dick flash/jerk flash

i have been having the time of my live traveling and staying in hotels and motels. I have now set up my webcam on my laptop to catch the expressions of maids that knock on

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dick flash/jerk flash

i have been having the time of my live traveling and staying in hotels and motels. I have now set up my webcam on my laptop to catch the expressions of maids that knock on the door and announce housekeeping and then just open the door and walk in. I make sure that i have room that you have to walk into and go around to come into the room or i wait till they are in the room and then i walk out of the bathroom with my cock semi hard and raging to look at. Their expressions are priceless. I wish i had spent the money on motels when I was 18-22 it would have been so much more fun. If the room layout is ideal i lay on the bed with headphones on (to say I couldnt hear the knock) and pumping my hard cock and then they come around the corner and "holly cow" they see it.
i do my reserach in the morning when the maids are up cleaning other rooms near mine. I dont want to flash some old lady. and you have to be aware middle age puerto ricans and mexicans ladies and especially asian women are sexual prudes by naturer probably to their own husbands, so I avoid them, its the young women and white middle age women who are prime candidates for this. Also i stay away from big 5 star hotels as they generally call the room first and have a older supervisor go to each room first. I just talked to a girl whose been a maid for 10 years and she says more and more men are doing this or she seems to always enter at the wrong time. When i dont know for sure I walk out or let them walk in on me and i am standing naked and make sure the get a good view. You can tell if they like to see more, as they all say i so sorry and turn around and walk out, many will turn back around to close the door and give a look again. And when they see you for the first time you can get an idea how sexual they are if they come upon you and you can see their eyes look at your dick for a moment longer or glance at it many times. versus the ones who never leave eye contact and dont look back.

Generally in the 3 star hotels there is a younger girl who always comes before housekeeping to check the mini bar and i make sure it that situation that when she walks in she sees my jerking my big dick. more than half of them well turn back around to see it. anyway here are some photos that have been captured of such situations.

In these photos she walks in and looks around to the corner and see me pumping my dick. she says oh i my sorry after like stopping and seeing me stroke at least 3 times. i jump up put a towel around me AND instead of her leaving and closing the door, she politely turns her head toward the open door and says I was going to leave some clean towels i can come back. OF course i said oh know let me give you my dirty towels and i go into the bathroom she back toward the door and i walk by her and go into the bathroom and i take off the towel i had and she turned her head and leaned to see me naked and my cock still full mast and glistening with pre cum, i can see her expressino in the mirror and she has her mouth open and eyes full and seems to put a hand on her chest like she was catching her breath or nervous. as i turn to come out of the bathroom she moves to outside the room and looks down at my cock just in case i come out naked but i have put another towel around me but she still looks at the bulging tent in the front of my towel. I give her the towels and says thanks and act like nothing has happened and even tell her that my remote control doesnt work and can she get it repaired. And then when i end our conversation i say thank you and go back to my room, she asks do you want me to close the door... i say no, i will close it, she says okay and then i wait for about honesty 2 minutes she seems to leave but then i see her body looking around the corner seemingly to either see me naked more or waiting to see me come around the corner and close the door. I eventually come around the corner naked again and she gets one finally look of my cock and turns quickly grabing her vacuum cleaner acting like she didn even seem me. i shut the door. the one think i couldnt get on webcam was we i looked through the peep hole i could see her just standing by her cleaning cart looking at the wall (like you would do when your mind is somewhere else) she then looks at my room again and then i see her grab a remote control from another room and come up to my room door and stop (i could tell she was thinking of some sort of scenario she wanted to happen) but she got chicken and didnt knock. but she stood there about 1 minute just standing and debating, but i heard the elevator bell go off and that made her go back to cleaning. maybe she thought it was her supervisor or guest. i checked out the next day early and was unable to play it again for her. But i will go back to that hotel. Forget frequent flyer miles.... I was just fortunate to find another maid who loves to see hard dick and especially jerking
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Watch out for the flasher in 23A.
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Wow, this reminds me of that dude on the Dr. Phil show who claimed he had flashed over 65,000 women over like 20 years on the bus or something like that.
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this was really interesting... i was walked in on once by a maid, but i was wearing boxers and sleeping... no premeditation there.

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Originally Posted by Bonanza65 View Post
i have been having the time of my life traveling and staying in hotels and motels. I have now set up my webcam on my laptop to catch the expressions of maids that knock on the door and announce housekeeping and then just open the door and walk in...
The pictures didn't come out well, but the tale was hilarious.

Thanks Bonanza.
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if you have more cam pics, please post them... true, they are blurry, but the story makes them all the more hot.
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I'm reading this thinking it's all a joke, that you're putting us on, and I'm dying laughing about two-thirds of the way through already. I'm thinking, "what a great put-on!"

Then I get to the bottom and start looking at the photos.

Man, B65, your pix had me laughing harder than I have at any comedy show I've seen in the last 10 years. HEEEEE-lar-i-ous!

But the LAST one, omg, PRICELESS. This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. You should star in a new x-rated "PUNKED" show.

You just became my all-time favorite LPSG poster.
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would love to see the erect pics without a towel haha
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this is still my favorite thread here... would like to hear any other stories you have Bonanza
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Haha that is priceless, you gotta show some more series ;)
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I let the maids walk in on me every oppurtunity I get. Usually I pretend to be sleeping nude with the covers off so they can get a quick look. I did answer the door nude one time and it was a hispanic maid that didn't understand english. I tried telling her I didn't have any clothes on, but she still came in while I hid behind the door. As she went into the bathroom, I went back into bed and that was it. I got the idea of setting up a camcorder to record the maids expressions when the saw me "sleeping" naked. Did that twice. I will be staying in a hotel in a few days where I will set the recorder up so it points towards the bathroom and right next to the entrance door. I will have my back to the bathroom door jerking one out into the toilet with headphones on so I don't hear the lovely "housekeeping" voice. I tend to have the door slightly open so she can peek inside and be able to see what I'm doing by looking into the bathroom mirror. This will enable me to see how long she looks, if she turns around and walks out, or even have the guts to start making up the beds and act like she didn't see me in there. Hopefully I will have a great video to share with everyone. If anyone has any other ideas like this, I would like to hear about them.
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Any responses to post above?
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ok... I guess my question is this: why is your face in your pics in your profile here but it is blacked out with a dot in the hotel pic? curious.
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That wasn't my post, That was bonanza. I just replied to the post.
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Maybe if we knew more about you or what you looked like...we might be able to form an opinion
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dick , flash , flash or jerk

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