condom with foreskin?

I wasn't circumcised and I always seem to have the same problem with any condom I buy, when my foreskin starts rolling back and forth over the head (the way it normally should) the bottom

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condom with foreskin?

I wasn't circumcised and I always seem to have the same problem with any condom I buy, when my foreskin starts rolling back and forth over the head (the way it normally should) the bottom that's supposed to be on my shaft slowly but surely starts rolling up. This happens no matter what size or style condoms I use. It's never slipped off during sex but I'm starting to think that if I didn't pay attention to it for a long time it might be able to do so. I'm sure it's the foreskin tugging the whole rubber up little by little, does that mean I have to put it on in a way that doesn't let my foreskin roll freely? If so that kinda sucks, although maybe it would make me last even longer? Meh. Have any other uncut guys delt with this issue?
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oh by the way, it's not that it exactly "rolls up", it just kinda pulls up.
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The condom can get caught up in the foreskin during a fuck. I found that making sure my foreskin was pulled right back before putting a condom on helps. Just keep checking it whilst fucking and take remedial action when neccessary.
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I could depend on size, or length of foreskin I don't remember ever having this problem and I'm uncut but with a fairly short foreskin. I have managed to break a few though!
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my foreskin isn't long, it rolls back very naturally (very loose, i guess I'm a whore) when I'm hard it's always back, the most I can get it over my head if half way if I'm hard
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Following on the condom chat, have any of the larger guys with foreskins, find that normal condoms have a tendancy to split ?
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I'm uncut and average in size, and yes I've had problems with condoms having a tendency to roll up the shaft during intercourse. It's a pain in the ass to have to stop thrusting and readjust the condom. [Only one time in my life did I ever break a condom and I'm not sure if it was because the condom was old/deficient or my thrusting was too vigorous, when I pulled out I saw the condom was ripped...and I never felt it rip. My one night stand partner DID NOT appreciate the situation, just having emptied my nuts inside.] Sorry to digress, but I've also heard from other guys who are average or small and uncut that the condom often rides right up the shaft and off. I've never heard of the problem though with guys who are well endowed.
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hi - i have same problem with hubby - he's about 5.75-6" x 5" and condoms quite often roll or have sometimes come off - i'm on the pill now. always put it down to his size - although he's big enough to satisfy me
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Haha... It's another one of those "me too!--I thought I was the only one" moments. I've been tempted to put the condom down around my balls--but that would be no fun.

It doesn't happen all the time, but a lot of time. Position might have something to do with it... or the thickness of our cocks with not enough friction? *shrug*

I believe that if i allow the condom to rest on the head.. and then bring the foreskin up over my head so it's condom on condom and have a lot of extra condom at the top... and then roll it all the way down the shaft, it helps.

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Your condom is probably too wide. Get a size that fits, before it slips off, it breaks, or it slips off inside a chick and you'll spend the rest of the night trying to get it out.
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I'm uncut, but I've never experienced such a problem... in fact, once I roll my foreskin back and put the condom on, it never moves back and forth over the head, it just stays there... and the condoms never really move anywhere...
Whether it has anything to do with my size, or size of the condom, I really don't have a clue...
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Wow I was stupid. The problem I had was putting it on correctly...

After applying it on, I never rolled my foreskin back up COMPLETELY before rolling the final end of it to the base. After I did, the condom stayed put in it's place. Although I had some slack at the top (naturally, it's the extra caused by the foreskin) the bottom stayed anchored, which is all that really matters. By the way, I did this with a Trojan MAGNUM so my size definitely wasn't the problem as some others may of thought. I hope this helps out anyone else who's had the same problem.
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