Was wondering about Damiana it supposed to increase testicle size, has anyone tried it? any good/bad results?

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Was wondering about Damiana it supposed to increase testicle size, has anyone tried it? any good/bad results?
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I believe this herb acts as an irritant to the testicles so some swelling occurs. Whether continued use is a good idea I don't know. I can tell you that another source of irritation does enlarge the balls. I have been using circular weights above my balls to get a better hang and must be setting some kind of record for I am having to have custom made leather ones manufactured to replace my weightier ones (over 5 inches). I have noticed that extended periods of wearing any device that keeps the balls side by side (as opposed to usual one above position) results in significant enlargement. Perhaps with long periods of wearing the leather ones, the frictional swelling effect become permanent -- or perhaps they will fuse into one dumbell shaped two lobed ball). In any case I am very desirous of larger balls as well as decent to a level closer to my cockhead with a pendulous swing while walking.
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I tried those pills for about 2-3 months at the recommended dose which I think was 3-4 pills a day. I really never noticed any change at all I think they hung a bit lower or not as close to the body but besides that I don't think they grew at all. I stopped taking them and didn't see any side effects while on them or off them.

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