Brent Everett

Does anyone have any pics or good videos of brent everett. Would be Greatly! appreciated, thnx..please post...

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Brent Everett

Does anyone have any pics or good videos of brent everett. Would be Greatly! appreciated, thnx..please post...

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pvt msg me...i got some stuff
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Ok. So I think he's a total hottie, but his fuck style is soooo pedestrian. It's very johnny one note. He needs to be fucked by someone who knows what they are doing at least once so he knows what it feels like and what a good fuck actually is. It's like he has one speed setting and it's called unexciting and detached.

I'm hoping that some life experiences will bring out his true inner porn god. I think he's surviving on his good looks and youth right now. At some point he'll lose that and then what will sustaing him?

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anyone got any links or anything please post?? Yeah I agree.
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I emailed him at his website and requested a Brent Everett dildo or the real thing if that was possible. I didn't get a responce. :(
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I think this dude is incredibly hot!
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I agree with the post before me; I love Brent Everett, I wish he'd pound my ass all night long.

All you need is love.

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I have many. send me pm if u want to trade
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Email Unconfirmed

Is this the only one on the sight, i dont know cos i dont speak french, haha. If there are any others, could someone download them and then post them on here, like dym did above. Cheers xxx
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There are pics and a discussion about B.E. in a recent thread.


**For discussion of Brent Everett please visit his super thread.**

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brent, everett

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