect known as, "the camera adds 15 pounds." I believe this can be extended to penis size, particularly girth. So don't feel bad if you don't hang like a pornstar - I bet they don't either.

Never fear, this thread does have a purpose -
How do your partners' interpretations of your size differ from your own? Are you surprised at your size when you take pics? Do you expect it to be bigger, smaller, the same? How good are your partners at estimating your size? None of mine have been very accurate.
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D_Hansford Bullshyte

Yes Indeed Iam Agree With You 100% .
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A lot of this can also be attributed to "Camera Angle." A skillful video camera operator can make things appear as they are not.

Same goes for still photographs.
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Having spoken to several porn producers, directors and even actors it is b/c they try if they can to get guys that are not too tall b/c the shorter the guy that is big to start is the bigger his cock is going to look on his short frame.
Guys like Chad Hunt and Kevin Dean though very wellhung look much bigger than they are b/c both are short in height .



LPSG,where 100% str8 means 50% gay!
Saying You're 9 10 11"+ with no pics, makes you look like a FAKE!
NO cam to cam!

I have learned Str8 men think 7" is BIG/HUNG but Gay men say it is 8"!!!

If I see YOU on cam, I can share a url to videos of ME if you want... JUST ASK ME!


Can You HANG with me?
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That's a truism, hunghuge11x7. Remember the late Scott O'Hara? Yes, he was very well-endowed, but on his 5'3"-5'4" frame, he looked positively gargantuan.
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would be interesting to learn these techniques btw ^^

He who has many words says nothing of worth
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It's true...if you hang around the Circle Bar during the AVN show you'll notice that they're all under 5'7...except Billy Glide, he's about 6'3.
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I have always said...

"Put 6 inches on a guy 5'6"- it looks like 9

put 6 inches on a guy 6'6"- it looks like 3"
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Yeah, im 6'6'' with a tad over 8'' and it looks just alittle on the large size. My college roommate was like 9 1/2 10'' and was only 6'0'' so he looked like a monster in comparison.
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Remember you're dealing with a 2 dimensional media with photos or video.
Most porn guys trim their pubs so the camera can see the whole dick. If they have a big bush a couple of inches of dick is hidden from the camera.
If they don't want to trim the director will usually show them some
before and after of other guys who have trimed.
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Its also the fishbowl effect of the wide angle lenses they use for these videos.
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D_Garmanswait Glassnads

You might notice a curving of horizontal and vertical lines in porn films. This is a product of wide angle lenses that are used to capture more of a scene then normal. This is useful in porn because the distortion makes whatever is in the center of the image look larger then it actually is.

The distance between the camera and the penis and the amount of zoom used will effect how we see the penis. a greater distance draws the background closer to the foreground (you see this between footballers and the crowd behind them) when the camer is closer with a wide angled lens and no zoom the penis in the center of the image will look larger in comparison to its enviroment.

These effects can often be unintentional or unavoidable.

The opposite can happen with other camera variables where in this case the penis looks smaller then it actually is, thats when wide angled lenses are helpful because they work much more like a human eye and so it can look more like its proper size.

Perspective and angle also play a part in this, you can see this in many of this sites users images including myself but you get a general idea of size when you have many images to look at.

Comparing the penis to a popular object works well because many people can then look at that object for themselves and get a good idea od size from it.

Sorry for long post.
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D_Garmanswait Glassnads

I'm just under 8 inches and 5 10" but I'm pretty broad for a skinny guy so it never looks that great on an image.
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D_Hansford Bullshyte

Any Born Star Guy Here To Tell Us The Story .
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An average flaccid can look huge on certain small-framed builds. But, if you really look closely, you will see that's it's an optical illusion. The same cock on a big dude will look average, if not small.

If you look closely in pics and in pornos, you can tell if the stud is truly hung. You just have an eye for optical illusions.

I wonder how fat they could make my peter look in pornos?

And you thought you had a big johnson!
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hung, pornstars

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