Finally Swallowed My Own Cum

I know many guys who have wanted to swallow there cum but back out after cumming is a common thing. So this weekend i decided to go through with it after so many attempts.There was

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D_Havernaugh Harrydik
Smile Finally Swallowed My Own Cum

I know many guys who have wanted to swallow there cum but back out after cumming is a common thing. So this weekend i decided to go through with it after so many attempts.There was a main reason why which i will explain.There was a guy who i met online that was seeking the same thing i was, jerk off budy and maybe oral cum swallowing. So i figured i better get down to seeing if i will like to swallow cum if i was in that situation. A few years ago i did manage to cum all over my face so i kind of had an idea what it would be like. I also stated if there was a guy who wanted me to suck his dick and swallow i would. Well this weekend i deciided this is it i was so horny and figured i would probably get a huge load to swallow.I just had to decide what the best procedure was ,cum all over my mouth and try to get as much in or shoot in a shot glass or lick it up off something. Well i deciced to go the drink it up in the glass. So i grabbed a bunch of well hung guys jpegs of the web and brought it to my laptop.Then i went in my room and started to jerk my cock to those huge cocks that i was looking at. I was thinking how great it would to swallow those huge loads of them. After jerking for a good ten minutes i put the shot glass to my dick and shot my load in it.At that point i thought maybe i shouldnt do this but in an instant i put the glass to my mouth and in it went. It was very hot and had a velvety texture but i thought this isnt that bad.I didnt run for water or think what the heck was i doing.One thing that came to mind is that if i ever want to suck on another mans cock i may be asked to swallow so this made my decision very quick.Who knows maybe now when i get horny i will swallow my cum now.I Am hoping one day that i will be able to experince another guy coming in my mouth or all over my face. I am working on that so hopefully this guy im chatting with is serious like i am.
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Each to their own, live and let live .... but jerking into a glass and drinking your own spunk grosses me out ... yuk!
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It's only cum but it is much better fresh from a cock than in a glass :-)
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u can cum in glass and then add some orange juice to kill the taste of cum i did it few times....but when im with girl i cum straight in her mounth
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It's funny, on the side panel, the subject appeared as "Finally swalled my...".

I thought it might be "Pride", but I see LPSG lives up to expectations.
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Have never swallowed cum, but I'm wondering if I felt a cock swelling, stiffening and the guy groaning, what I might do.
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i would only swallow cum if it was someone i loved.
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i've thought about doing it a few times. i sometimes cum right in my hand..but when i'm going to lick it...uuuuhhhh....no.....i never did that...

maybe i'll try it today when i have time to jerk...

tomorrow i'll post here how was it

Me! Here! Now!
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My partner loves to swallow -- just about every one of my shots has to be in this mouth. But he never eats his own (saying that is gross) and I can't stand to taste mine or his... So to each his own... we'll maybe that's not the best expression to use in this case!
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Stick to your own cum. Anything else is putting you at risk of HIV infection.
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Congrats bro on swallowing your own load...very kewl...think about it for a sec: what could be more natural or organic than your own gizz? The fact that your body just produced it and it's specifically yours is enough to get me to go after it from time to time (I also recommend lappin' up your precum; why let it go to waste?)...I mean you're swallowing that which gives life, right? You're in for a big surprise when you start swallowing other guys' semen...each tastes different than the other having to do with diet, lifestyle habits, etc...pretty amazing...hope you and your bud can work it out...the feeling of a guy shooting his load in your mouth and then swallowing it is awesome...I'd ditch the glass if I were you...just cum all over yourself, use your good ol' index finger and scoop it up...just out of curiousity's sake, I wonder how many guys out there have never tasted semen? I'll bet after a certain age, no one can say they haven't...it's simply too tempting to taste yourself...I definitely wanna know if the guy who posted before me actually swallowed yet and what his experieince was like...and btw, you're both welcome to practice on me should you ever find yourself in my neck o' the woods...LOL...I've got a funny "cum in your mouth" story...PM me if ya wanna hear it...rock on and PLAY SAFE...peace out,

(Uncle) Phenix

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D_Coyne Toss

It feels weird when you do it, I know. I swallowed my own cum during auto fellatio sessions, so that I cam directly in my mouth, otherwise waht you call "black out" after orgasm would have stopped me.

The taste was nothing special, anyway, and I gave up the practice almost immediatly.
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the only time i can have my own cum in my mouth is if i've been snowballed
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or blue balled?
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I was told that there are enzymes in cum that serve to dissolve certain tissue in the vagina or around the ovum as part of the process of impregnation. For this reason not a good idea to swallow. Can anyone comment?

But I do it anyway cos it is so damn delicious and horny. Forbidden fruit tastes best! I tasted my own soon after I started producing it and do it occasionally still.

I love to take a load from a fresh and juicy guy right in my mouth and swallow and follow that up with a delicious tongue kiss, mmmm. Anyone keen? LOL.
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cum, finally, swallowed

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