Armpit hair on men

My wife prefers it if I shave or wax my arm pit hair. I know that it is becoming more acceptable for men to shave their armpits but what do you women really think. Its

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Armpit hair on men

My wife prefers it if I shave or wax my arm pit hair. I know that it is becoming more acceptable for men to shave their armpits but what do you women really think. Its always been the norm within my peer and cultural group that it is accepted that women should present nice neat arm pits especially if they wear any sleeveless garments. From my personal point of view I find women with hairy armpits an unattractive thing.

I have never had much in the way of hair growth I have a smooth chest and actually very little arm pit hair, but my wife prefers me with no hair, and I was just wondering what the consensus was about armpit hair on men was with the ladies of this forum.
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Neatly trimmed - yes please - in all cases. I'm not fond of big bushes sticking out from underneath a guys arms - regardless of how hairy he is otherwise.

Smooth and cleanshaven - maybe, depends on the guy and his general hairiness. I would be more inclined to find it attractive on a guy that was mostly smooth elsewhere - would fit with the overall impression I got by looking at him. Definitely not a must for me - but I wouldn't find it strange or unappealing.
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My very first girlfriend hated armpit hair on men. She liked me smooth there - and since then, I've mostly been either trimmed or cleanshaven. Kinda got used to it.

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OH my god how can you say this????

I ADORE armpit hair on men, the slight smell of sweat and a light deoderant, the soft feel of the hair...it is almost a fetish of mine.

I can lay under my hubbies arm at night and totally get horny from the smell and the visual.

If I see pics of men with their cock out , half smile, laying back with arms behind their heads....I am a goner...totally my kryptonite

I'd DIE if he shaved it off...I like a little hair on my men, and especially in the armpit...

Please manly men do not go away completely!!!!!!

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Well, I always shave it off.
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I actually never even looked to see if Brandon did or not... I don't think so, I think he was trying to keep his waxing obsession above the knee's, and hidden so he could wear a sleevless shirt.

I'm female... check the pics..
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Nothing on my body grows untamed, armpits included. A quick trim every week or so keeps them looking tidy.
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I must live on another planet.

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I'd keep my armpit hair but it always gets on my nerves after awhile so I end up shaving it off. Then to make matters worse, if I do keep it and let it grow, it almost turns into a bush. Pubic hair is another thing I shave off due to the same reasons.

When I shave my armpits, I always use this one gel from Gillette Series. I love the feeling of my armpits after I shave themóSON MUUUY SUAVES. LOL

As for other hair on my body, I do have a light hairy chest. Although I don't have any plans to wax my chest, I wouldn't mind doing it sometime in the near future. And the hair on my legs? I love my hairy legs. Everybody that encounters them simply has a hard time keeping their hands to themselves.

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I don't understand why a man would want to shave his armpits, it's a lot of extra work and I'm lazy. Love me for who I am and don't try to make me into some kind of boy-toy.
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I have never shaved my armpits. I have pretty hairy armpits but nothing else below the neck really grows much hair besides the pubic area. However I have never had any complaints about it. I have had people make jokes like it looks like I have a toupe tucked under my arm. But it never seemed to bother any girls I have been with.
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Originally Posted by Shelby View Post
I must live on another planet.

Im on that planet with you dear.

The concept of men shaving their arm pits is bizzare to me. Unless he is a swimmer etc its all natural for me
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Yeah, i've never heard guys getting rid of their armpit hair. I don't know what to think of that. I can see why taking care of the back hair, tummy, chest and pubic hair....but I guess I always thought armpit hair was part of what makes a guy seem like a guy, but one could argue this for male body hair too... very interesting topic, glad to see what people thought
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I don't have a preference about armpit hair on men. I think when it's SO bushy that it's sticking out the sides, it's a little on the gross side, but not horribly so, and if he's a nice guy, what do I care? I think guys with absolutely no armpit hair look a little unnatural, though.

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Originally Posted by Lee_M View Post
I'm on that planet with you dear.

The concept of men shaving their arm pits is bizzare to me. Unless he is a swimmer etc its all natural for me
Agreed! It's acceptable on professional body builders also.

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