Girlfriend wants to see me fuck her friend.

Long story short she wants me, her, and her two girlfriends to go out a club on her girlfriend's birthday. We are then going to go back to either the hotel the club is in

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Girlfriend wants to see me fuck her friend.

Long story short she wants me, her, and her two girlfriends to go out a club on her girlfriend's birthday. We are then going to go back to either the hotel the club is in or to one near by. we are going to be pretty damn drunk by then and i know i will want to fuck.

She says she would not have a problem fucking me in front of them. But she wants me to fuck one of her friends. This girl is cute. She also has a husband who she is sort of seperated from.

Has this ever happened to any of you? How was your relationship afterward? I don't know the girl she wants me to fuck too well. I wouldn't leave my girl for her. I think it would be hot, but have never cheated on a girlfriend and i feel that this is damn close. She is the one who wants me to do this.

She already talked to both friends who would be there and they both are ok with us having sex in front of them. Are these chics crazy? I am being a bitch about this? Should i get some Viagra and fuck all three of these chics?
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Sounds complicated. Do you think you can trust yourself NOT to shag this woman who is still attatched to her husband and then gain a romantic attatchment to her afterwards. And even then, how will you feel as being made into a sort of 'prop' to help these chicks realise their own sexual fantasy ? In the end it is up to you how you handle it, just tread carefully and realise that what ever you will decide to do there WILL be a change in your relationships with these girls after you do this gang bang as it were.
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If I were you I would give it some thought. If you really want to do this then I would say try it out as long as everyone is O.K. with it including yourself. Also, I agree with WellHung this is going to change you relationships with these girls.
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Not that I ever want to quote Nancy Reagan but in this case, "Just say no! " Even if she doesnt have any sense, you should. I dont know if you ever saw "School Daze" but there is a scene at the end of the movie that should make you hair rise. Let her get her ticket to Fantasy Island on someone else's tab.
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Oooeww I Wish my girl said that!... But on the other hand, you'll gotta be careful about it, i think you'll first have to really talk to your girl about this to know if she really would like it, cuz i dunno I alsways seem to think that the girls are testing us by saying we could fuck her friends so... My girl had said it also once but when i was getting serious about it she said it was a joke and it was not for real so all i gotta say is Be Carefull....

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It might be a test, I wouldn't do it man. Let your gf know how much you are only just for her, she might be mad a first, or maybe relieved that you wouldn't have done it.

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It would probably end in tears
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Sounds fun. I'd do it. If your relationship doesn't survive it, it's probably not worth it to begin with. That's just my opinion.
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just make sure to stick it in the other girls ass. this will let her know that you dont care about her and are just using her to get your rocks off

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I'm not quite sure I understand, does your girlfriend want you to fuck her too, or just fuck the other chick while she watches?

If it's a group-sex type thing, I'd say go for it, but do your best to make sure that they all get off before you!

If your girl just wants to watch you fuck another girl, I dunno, sounds kinda weird...
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Originally Posted by horribleperson View Post
just make sure to stick it in the other girls ass. this will let her know that you dont care about her and are just using her to get your rocks off
you never know in uncharted social scenes.
That just might be just the ticket to make his own gf envious.

btw HP, you're needed over in this thread...

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I find it funny when couples whether str8 or gay think they're so hip and want to attempt open sexual relationships with other people. But they always find a way to have someone get hurt in the end.

I'd say discuss this further with your GF and ask her why does she want this and just talk it out! It'll avoid any confusion or hurt feelings in the future. Like someone above said, maybe she's just testing you.
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Seems like a fine proposition IF the girls weren't her good/best friends. If your gf wants to watch you fuck another girl she should put an ad out, or you guys could hire someone you both think it cute...those situations are pretty easy to find and arrange. But her friends? That'll be too emotionally charged whether your gf realizes it now, or not. You and your gf should get your own room and fuck all you want, or pick someone else up at the club and all three of you go at it. If the point is to get the girl who is "sort of separated from her husband" (sketchy..) laid, then again, arrange it to be some other dude, but if I were you I would stear clear.
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I don't think this it too out of the ordinary. My gf has asked me to fuck her best friend and her half sister while she watched, seperate times of course. It was a big turn on for her and we had crazy sex afterwards. That was a few years ago and we still talk about it and fatisize about it from time to time.

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I am going to have to quote the famous poet Nike, "Just do it."

You only live once my friend, and there is potential here for some REMARKABLE memories. And if it doesn't work out? You live, you learn, no biggie. Ex girl and on to the next girl.

step off
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friend, fuck, girlfriend

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